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  1. I found out yesterday the Dire Straits song Money For Nothing features uncredited backing vocals by Sting. It's obvious now I know but must have heard the song dozens of times and never realised!
  2. Ed and David Miliband's brother, Steve, had UK top 10 hits with the songs The Joker in 1973 and Abracadabra in 1982.
  3. Had the shits all weekend. Thankfully they go back to their mum's after dinner.
  4. Sod being a Clyde fan if that's as good as the last 20 years have gotten! I predict 4-0 Clyde, providing another 'fine moment' to keep their fans going for another 20 years.
  5. No fee agreed between the clubs and matter expected to be resolved by tribunal, according to the report on the official site.
  6. He was under contract til the end of this season, with a clause allowing him to speak to other clubs should we not be promoted. There is definitely money due. Edit: it's something like that anyway!
  7. Early days yet. A few goals against lower league opposition mean nothing. Let's see how he gets on in the championship. 😄 A goal and an assist against Dundee is a decent way to kick off his Championship season!
  8. Going by some of the comments on here, that tackle must have looked worse from the angle from the South Stand. Seeing it there, it's never a foul. Great tackle.
  9. Nah, he'd been and was long gone at us when that happened!
  10. Hip injury, apparently. Not long term - a few days - according to JM.
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