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  1. Also announced today. If it could have been announced yesterday, we could have politely asked our esteemed committee members about it at Ochilview. The prospect of not getting home until 10.30 on a Friday night does not fill me with delight.
  2. Correction. Season tickets from Friday.
  3. Season tickets and membership now available
  4. Hope not. Might as well talk to Goodwillie!!!
  5. Surely we must get some information on season tickets if they go on sale on Monday. New kit launch would be nice too.
  6. So, of the people offered contracts, all have accepted so far, except Longridge and Fox. I really don’t like this drip feeding the signings. Any news of new kit would also be welcomed.
  7. Wonder why beuker not listed in staff section
  8. Maybe they are giving all the old kit. So maybe new kit imminent.
  9. As for wonderful pitch. Some of the bounces on the artificial surface were more unpredictable than on our loaned tattie field.
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