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  1. That's pretty much exactly the same as Black and White Army to be fair! I think, from what I've read, that it's probably better that we are not playing Hartlepool now. They barely have a squad, and to be honest, looking at the signings they have made, I can see why the fans aren't exactly inspired so far. Hartley might have a bit of a job on his hands there.
  2. On the totally legal stream I'm watching this on, Australian TV are now going on full ad breaks at each scrum.
  3. I think Tuipolotu is ok, a bit better than he gets credit for, but he's just Nick Grigg MK2 really isn't he? He'll do the same job as Grigg did for Glasgow on Scotland, but I don't see him as a realistic 40-50 cap prospect for Scotland at all.
  4. Fair enough. I think you are wrong. I think the current state of Westminster will be a compelling reason for some people to switch to Indy, maybe you are right and it's not a good enough reason, but I honestly think many people looking at how thier standard of living has dropped and how people like Johnson, Rees Mogg, Patel, etc have behaved in office and think "f**k this". It's a record any "No" or "Remain" team will not want to have to defend, so they'll have to offer something to show how it's going to get better.
  5. Elaborate on what? My point is a case will need to be made either way, that's not my job anymore than it's yours. I don't mind you not making a positive case for the union either, it's fine for you to leave it up to others as well. We are not politicians. Also, at no point did I say we should blindly believe everything will be solved by independence either. However, if you think the absolute shambles of Westminster over the past 6 years, the loss of previously held rights, and the massive reduction in the standard of living, as well as Johnson and the Tories record in government aren't going to be front and centre of any campaign that may happen, then you are in for a big surprise. The record of the Westminster government is going to be a huge argument for Independence.
  6. Yeah, but I'm not arguing that. I'm saying there is a case that needs to be made for independence, but there is also a case that needs to be made for staying in the UK as it currently stands. In fact, let's be honest here, you are the one advocating that we blindly believe everything will be fine if we stay in the UK, despite almost 6 years of pretty much constant crisis, without putting up any points or arguments as to why this is a reasonable stance.
  7. I agree, the case needs to be made for independence. What I'm also saying though is a case needs to be made for the UK as well. My "perceived" grievances with the UK are shared by many, saying the UK is currently utterly dysfunctional isn't exactly controversial, there are over a hundred MPs for the ruling fucking party who agree! Pretending this can't get worse either way is as myopic as it comes. Both sides need to make a case as to why their way will be better than what we have now. If all the UK can offer is more of this, then that's a huge boost for yes.
  8. I take it there is some kind of Brexit thing that means signing Aussies and Kiwis is now easier than signing players from the EU? Seems to be a quite a lot of them this summer to the league as a whole.
  9. The idea that there is no risk in staying in the union, therefore no case to be made for it, is wrong. Since 2014, when we voted No, we have been taken out of the EU, the currency has tanked, wages have stagnated, we've had multiple general elections, have a hard right populist government with a huge majority of power based on a minority vote, who have basically promised to rip up the current laws protecting our human rights and are making laws to suppress dissent. Beyond that though they are pretty much incapable of governing and are making up policy on the hoof depending on the morning's headlines. The cost of living crisis is only just getting started, and already, in real terms, most people are poorer than they were in 2014. The last 6 years or so have not been stable, they have not been good to the normal working people of the UK. It's been chaos, with no real indication that it's likely to change in the near future. Yeah, Brexit has been a complete disaster, but mostly because the UK government has made it so. To suggest no case has to be made to stay in this disaster as it is just now is crazy. The current dysfunctional state of the UK is a massive point in favour of independence and it will need to be addressed.
  10. Anyone who thinks staying in the UK isn't just as much of a financial risk right now as leaving it hasn't been paying attention over the last 6 months. Unfortunately I doubt they'll be able to ignore it come winter.
  11. Conor Newton is always one of those guys I wonder if he knows what a legend he is at the club. He's probably the guy from that team you hear about the least, yet he was the man who won us the cup. I don't know if this makes sense, but guys like Thommo, DVZ, Samson, Goodwin, Mair, McAusland, McGowan have always been about since then, McLean, McGinn and Dummett as well, still high profile players and have been about the club, and been at games a few times since. Isma and Carey get linked with a move back every transfer window, but Newton there's never anything. Scored the goal that won us the cup, was one of the best players on the pitch that day, played for us for another season, then dissapeared. We should put him in the hall of fame or something.
  12. To be fair, the whole "youth team player leaving before even starting a game" thing has been going on for decades, it's just nobody ever really knew it cared as it wasn't reported in the press very much. Even at saints I'm sure a fair few of our best "youth graduates" to the first team actually came to us from somewhere else. McLean and Broadfoot immediately spring to mind.
  13. I think I'll go down for the Bath game. My sister lives in Bristol, which is just up the road, and it's a ground I've always fancied going to. The timing is a bit shit though, Dec or Jan. September would have been lovely...
  14. Surely this O'Connor guy was the other guy we were going to sign if we didn't get Gallagher? No way we are signing another CB. If we sign another defender it will be a fullback I reckon.
  15. I liked Gogic, he was big, mobile, good in the air, could play a couple of positions, and he and Erhahon worked well together. He's not a great passer, but didn't really need to be for what we wanted out of him. He's not irreplaceable though, not the way someone like Ronan is. I think mid table Prem is about his level, and Dundee United are obviously able to pay a fair bit more than us, and I guess he probably has a good relationship with Ross. I think he will do well for them.
  16. Football training grounds are workplaces, there are going to be arguments, falling ours and people who don't especially get on. There will also be a lot of venting afterwards, especially during times when results weren't great. At the end of the day, Flynn has just signed a new contract at the club, to essentially be a squad back up player when there is no doubt in my mind he could have left and become a key player for a championship or even League 2 in England side. We've also had a bunch of players (and some backroom staff) who have worked with Robbo before happily sign up to do so again. The only guys who have left are McCarthy and Alnwick, who have gone to bigger clubs and will be earning money St Mirren couldn't hope to match, and Power who wanted to stay but was struggling at the end of last season and has probably done quite well to get into another premier team. None of this really points to massive disquiet in the dressing room and a hatred of Robinson. They might not like him on a personal level all the time, but they seem perfectly happy to work with him.
  17. Also, St Mirren are absolute fucking box office on here. We sign a player and obviously it's going to be big news and extensively discussed across multiple threads by fans of every club.
  18. That was so shite. Lucky the boy was in touch, he shouldn't have been. Lineout then another shambles. This is a Glasgow second half.
  19. That McLean chance was a shocker, two guys outside him on the other shoulder. The Bradbury one was fucking stupid as well.
  20. Sad part is, it's when Cummings and Fagerson have gone off that it's really gone to shit, probably the only two nailed on first team starters on the pitch. Not sure anyone else is really putting their hand up here.
  21. Yeah, this half has been shite in all honesty. @invergowrie arab is right, we haven't maintained standards. Done a lot of stupid shit that wasn't necessary because they know they will not be punished for it. Absolutely loads of penalities being conceded on our own ball as well, which is a total scourge of Scottish rugby right now.
  22. Decent half to be fair, never looked in any trouble and pretty much been one way traffic. You can see it's a level up from what Chile are used to. They are certainly game, and they are tackling for their lives, but I can see us racking up a lot of tries in the second half.
  23. Bigger game for Chile I suppose. Tbh, I think there should be more games like this, should be more games between T1 and lower tier teams, and not just bringing them to the UK in the autumn for an easy hit out before playing the SH big dogs. I saw that Portugal actually gave Italy a really good game today, but just couldn't defend a rolling maul, because it's just not something they get enough exposure to.
  24. Yeah, as soon as I wrote that Thompson did really well to move that attack around twice and good try in the end.... And there's Horne scored as well! I take it this is a Glasgow/Edinburgh select because it's outside the test window, but who does Javan play for these days?
  25. Horne and Thompson not had a great start to this match. There was a good break from Thompson to be fair, but between them they managed to butcher it.
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