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  1. Yeah, it wasn't even 5 years ago, more like 2 or 3! Even then, when you see our best 3 players of the past 5 years line up in the European cup final as absolute key players for their teams it makes you wonder if 1 pro 14 title and a couple of Euro quarters was a good enough return over thst period. I said it before, but I think if it was a bunch of raw youngsters out there learning some hard lessons against the likes of Munster the decline would be a bit easier to take, as you'd at least see a bit if hope for the future, but it's just an aging team of journeymen. I don't see any of those guys who were out there last night playing regularly for Scotland. Well, not for a good Scotland team anyway.
  2. He must have been one of the youngest in the pack as well and he's not that young. Maybe only Gordon younger? Glasgow heading for an ospreys season here.
  3. Eddie Smith? I remember he wasn't allowed to officiate our games after the Nakamura incident (I think). It wasn't Eddie Smith I'm sure, that was a different issue, and it wasn't just us who had an issue with him, it was anyone who played Celtic. I'm sure he was also quietly retired due to "injury". I'm sure it was this and the ref in question was Alan Freeland- https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/gus-blows-whistle-scottish-cup-2639248
  4. Was there not a ref a few years ago that had a pretty bad record against St Mirren, to the point I think he was caught saying something to Gus MacPherson along the lines of "you'll never get a decision while I'm in charge"? He got quietly removed from doing our games in the league, only for the SFA to give him a cup game against Dundee United just before he retired, causing a bit of a row (if I remember correctly we won the game thanks to a Craig Dargo goal). Anyone else remember this?
  5. I think France always looked like they had a try in them and we didn't, and for me that was the big difference. Both teams made shitty mistakes, and both teams defended reasonably well, but we just didn't carry enough threat.
  6. I guess we will probably play Ireland in the 3/4th place play off? Would be great to win that.
  7. Ach, he was going for it.
  8. We've killed ourselves here. Think France probably deserve it, but we didn't have to lose this game.
  9. Shite, that was a chance.
  10. His actual kicking has been bad though.
  11. I didn't think you could kick through the ruck either. It was pretty blatant.
  12. Aww f**k sake, talk about letting them off the hook.
  13. France look like they will score tries here and at the moment we don't. We need to take a risk.
  14. He's not played well, I'm sure we will see Maitland before long.
  15. Looked way worse front on.
  16. Actually, not even a pen for me.
  17. Sure Fagerson got a red for this in Europe last season.
  18. I was just thinking the same!
  19. Weir might not be the best, but it's great having someone who can be relied on to nail these kicks. Fagerson hasn't been great.
  20. Feel a like there are tries in this today. Surprised France didn't turn the screw a bit there. Feels like we are missing a lot of tackles again this week.
  21. It really bothers me how far over the line Jalibert is when he takes kick off.
  22. We need in the game here, a bit of possession in their half. This is a chance.
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