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  1. McGregor is terrible for pulling out these challenges in the air. Cost us against Ireland and nearly the same there.
  2. Craig Gordon's dink kicks into the middle of our half are horrible.
  3. Yeah, Scotland would be the best team in the world if the teams we played would just stop scoring more goals than us as well. Sad thing is that's not even the most mental thing I've seen from them last night.
  4. One of the best things about beating Ireland at any sport is what bad losers they are. Fans, media, players are all cannae take it, always cheated never defeated, cry babies. Getting it up them after a win us great fun.
  5. Yeah, I tried to be a bit more diplomatic, but Edinburgh were playing 16 men there, even to the point he was overriding his TMO and linesman at critical points.
  6. Edinburgh pretty unlucky there in SA. Pushed them all the way, didn't get much from the officials and just a kick away from a famous win.
  7. This has ended up being really good. A lot of the guys who didn't turn up last week have played very well. Think it shows its better to start your best pack though, rather than leave them on the bench.
  8. This is a red card, fucking hell. Just always manage to kill themselves. Phew, only a yellow. Lucky boy.
  9. They've really turned it on since the yellow card. Been ages since I've seen Glasgow really punish indiscipline like this. Hornes place kicking has been better than most of our normal kickers.
  10. Horne just doesn't have the basics. He doesn't concentrate on what he's doing often enough and makes simple mistakes under little pressure.
  11. Some change from last season when we would be starting games with only 4 or 5 players on the bench, 2 of them goalkeepers.
  12. Yeah, Goodwin's 3-5-2 was a lot different and just didn't work at all. Firstly his insistence on playing Fraser on the left, Dunne in the middle and Shaughnessy on the right was mental. He also had the fullbacks so high, with two number 10's, so there was effectively no midfeild apart from Alan Power, who wasn't a good enough passer anyway to be in there, so all we did was hump the ball forward everytime we got it. The balance now is so much better. Fraser and Dunne look comfortable and Gallagher has been a great signing. O'Hara and Baccus bring and energy to midfeild we didn't have before, and Erhahon is simply a far better player than Power. Strain is a much better player than pretty much anyone we had on the right last season. The bench also makes a huge difference. Tait can cover both sides without losing much. Our strikers can run themselves into the ground knowing they won't have to play the full 90, we can move to one up with a 10 easily with Kiltie. That's not even mentioning quality players like Shaughnessy and Gogic ready to step in. It's a much better squad than last season.
  13. Still don't get it, do you? Still can't understand why these clubs have come to the conclusion that not having you there is better than having you there? That's a you problem I'm afraid.
  14. Yet Celtic and Rangers fans never seem to be able to reflect on the reasons why this keeps happening. Why are clubs deciding to turn down these supposed riches? Why were St Mirren able to sell 1300 more tickets to their own fans yesterday than they usually do for this fixture? Why do these clubs not think you are worth the hassle anymore?
  15. I think it did have an impact on the game, maybe not throughout, but definitely at the end. I sit at the family stand end of the West Stand and when we were holding the ball down there it was brilliant as we were able to get right on top of the ref, linesman and the Celtic players and put pressure on them without having it drowned out by 1600 Celtic fans in the other stand. I also thought the west Stand as a whole were really unlucky not to get the Celtic No 9 sent off. We managed to give him a full heads gone last 10 minutes, but unluckily he was so shite he couldn't even kick anybody properly.
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