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  1. Yeah, and some of these guys were already struggling for gametime in the current setup. To be fair, if this works as it's supposed to, they won't need the non Scots nearly as much as they shouldn't have to put out a team during the internationals.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking the same. Makes the competition less of a farce, but it does leave a lot less chance for players to break through. I'm guessing there will be a lot more loans to "strategic partners" and to the premiership and both teams will run with smaller squads.
  3. Was it not Northampton fans who told us Junior Morias was amazing and would score 20+ a season up here? Connolly is going to blow their fucking minds.
  4. I'm ok with Connolly leaving as well, in fact, I'd have released him at the end of the season. Really fast but so inconsistent and very little end product. It's hard to see how he'd fit in just now as well, he was rotten at wing back and not much better up front. JDH, yeah, I'd probably give up on that as well. I think he's going to be a good player for someone, but he wasn't great at the end of the season and we'd probably be better going after someone else now. It'll be dissapointing to see him sign for another Scottish team, but if he doesn't want to be here, he doesn't want to be here.
  5. We must be absolutely rolling in it anyway considering the supposed wages we are paying Brophy, Tanser and Kiltie and we've not even bothered to ask anyone for season ticket money yet.
  6. That is actually really shit. For mine it's been phone up in the morning, quick call with the doctor, face to face in the afternoon. I've been about 3 times during the pandemic, once for me, twice with my daughter, nothing serious each time either. Maybe it's a bit different for kids tbf, less happy to take any chances.
  7. That might be down to where you live and who your GP is as much as anything as I've had no issues at all getting a doctor's appointment for myself or my daughter, and my wife had to get some non emergency dental work last week and was seen with two days of phoning them.
  8. It would be so good if fans were allowed in as normal for the Hearts game on the 7th Aug. That would be an absolutely seething cauldron of hate. Never going to happen though.
  9. The details of the new "United Rugby Championship"(pro 16) have been released. I actually think it looks pretty good. Play everyone once, top 8 into the playoffs. Euro qualification based partly on country and partly on league position (Scotland and Italy in the same "country pool"). Best part is it looks like it will not conflict with international windows.
  10. I could be wrong, but last season after 10 games was it not us at St Johnston rooted to the bottom looking absolutely hopeless? We were definitely down there after our Covid shenanigans.
  11. Yeah, though there are a few more home games in the "should be winning" category you'd think! To be honest, that never really worked out for us last year so who knows. You never really know until a fair bit in who is going to be shit either.
  12. Just seen Gove on TV saying businesses will get no further support from the Government to get them through this extension.
  13. So why is it only racists that boo?
  14. Gilmour has a big future and should be playing. I don't think we'd automatically be superstars if he started but he keeps the midfield ticking over and is always looking to receive a pass. In any games I've watched him in he's never hidden. A midfielder who actively wants the ball to feet could have made a huge difference today as it may have cut down on the long balls. I quite like Armstrong but he was completely anonymous today and offered nothing. Gilmour at the very least would have offered an out ball. I think anonymous is being very kind to Armstrong today. I thought he was very noticeable in his shiteness throughout, especially in the first half where he beat SOD to worst player on the pitch quite comfortably.
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