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  1. Yeah, Owens was the difference between the two teams. Time to go.
  2. Nigel is getting Exeter home here.
  3. Not cynical? f**k off Nigel. This is one of the best finals there has been in ages.
  4. Owens doing Exeter a lot of favours here. Exeter well duea yellow here.
  5. That line out was ridiculously squint. Owens needs to do better.
  6. Racing on such a knife edge here. They really could annihilate Exeter, they look like they can cut them open, but the also look like they could implode at any second. It's exhilarating to watch to be honest, great game so far.
  7. Me too. His tweets during the Russell incident at the 6 nations gave me the rage. He tweets like a middle aged woman with "Live, Laugh, Love" stenciled on the wall. Absolute fanny.
  8. Racing need to get this scrum half off. His head is completely gone.
  9. I don't think it's as easy as that to be honest. You need a positive test, then it's the NHS or a doctor who decides which players then have to self isolate. I guess you could lie about players being near the Covid cases, but that doesn't do you any good in the long term as those players are the ones out the longest. There isn't much to gain.
  10. So are you saying the Positive tests are faked, or do you think we are lying about the players that need to go into self isolation?
  11. Andrew Brace is such a bad referee. I wonder if Toulon might get a break now Bristol are winning?
  12. Quite old school, having a Falkirk fan melting down on a St Mirren thread. Takes me back to the 00's.
  13. I was thinking about McCarthy being away on international duty but would he have been back long enough to infect anyone else? I don't know if any of the rest of our guys live together. Obika, Foley, Durmus and Morais were visiting Burton O'Brien's youth academy thing today according to twitter, so doubt it's them either. It's going to be 3 defenders, isn't it?
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