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  1. Frustrating. That was an opportunity there, but the mistakes killed us. There was plenty of good stuff as well though to be fair. Lineout attack and defence was good, scrum was fine, Darge was brilliant and some of the new boys showed up well too. Wilson was magnificent as well.
  2. That is a fucking joke of a try to lose. Absolutely killed themselves tonight.
  3. Think that might be game over unfortunately.
  4. His biggest problem seems to be the idea that a person who isn't white and has a forigen name could possibly have any Scottish heritage. A lot of good and a lot of bad in that half. Think we look better since Thompson came on. Brave to go for the try at the end, and glad it came off. Think it was a bit if a physiological blow as well as Ulster were clearly hoping we would just kick it. If we can cut out the daft errors and soft turnovers in the second half we have a chance of a big result here.
  5. Unforced errors killing us here. Making things far too easy for Ulster to get field position. We defend ok, it's when we get the ball back that's the issue right now.
  6. Yes! Been much better since the penalty try and done well with 14 men. Great try and deserved. This commentator is absolutely seething about Scottish grannies.
  7. Howling start, barely touched the ball.
  8. It's a really stupid game. I've completed it twice now. The wedding scene was my favourite.
  9. There was independent research published from the University of Newcastle just a couple of months ago that showed it was a success in both Scotland and Wales and recommended that England follow. I believe Ireland are bringing it in next year as well based on the evidence of how it's worked in Scotland.
  10. Why does the nuclear power stations need to be in Scotland? Should we build one where you live? What is it you think is so great about nuclear power, and where do you think we should store the radioactive waste?
  11. Yeah, it doesn't really matter who the SNP are in thrall to because energy policy is reserved so the current situation has nothing to do with them.
  12. You can't really blame the SNP for UK energy policy. Lower energy bills were an explicit promise from vote leave and Boris Johnson himself during the referendum campaign. You love to point to the SNP "blaming Westminster" for everything, but you are pretty damn quick to do the same the other way when it suits.
  13. Mulgrew has been very good. He's a significant upgrade on what they had at the back last season.
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