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  1. I'm trying to remember the last time we signed a player we were linked with in the press beforehand. Most if our signings seem to come from nowhere these days, though I'm sure we have at least offered Jakubiak something.
  2. I don't think it includes lower leagues either. Thinking of England specifically there are some big clubs getting big attendances all the way down the leagues. Don't know how much difference that would make to the figures if taken into account. Either way, there is no doubt we have a well attended league.
  3. I like being called Maureens because it reminds me of that time we fucked Dundee United 4-1 and Sir Jim Goodwin elbowed some nobody into an early grave, causing the greatest full club meltdown this forum has ever seen. Dundee United's players, fans, board and official Twitter account never recovered from that fateful day.
  4. Same here, I always thought it worked fine.... As for Peter Hartley, I think he's left footed, and Goodwin seems to like that for his left sided CB. I wouldn't write it off.
  5. Can we not punt all the boring essays about fucking Colts teams into another thread?
  6. Nakarawa now confirmed as staying! Great news.
  7. That is all we have at the moment. I'm not sure if anyone has heard what is happening with Nakarawa, but I expect we are trying to keep him as well.
  8. I just did the bit in the office building with the stalkers and had to turn off afterwards as my heart couldn't take anymore. I actually really like the combat, I think it's really tense and it always feels like you are one small mistake away from disaster. Its scrappy at times, but I like that, it feels more realistic to me, and you always feel vulnerable.
  9. We've got a reasonably passable XI there if everyone is fit. If we could replace Baird and Morais in it with two really good players, it would look a lot better.
  10. Yeah, Hearts aren't the only club with simpleton fans.
  11. Exactly, Hearts are taking this action because it's the only way to placate their simpleton fans. That's why they are desperately trying to get an out of court settlement, no doubt for an "undisclosed" amount that the fans can pretend is £8m and has brought the SPFL to its knees.
  12. Why the f**k would anybody want or expect this to be another open world game? Is there not enough of them?
  13. In this one it's the listen for baddies and the stand up and sprint buttons I keep mixing up which got me some unwanted attention from an agitated clicker. I played a bit more this morning and I'm seething that I am going out this afternoon and that I have a wife and a child who will have returned to the house by the time I get home. Maybe it all goes to shit later on, but so far it's been amazing.
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