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  1. It's not "one or two individuals" though is it? They've been pelting them at every corner.
  2. It is if you are towards the end of your career and the goal is to make as much money as possible before you retire.
  3. London Irish the latest English club to go down the pan. It's just a shame Scotland's current first pick scrum half plays for them. Don't even see much of a place for him at Edinburgh or Glasgow right now. Kyle Rowe is there as well. He got that horror injury last summer and as far as I know hasn't played since. Wonder if Glasgow would take a punt on him?
  4. I don't even think that's true tbh, this season we can't afford to keep our 9 goal striker.
  5. Well, the Shrewsbury fan I spoke to today said he was pretty good. Says he didn't score many, but nobody does for them, but he runs the channels and holds the ball up well and works very hard. Mind you the Shrewsbury fans were gutted they didn't get Matt Millar when we did so that has to be taken into account...
  6. Did the thistle player that scored do the full celebration in front of the county fans including badge kissing and shoosh fingers? What a humiliation if so.
  7. If got a mate at work who's a Shrewsbury fan and all round fountain of knowledge when it comes to obscure lower league players from England. I will ask him today!
  8. Yeah, I went as well and the organisation was a complete disgrace to be honest, especially as the ground was only half full. If you have it on a Friday night in a stadium that the vast majority of people pretty have to drive to then at least get some basic traffic management in place.
  9. I don't think he'll be shite. He's exactly the type of player a newly promoted side should be trying to sign, I'd be very confident of Dundee staying up next season if they get a couple more like that.
  10. I think Tait missing for most of the season was a big blow as well, with the way we played the two wingbacks didn't really have 90 mins in them a lot of the time and Tait was a decent and solid replacement for either of them, especially if we were trying to see out a game. Small was a decent player, but a bit niave and hot headed at times, and neither Fraser nor Flynn ever looked very comfortable in that wing back position. ETA, also agree it's easy to lose sight of how successful the season was because of the slightly dissapointing ending, considering we were pretty much written off as relegation certainties at the start they did very well over the peice. Hopefully it shows you do need to give it a bit of time for new players and systems to settle. I'm sure our fans will have learned their lessons and there will be no meltdowns through pre season this time....
  11. Think Dunne would be an excellent signing in the championship, to be honest, I thought he would have gone down south or even to someone like Hibs. He's definitely looking for a last payday so imagine he would not be cheap. Tait is harder to tell as he's 33 now and spent most of last season injured. Was always decent when fit though, solid and reliable and good for a goal or two most seasons.
  12. 4 players the manager has personal knowledge of? Sounds more likely to be ex St Mirren players than Aberdeen. With Shaughnessy going to Dundee I genuinely can't think who though.
  13. Fine, very decent bottom six defender. A worryingly competent signing from Dundee. Few more like that and you'll be fine next season.
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