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  1. I only saw the second red card which was 100% correct. Why the boy decided to make that lunge 90 yards away from his own goal with 2 minutes to play was just madness. Renfrew gave a decent account of themselves but Pollok were clearly a level above.
  2. No players from the double winners. Bit surprising?
  3. Got to agree with your assessment of the red card and penalty. I actually thought the ref started well then after around half an hour he started being really inconsistent with his award of minor free kicks and this got worse and worse. Great start by Renfrew, the home support said they were missing several bodies today and had to get a former player out of retirement to play, so they'll be delighted to edge a game I didn't think there was much in.
  4. To an extent. But you need to remember their league cup group is probably one of the weakest around.
  5. Didn't seem to be much between Renfrew and Rutherglen. Some weak defending by the Glens allowed Renfrew to get their goals rather easily. Renfrew seem to have changed there team quite dramatically, I only recognised 3/4 from last year which is surprising as I thought they were one of the better teams in the second half of the season. A good start for them though.
  6. ash


    Cup finals at rugby park.
  7. McBride and Waters getting a move to the Super League. No. Not being disrespectful to the two of them as alongside Bullit they are more than decent players who perform to a consistently good standard. But wide players who constantly ask questions of defenders, scores goals and drawers defenders to him are match winners and a bit special. I watched 30ish super first games last year 4 which included Kilsyth. I think that puts me in a decent position to make a judgement on a player and the standard in the league. In a semantic point, when someone writes "for me" they are indicating it's their opinion not a fact.
  8. I saw them 4 times last season, about 4 the year before. What's your point?
  9. Cracking player. For me the best player in the Super first last year.
  10. Re Brain Young Can't think of many, if any, player who left Talbot for another Junior team and doing better than just ok. Spence, Collins, McVey, Slavin etc Tucker seems to be a good judge of when a players powers are diminishing and letting them go regardless of their 'legendary' status.
  11. Don't know any of the boys age specifically, more of a general observation I was making on the Shotts is team. The couple times I saw Duffy he played like a guy who was on in years. Didn't run channels, or work hard to make bad balls good ones.
  12. Not surprised by this. For me when I saw Shorts this season these guys were the problem. All decent enough players in their own right but getting on in yeras, lacking pace and mobility. This made Shotts one paced and easy to play against. Andy Scott and the boy they got from Glencairn fall into the same catagory. Good to have one or two of these guys but they can't make up the nucleus of your team.
  13. Surprised by this one. Saw him play with St Rochs vs Larkhall and thought he was poor. Didn't think he would be back in the Super League.
  14. Seen Renfrew a good few times last year and was always impressed with Zok. Gives centre halfs a hard time and scores goals. Will be a loss for Renfrew.
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