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  1. Clubs are used to running on barebones numbers of committee members, but there’s only so far you can trim a squad.
  2. The shortage of players in the area finally beginning to bite.
  3. I'm still not convinced this is all done, TBH. There's not been much press about anything since the appeal was slung out - all I saw was some piece in the PandJ cobbled together from rumours posted on here, FitbaNorth and Twitter - and the NCL ain't said anything. Fort are going to do a George Costanza and show up for a Highland League game on day one of the season pretending none of this happened.
  4. They last did it in 2019/20 when they defeated Clach 1-0 in both league games. Strathspey in 2016/17 as mentioned. In 2015/16, they double-dunted Rothes (P2, W2), would have gone to extra time with Clach (both games finished 2-1 to the home side), and lost on away goals to Huntly (3-3).
  5. At any rate, are they actually in the NCL now? You can never tell with this lot.
  6. Going to guess it’s been a good while since Fort achieved an aggregate win over two games in one season against any team in the Highland League. Suppose that’s the homework for today.
  7. I can only guess he's not the one who does the blocking over on Facebook or he'd have trimmed out all the dissenting voices on Twitter like what occurred elsewhere.
  8. Playing The Millican Card. Hmmm. Shame they didn't get her on with Richard Herring, they're good together. Looks like a line-up of actual talent, however, and not just 'personalities'.
  9. It's a sequel to Top Gun. It absolutely did.
  10. Hope Fort aren't lumbered with paying for this farce. That could be pricey.
  11. I love a late winner against Fort.
  12. I have heard their case has been dismissed. Possibly to howls of laughter.
  13. Once we know who’ll be taking part, the fixtures will be out.
  14. With Cove Rangers about to add some new bits of Lego to their new-ish house, it's worth remembering how much of a sty their old place was. Cramped and ill-suited to anything but the growing of neeps, the pitch was one of the smallest on the go and while I believe it wasn't the smallest in the SHFL, the lack of space on the wrong side of the touchline meant for a frightening experience for wingers who were only ever a misplaced stud or an Eric Watson challenge away from ending up in the crowd, tangling with the railings, or speared on the fencing that surrounded the ground. If the pitch was 100 yards long, the entire ground was no more than 110 from end to end. Making things more interesting was the regular haar that clung to the ground, making visibility piss poor even on what was little more than a Subbuteo mat. Old newspapers from the late 90's featured stories of Cove's desire to move ahead of the 2000 SFL election, and their failure to move on saw Allan Park become a bit of shitehole long before rumoured plans to share with Aberdeen somewhere developed into a concrete scheme for a new home of their own just up the road. In their final few seasons Cove all but abandoned the place, doing zero maintenance or housekeeping to an already crumbling ground and in its final season it was a complete disgrace. The rot really set in during the 2008/09 season when their plans for election to the SFL were scuppered by Allan Park being a wreck, and Cove moved out 'for a season' at the end of the 2014/15 campaign. Three full seasons of kipping on other folks sofas followed, with home games played at Forfar, Formartine, Lossie, and Keith, with Inverurie's Harlaw Park eventually acting as their home while they won two titles but failed to achieve promotion through the playoffs. Never a nice place to go for anyone - Cove players were no real fans of the place any more than away players were - a great afternoon could be had if Cove suffered one of their rare brainfarts, such as a 1-3 defeat to Lossie which saw Cove finish the game with eight men. Stuart McKenzie (I think) feels the hot breath of the crowd at a goal kick. Scott Dunn (Lossie) gets his elbows out JJ Urquhart and Martin Johnston Cove concede to Clach on a grim afternoon Kevin Main saves for Buckie Thistle
  15. Having panned the show overall, I feel compelled to give Tam Cowan credit for his shift in Lossie last week. Two full hours, and he was hilarious. Wasn't really sure what to expect from him as a speaker but he was terrific.
  16. She's been retired about ten years, so the kind of thing mentioned in this thread isn't new in the slightest, sadly. She taught at East End for most of her career before spending a few years in Lossie teaching kids who could hold a pencil and who knew how (and, more importantly, when) to ask for permission to go for a shite.
  17. Mother was a teacher in a really derelict, abandoned, run-down part of the Third World (Elgin) and lamented long, long ago that bairns would show up to the school completely unprepared for what was expected even of kids in Primary 1 - knowing their name, ability to hold a pencil, basic manners, to be able to know what to do when needing the toilet, and all kinds of other basic shit that I (and most of you lot) are lucky enough to consider as part of Parenting 101. Teachers were expected to do all this shit even then, so it's not new. Maw never mentioned that the bairns weren't fit enough to walk tho, I guess that's a more recent phenomenon caused by The Playstation, etc. Depressingly, I saw how this manifested itself in teenagers when I spent three years teaching apprentices. Not the toilet training stuff, they were OK at that. Mostly.
  18. A fine summers day outside, so let’s head back to late winter of 2011 and Formartine United 2-0 Lossiemouth at North Lodge Park, Pitmedden. Mark Simpson of Formartine (red and white) watches Kevin Grant of Lossiemouth on what was one of the three coldest days I’ve ever spent watching football. The other two being a trip to Forfar in January 1996, and a cup final between Banks O’ Dee and Huntly last season. This was the closest I’ve ever come to subscribing to the idea of summer football, despite the game going ahead on a date (11/03) that would almost certainly be part of a summer season. The rest of the photos from that day - https://photos.app.goo.gl/YH7TKT8bUG9Het2s9
  19. In theory, Fort have appealed to the SFA. Whether they put a stamp on the envelope, or the crayon-strewn list of complaints in the envelope in the first place, or to whom the address on the front listed as the recipient, that's all TBC at this point.
  20. Tom Stoltman skooshed the Atlas Stones and is the 2022 Worlds Strongest Man.
  21. Just the Atlas Stones to go in the 2022 WSM and Tom Stoltman has a narrow lead over 2020 winner Ukrainian Oleksii Novikov. Final round starts about 2200hrs Torry Time.
  22. Could have just told the two of ‘em to f**k off, then.
  23. The Highland League requested starting with 18 teams at the start of the pyramid talks, as that’s the size the league was at that point. Was pretty much the only condition/request the SHFL laid down at the time. It should, however, have just gone to sixteen and punted Fort William and Buckie Thistle, the former for being piddle and Buckie for not wanting anything to do with the pyramid.
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