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  1. Based on Saturday's shift at Lossie, Keith are worse than Fort. Hilariously bad.
  2. Who wants them finished in April? The SHFL will be finished in April to provide a winner to meet the Lowland League/League Two sides for the Pyramid Playoff. One would think it a good idea for whoever finishes bottom not to have to sit on their hands for a few weeks waiting for clubs in tier below to get their seasons finished ahead of the Tier 5/6 playoff, although experience suggests it'll probably be the Tier 6 clubs waiting on the SHFL getting their shit together.
  3. The Midlands League will play 36, meaning a late finish like the SHFL, but I see they're already 14 games in amongst the clubs at the top, so they're ploughing through the games.
  4. That was what was planned ahead of the season. Dunno how many games the NCL, Midland and Superleague play, but at a guess they could all be finished - the NCL certainly could - and have a playoff winner ready to meet SHFL18 come late-April.
  5. FITBA NORTH ALL-IN NON-LEAGUE CUP FIRST ROUND RESULTS - FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd – SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 2021 COMPLETED TIES… BSC Glasgow 2-6 Glasgow City (SWPL) Glenafton Athletic 3-0 Spartans (SWPL) Burghead Thistle 0-2 Aberdeen (SWPL) Hibernian (SWPL) 3-1 Cruden Bay Hearts (SWPL) 1-4 Stonehaven Glasgow United 1-2 Hamilton Academicals (SWPL) Dalry Thistle 1-3 Mid-Annandale St Roch's 3-5 Bellshill Athletic Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 4-0 Creetown East Kilbride Thistle 2-0 Kinnoull GOING TO A SECOND AND FINAL REPLAY… Fauldhouse United 0-0 Berwick Rangers INCOMPLETE TIES… Deveronvale 0-X Rangers (SWPL) Partick Thistle (SWPL) X-4 Celtic (SWPL) Hopefully that'll be us done this coming weekend and we can move onto the Second Round.
  6. Supposed to be a group of three with all playing each other home and away, with the group winner playing SHFL18 home and away for a place in the SHFL the following season.
  7. The first time I downloaded thon, the content was about 80% Aberdeen - even thought they'd not played a game that week - followed by them reading out the fixtures for the remaining games, with whoever was the third wheel dismissing every game as 'well that'll be tough but you'd fancy Formartine to edge out Fort William' or some such bollix. The Press and Journal need to boot their coverage of the SHFL into gear. They're doing lots of bits but none of it seems joined up.
  8. Look at you poor b*****ds, having to deal with mrman2011. You poor b*****ds.
  9. More likely going to go to my scratcher and then get back up for it. Too many failed attempt to stay up for games last season ended in my only seeing the third quarter, so we'll try something different this season.
  10. In defence of the population, I think that's everyone in Fort William had a shot on the committee now. IIRC, the new secretary is onto her second shift in the job.
  11. FITBA NORTH ALL-IN NON-LEAGUE CUP FIRST ROUND RESULTS - FRIDAY, AUGUST 27th – SUNDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2021 COMPLETED TIES… Alness United 2-3 Orkney Loch Ness 3-1 Edinburgh College Rosyth 1-0 Nairn County Bonar Bridge 4-0 Largs Thistle Glasgow University 1-4 Cambuslang Rangers St Duthus 4-0 Lugar Boswell Thistle Dundee St James 3-5 Maryhill Pumpherston 3-9 Culter GOING TO A REPLAY… Fauldhouse United 2-2 Berwick Rangers Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 3-3 Creetown INCOMPLETE TIES… St Roch's 3-X Bellshill Athletic East Kilbride Thistle X-0 Kinnoull Glenafton Athletic 3-X Spartans (SWPL) Deveronvale 0-X Rangers (SWPL) Burghead Thistle 0-X Aberdeen (SWPL) Partick Thistle (SWPL) X-X Celtic (SWPL) Hibernian (SWPL) X-1 Cruden Bay Hearts (SWPL) X-4 Stonehaven BSC Glasgow 2-X Glasgow City (SWPL) Glasgow United 1-X Hamilton Academicals (SWPL) Dalry Thistle X-3 Mid-Annandale Hopefully get this wrapped up next weekend. There's a dirty rumour circulating that this event could actually come to pass next season.
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