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  1. I see Braden Davy is still desperately trying to avoid a real job and stood again (as a Tory this time) in Angus. I see he lost (again) but not convincingly enough for my liking.
  2. That's only the second time since the start of the 2013/14 season Brora have lost a pair of games against the same opponent by such an aggregate score. The only other time was an 8-2 aggregate loss to Formartine across their league meetings in 2017/18, when they lost 0-5 and 3-2.
  3. Superb watching it all back again. First couple of seasons worth of wardrobe and cell phones are hilarious tho.
  4. Look at youse, letting modern women try and do things in the kitchen. When will you learn. When.
  5. This will no doubt be reworded and put forward as reasoning when the Highland League clubs are being asked to take on Jakey Dons and Faux County teams, even though friendlies and testimonial games against their full teams are barely worth the effort these days.
  6. Highlights... https://twitter.com/brorarangers/status/1389944206739787777
  7. You've been able to smell the fear running down the legs of Cowden types ever since Edinburgh City arrived in the SPFLLT. They're still sulking about Cove, even though they've long since sailed past Cowdenbeath and into the league above. Montrose only had to look at the playoffs once before going out and getting their shit together. Cowden have gone through it twice and clearly fancy the hat-trick in the near future. Odd.
  8. Lossie could well have won the league had we not been a complete waste of space through winter. Finished with 9 wins on the spin and 11 wins and a draw from our last 14 games, but - as ever - took f**k all off Clach and generally hated the cold weather. Vale's biggest problem seemed to be keeping a manager for long enough that year. Think they went through one every three months that year.
  9. 30/01/1993 - Brora Rangers 1-1 Deveronvale Stuart Sutherland equalised for Brora after Nigel Montgomery had given Vale the lead as half time approached. Bit of an arsehole of a season for both sides. Vale started like a train but ran out of puff, while Brora scored hunners of goals but were completely uninterested in keeping a clean sheet. The previous meeting between the two that season ended 4-4.
  10. Cove have always very been good at raising money and making the most of their location in a city with plenty of money. It’s been mentioned on here several times - usually by Cowdenbeath types - since their promotion that they’ve some kind of sugar daddy or that they exist out of one mans pocket a la Brora, but that’s never been the case AFAIK.
  11. Was always a curiosity that when Brora did their ground up about five years ago, it was the fans that organised it and paid for a large chunk of it, along with grants and the like. The money man wasn’t interested, leading everyone to think he wasn’t really up for a long term stay, but here we are
  12. I'd like Brora to go up, because their all-new band of followers what showed up with the money has just about completed the Highland League and really need a new audience to act the arsehole in front of.
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