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  1. Corner turned my arse. Fort are on for bottom, to the disgust of all 20,000 hipsters following them on Twitter.
  2. Jimmy Shaker


    Harbour Lights is a good place for a feed. The Premier Inn in Elgin is a Premier Inn. No more, no less.. Has a 24 hour McDowell's next door, tho.
  3. Highest between then and now was 5. Also to Fraserburgh.
  4. Cove last shipped 6 on league duty in the 2004/05 season, at Fraserburgh.
  5. Long, long time since Cove did a 6 in a league game, I'd guess. I'll have a look!
  6. Colony's park wasn't playable when I walked past it about ten this morning. Locos was in no better a condition, and if anything the temperature had peaked at that point. Not a good look from Locos.
  7. Your obsession with Fort William knows no bounds. Say what now.
  8. Do Brechin have the capability to get players in? Do they have the fight for this? You know yourself there's a knack to escaping the playoff spot having seen Cowden do it twice, but Brechin have been on the slide for years now and don't seem to have anything going for them at all. Albion know what they've to do to improve as they did it last year, like you said. Do Brechin?
  9. Well I have. Dunno about the rest. Saying that, that's an Albion Rovers side that needed two goes to beat Fort William, so who knows.
  10. Fort will have completed the transition to being ICT's bitch by then and will be playing out of the Caledonian Stadium next season.
  11. Fort WIlliam v Brechin City has a curious ring to it.
  12. Disgraceful behaviour from a Locos committee still all seshed from their business lunch yesterday. Park was whiter than a pro-Brexit rally when I walked past it at half past ten this morning, with no sign of anyone out working on it, and if anything that's when it was starting to get colder again. No danger this was going to be playable. Still, Fort did it to Huntly earlier this season, and having seen footage of the pitch that game should have been called off days in advance so it's swings and roundabouts.
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