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  1. I'll hopefully get it back to the start of the 1970's before the end of the summer. Hopefully.
  2. The high five task - both the concept and production of it - was one of the highlights of the entire shows run. The current season feels a lot closer to the early runs - a lot tighter in terms of editing, the tasks feel a bit less weird than the Covid ones, and the whole thing just flows a lot better. Still waiting for the killer moment in the season, like the Gamble/Baddiel drawing task or the Rhod Gilbert wardrobe incident, but as a whole this five are not too bad. Judi's sense of humour just ain't working for me and Sophie sits far too quietly in the studio to be of any interest, but they seem to work as a group.
  3. Everyone except Fort moved on the minute Fort withdrew from the playoffs, it’s been done for weeks.
  4. The Highland League was still issuing a half-season schedule until the early 90’s, IIRC. Possibly a good bit later. Did the first few months of league games along with Highland League Cup, Qualifying Cup and Scottish Cup, then post-Santa you’d the North Cup and Shire Cup, but in the 90’s those two were a big deal and on Saturday’s, with Saturday replays, and league games were heaved in around them.
  5. Yeah, Aberdeen played at Hermes (confirmed as the one in the link above), Balgownie, Garthdee, and the other flavours of Aberdeen teams just played where they could - ASV. Hazlehead, Parkvale, and Milltimber. Now it’s all Calder Park and Cormack Park, and you know weeks in advance where games will be played. Where’s the fun in that?
  6. I'm informed it's ten years since I stood in Hazlehead Park taking photos of a womens game (Dee Ladies 1-5 Dee Vale Ladies), with one of the teams featuring an Amy Winehouse hair-a-like and an actual rottweiler in the dugout, the other with Finding Nemo socks and actual ability. The above challenge not even getting the assailant a talking to, IIRC. Not a particularly noteworthy addition to anything, other than the fact it's from an era when the womens game was still mainly a park affair and struggling in the background. Then, the idea that Aberdeen/Rangers/etc would end up playing at the main stadium of the mens teams would have been nonsensical at a time when teams seemed to appear on a season-by-season basis. Then-three times SWFL champions Glasgow City (back in 2010) showed up in Aberdeen with internationals in the side and were farmed out to play (hammer) the Donettes on some junior pitch I can't with any certainty identify from the photos alone. Since then, times have changed; cracks have appeared in the triumverate of Glasgow City, Hibs and Celtic, and SPFL clubs are taking it seriously (or more seriously, which wasn't hard, relatively). Aberdeen had a league of a half dozen and more sides over the space of a few years, including actual Aberdeen and a rake of other sides all of which have since been consumed by the main club in the city after reorganisation in 2018. Carry on.
  7. I'm informed by Google it's ten years since I stood in Hazlehead Park taking photos of a womens game, with one of the teams featuring an Amy Winhouse hair-a-like and a rottweiler in the dugout, the other with Finding Nemo socks and actual ability. The above challenge not even getting the assailant a talking to, IIRC. Changed days. All seems very polished now, whereas back then the womens game was on a par with mens welfare/amateur.
  8. For the teams given in bold in the above post, the winning record given is their actual longest league winning run in the Highland League. The others have been about a lot longer and may improve on their numbers when I add more years into the database. Interestingly, both Brora and Cove set theirs in recent seasons, only to fall at the final hurdle as they attempted to match Inverness Thistle's then-record of twenty straight wins. Brora would have matched it this season but lost to the Broch in August, while Cove saw their hopes of getting to twenty wins also knackered by the Broch, back in 2015.
  9. Amended to include Buckie Thistle's new record of wins on the spin, plus some other changes.... LONGEST WINNING RUN BY CLUB (AS OF 23/04/2022) 23 - Buckie Thistle (league record) 20 - Inverness Thistle 19 - Brora Rangers, Cove Rangers 16 - Huntly 15 - Formartine United 13 - Elgin City, Lossiemouth 12 - Caledonian, Deveronvale 11 - Brechin City, Clachnacuddin 10 - Fraserburgh, Keith, Ross County, Turriff United, Wick Academy 9 - Forres Mechanics, Inverurie Loco Works, Peterhead 8 - Nairn County 6 - Rothes 4 - Fort William 3 - Strathspey Thistle
  10. The table for the league, from 11/08/1979 to 23/04/2022...
  11. Assuming that's them out.... FORT WILLIAM IN THE HIGHLAND LEAGUE (1985-2022) OVERALL Games played - 1,129 Wins - 154 (13.64%) Score Draws - 96 (9.22%) No-score Draws - 20 (1.77%) Unbeaten - 270 (23.92%) Defeats - 859 (76.09%) SEASONS Total - 37 Points - 569 (15.4 points per season) Most in a season - 43 (1990/91) Fewest in a season - -7 (2018/19; 9 points deducted, went on to land 2 draws and 32 defeats) Fewest points in a positive sense - 1 (2008/09) Highest finish - 11th (1985/86) Wooden spoon - 19 times Bottom two finishes - 25 times STREAKS Consecutive wins - 4 (15/11/2014 - 03/01/2015 - Buckie Thistle (A), Keith (H), Huntly (A), Clachnacuddin (A)) Longest unbeaten run - 7 Consecutive draws - 3 Longest winless run - 74 (P74, D7, L67, GF 57, GA 453; 12/04/2017 - 11/09/2019) Consecutive defeats - 28 CLEAN SHEETS Total - 85 (7.52% of games) Home - 50 (8.88% of 563 home games) Away - 35 (6.16% of 566 away games) Longest consecutive run of clean sheets - 2 First - 07/08/1985 - Fort William 1-0 Clachnacuddin Last - 17/01/2020 - Clachnacuddin 0-1 Clachnacuddin (played at Canal Park, Inverness) GOALS Scored - 1168 (One every 87 minutes) Home - 631 Away - 537 Scored in - 675 games (60%) Conceded - 3837 (One every 26 minutes and 30 seconds) Home - 1720 Away - 2117 Conceded in - 1044 games (92%) COMMON SCORELINES Most common - Fort William 0-2 Opponent (80 occurrences) Second most common - Fort William 1-2 Opponent (76 occurences) Third most common - Fort William 0-3 Opponent (74 occurences) COMMON WINNING SCORELINES Most common - Fort William 2-1 Opponent (32 occurrences) Second most common - Fort William 1-0 Opponent (31 occurences) FIRST GAME - 07/08/1985 - Fort William 1-0 Clachnacuddin FIRST AWAY GAME - 10/08/1985 - Buckie Thistle 9-1 Fort William FIRST AWAY WIN - 25/09/1985 - Clachnacuddin 1-4 Fort William FIRST DRAW - 12/10/1985 - Fort William 2-2 Elgin City FIRST AWAY DRAW - 02/11/1985 - Peterhead 2-2 Fort William FIRST GAME REPEATEDLY DELAYED AND EVENTUALLY HELD OVER TO BE PLAYED ON A SUNDAY AT THE OPPONENTS GROUND - 11/05/1986 - Fort William 1-6 Lossiemouth (played at Grant Park, Lossiemouth) LAST WIN AT CLAGGAN PARK - 11/09/2019 - Fort William 1-0 Clachnacuddin LAST WIN ANYWHERE - 13/04/2022 - Fort William 4-2 Strathspey Thistle (played at Seafield Park, Grantown) LAST GAME - 19/04/2022 - Fort William 0-1 Rothes (played at Mackessack Park, Rothes) BIGGEST WIN - 03/10/1987 - Nairn County 3-9 Fort William BIGGEST HOME WIN - 13/08/1986 - Fort William 7-0 Ross County HIGHEST SCORING DRAW - 07/12/2013 - Fort William 4-4 Rothes; 08/04/2015 - Fort William 4-4 Rothes BIGGEST DEFEAT - 11/04/1998 - Peterhead 17-0 Fort William (league record) BIGGEST HOME DEFEAT - 09/02/2008 - Fort William 0-13 Inverurie Loco Works CONCEDED TEN GOALS OR MORE - 29 occurrences HIGHLAND LEAGUE TABLE, 07/08/1985 - 23/04/2022...
  12. Given that nearly every team that's been promoted/elected/created - Inverness, Ross County, Peterhead, Cove, Kelty - have all immediately proven to be better than whatever was in front of them in the bottom tier and been promoted up at least one level - with Edinburgh again trying to - and the sides punted out - East Stirlingshire, Berwick and Brechin - haven't come back at the first (or more) attempts, you'd have to say yes. Automatic binning for last place. If nothing else, the idea there's no teams good enough waiting to come up is long dead. These aren't even the early days of the pyramid any more - if after all these years a club is still down the bottom, its time is up. Montrose worked it out pretty fucking quick after their scare. Others either can't or won't.
  13. I am not used to watching TV like this - one episode a week - any more, but I'm willing to make an exception for this. Outstanding work so far. Happily I watched the last few episodes of the previous season before starting this one, avoiding problems similar to those when we fell back into Ozark and spent the first episode wondering what the f**k was going on.
  14. Interesting to see the abject failure that is the BBC's ability to report on the Highland League slowly creeping into the SPFL.
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