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  1. Hard to say what the tipping point will be for a lot of clubs in terms of the costs of not playing at all, against the cost of playing in front of reduced numbers or without any hospitality, because it's the latter a few clubs are worried about. I would imagine the idea of gate sharing would not be received warmly. The likes of Fort and Wick having to subsidise Formartine and Locos is hilarious, tho.
  2. I am finding it difficult to see a situation where, after the show of unity re refusing to play without crowds and generally taking a more relaxed approach to playing the season in general, the clubs decides to invent an artificial split which sees some games attended and other grounds empty for the sake of battling through a fraud of a shortened season, at a time when the overall situation remains pretty fragile.
  3. Acaster was exactly the kind of person this show was invented for. I think the mix of contestants for this season is good enough, and they'll open up a bit as things go. Still think the producers should have had a task that everyone has to do at some point in every season, though. Is there to be a Champion of Champions season this time out? I like how Davies and Horne, and Channel 4, are happy to mention the previous seasons of the show and not pretend it's just appeared on Channel 4.
  4. Oh sure. The one time people consider us for help with a cup final and it's one where there's no gate and we can't open the bar. Thanks a pantload, Chet. We'll host next years, if we're not in it.
  5. Statistics, and the desire to turn top level football GAMBLE into some round-ball version of the NFL, when there's next to nothing in football worth counting that means GAMBLE anything outside of goals themselves. Completed GAMBLE 195 passes in midfield? Big whoop. The complete lack of relatability between GAMBLE what TV executives think football fans like or how GAMBLE they behave, and what I (and most others I know) actually do when watching a game on TV or in a ground. Punditry, and GAMBLE specifically an hour's build-up to games. Who the f**k is tuning in ahead of time to listen to Kris Boyd talk about football? Robbie Savage's media GAMBLE career. The fact top level GAMBLE football - specifically the Premier League - is so po-faced and deadly serious about itself and completely unable to have any kind of a laugh any more. It's a fucking game. To be honest, everything about it except the bubble I have created for it in my life. Go to the game, maybe drink, maybe don't, watch some of it, spend long spells discussing stuff completely unrelated to the game, maybe see Lossie fluke a win/draw/goal/corner, train sesh home. ARE YOU GAMBLING YET?
  6. Some seasons have started slowly and built up as they went and this one will probably be the same due to the lack of crowd and strange circumstances in which filming took place. Ed Gamble drawing with his finger on David Baddiel's back was hilarious. By the end of that season you were left wondering if Baddiel needed someone to put his shoes on for him in the morning. The Nish Kumar/Sally Phillips season was a hoot, in particular Mark Watson's attempts to send a text to Greg Davies every day for six months.
  7. If I'd cleared out the shed as planned at some point in the past six months, I'd already be happily living in it.
  8. Her morning routine is a nightmare. No one can do this accidentally, it's got to be deliberate. Alarm set for 0615hrs, yet twenty minutes later she's still lying in bed looking at Instagram, before going 'woah! Is that the time?' and acting surprised, despite having the time in front of her face for the guts of half an hour. Naturally this delay means she hasn't the time to do things she knows she should have done last night, like sorting her dinner out, meaning she's to do it in a rush and leaves the kitchen looking like a tip. Should it be a day when I'm up at the same time, she demonstrates that she's incapable of getting ready for the day on her own with requests for help with minor tasks that take longer to issue to me than to actually do herself, which I can only imagine is her way of mentally taking control of the situation. All followed by the daily attempts to unlock the door from the inside then lock it from the outside, which - to someone who stayed up til half four in the morning watching the Eagles v Giants game and who is struggling to get back to sleep/stay awake upstairs - sounds a lot like someone's trying to hurriedly break into the house because they've seen smoke coming out one of the windows. Every fucking working morning, this.
  9. Giants suck so bad. 😄
  10. Imagine you're told you can go back to games and you end up having to watch the Eagles on a regular basis.
  11. I think if the Jets had been at home that weekend, I'd not even have mentioned it when we were planning the holiday and found something else to do.
  12. They all count in the end. I was supposed to be going to the reverse fixture between these two in November at MetLife. Much as I'd have enjoyed the game regardless, I've probably dodged a bullet here.
  13. Tripping over his own feet. 😄
  14. Correction - having to watch Brora lose.
  15. Brora let a rake of folk into their game on the weekend. They're denying it, but they can be seen in the match photos.
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