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  1. Jim Spence didn't like being corrected on that kind of thing during the Pyramid Playoffs last season when Cove Rangers became (according to him) Aberdeen's second senior side, and he went on some Twitter blockathon from which I am still reaping the rewards.
  2. Don't know about Kelty but Brora only spend notes these days.
  3. Depends on where in the league your club plays. The league travelling distances in the SHFL when Cove were still in it were worked out as... 1 Wick Academy 5208 2 Fort William 4010 3 Brora Rangers 3736 4 Cove Rangers 2724 5 Fraserburgh 2510 6 Formartine Utd 2218 7 Clach 2140 8 Inverurie Locos 2124 9 Strathspey Thistle 1948 10 Turriff Utd 1916 11 Deveronvale 1896 12 Nairn County 1878 13 Lossiemouth 1768 13 Buckie 1768 15 Forres Mech 1736 16 Huntly 1688 17 Rothes 1632 18 Keith 1608
  4. Saw him in Aberdeen six years ago and it was a two-sided evening. One can only assume the film he was punting was the reason for him doing this again. He opened with five minutes of material about being old and ill, explaining that if his arm started to raise itself up in the air we weren't to worry as it was a medical issue. The crowd humoured him, but there's only so much 'well I had this and now I've got this' folk will sit through and a howl of 'get on with it' forced him to get to the meat of the act soon after. Old anecdotes about his time in Aberdeen, some rehashed stuff that could have come from any comedian and some luvvy name dropping filled most of the 90 minutes. The sight of Connolly laughing at his own material and forgetting what the hell he's talking about isn't new to anyone familiar with him, but seeing him doing it this time was rather sad as you realised he HAD actually forgotten what he was talking about, and he relied quite heavily on notes taped to the table on the middle of the stage. For Connolly a Scottish audience is an open goal, even for one in Aberdeen of whom he asked, after a spell of silence, 'are youse a photo of a :censored: audience or what?', and his presence was as appreciated as much as it was enjoyed. He was hilarious as an act, even if his material didn't all land, but he looked every one of his years and more, and the sight of him shuffling off stage at the end to be helped backstage by minder was a sad way to end a show. Tickets were changing hands for a fair bit of money ahead of this but it was more than worth hanging onto them to see him live
  5. Why do Burghead keep getting mentioned in any plans? Have folk seen their ground?
  6. Brechin once shat their nappies about playing Wick on a Saturday - in a replay, after failing to win first time out - that they called off the game just before KO and had Wick travel down again in midweek. Used to be a nice club, Brechin.
  7. There’s a best team in Angus?
  8. The seethe the Highland League inflicts upon people is great.
  9. The idea of a Colts team can go f**k itself. That goes for Aberdeen, Ross County, Elgin, or The Franchise. There's no advantage to having a Colts team in the league.
  10. BOD don’t have minerals for it. Happy winning a half dozen junior pots every season. Well done them.
  11. Laughable stuff from a clown of a chairman at a circus of a club.
  12. It got off to a bad start, coming as it did just a few weeks after ICT were told they weren't getting an actual Colts team. Then they turned out to be shit and no one really cared. Then they started shuffling them about in the new year, with ICT taking one back and moving him on to Rothes and sending some more down to Fort. Had the season gone on, they'd have gotten off the bottom as they got through their backlog of games against teams who were idle and sat waiting weeks to play them with no games inbetween. Pretty sure the SHFL has amended the rule book to prevent the same thing happening again, which tells you all you need to know about how the clubs feel about it.
  13. We've already got a Colt team in the Highland League - you'd have though the OP would have known this - and it's not been a roaring success.
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