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  1. Who replaces Cove?

    Is this going to go on all summer? Jossie’s Giants are more likely to step up than Halkirk.
  2. Who replaces Cove?

    Why would Brechin ‘opt’ for the SHFL if they were relegated? And again - Halkirk?
  3. Cove Thread

    Stay off the meth, pal.
  4. Last time Cove wrecked up Central Park they caused ten grand worth of improvement.
  5. He’s been blocking folk all afternoon for telling him he’s talking out of his hoop. Then deleted his tweet in a sulk.
  6. About 300-350 out of a total of about 1000.
  7. All done. Cove win 7-0 (SEVEN) on aggregate. Well done to Ousmann See for getting today’s MOTM award.
  8. Doesn’t now he’s panicked and deleted his tweet.
  9. In other news, Jim Spence doesn’t know what senior football is
  10. Berwick have had two corners in this game, making it their best afternoon since early February.
  11. I like trains, I like the sesh, I haven’t been to Berwick before and I want to see these c***s gone for myself. They promised so much last season and let me down, but maybe not this time.
  12. Ten man Berwick after Brown sees red. Half time, Cove a goal up.
  13. Ten man Berwick after Brown sees red. Half time, Cove a goal up.
  14. This quite the ground. The silos out the back made you feel like you’re on the set of RoboCop.
  15. All over. Only the officials saw that cross the line. This could be half a dozen yet.