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  1. She has hers, I have mine. This came out of the general food/fun/Christmas pot, meaning we'll probably end up having the now occasional 'wHy ArE WE pOoR!' conversation some time before the end of the month. See also - buying tickets to pantos/theatre/cinema for a group of folk. Fucking stop it.
  2. Her - My sister was needing some bits from Tesco so I got them for her on the way over Me, assuming this meant loaf, milk and a paper - Fine Me, checking the bank account later and finding out it was a hell of a lot of loaf/milk/papers - What 'bits' was she needing that cost £80-odd? She taken up smoking and pouring brandy on her cornflakes? Her - It's fine, she'll square me up some time. Some time. The logic the wife applies here is that some night when she's over babysitting and her sister comes in from work, they'll order some curry/Chinese/summat off Deliveroo and that'll be the situation resolved to everyone's satisfaction. I mean, if you ask me to collect it and come round with it and I also get fed, maybe.
  3. I’ve to pick her up on the way to something we’re both going to after whatever event she’s at in the afternoon, unfortunately. Half five will leave plenty o’ time to get to it, however.
  4. Sunday... Mrs S - what are you doing Saturday? Me - Working til 12, football til 5. Why? Mrs - Can you pick me up in Aberdeen just after half 5. Me - Fine. Tuesday... Mrs S - You still good to pick me up at 5? Me - I'm busy til 5, as I said. I can be there for half 5 at the earliest. Mrs S - Oh. Wednesday... Mrs S - You still busy until 5 on Saturday? Me - Yes. Mrs S - [No audible reply, but I can hear the body language without even looking up] And so this week-long dance goes on. An attempt to do me out of a few horizontal hours in front of the TV will continue, the unsaid line from her being that as I'm not actually at a game and instead sat watching Stelling or updating scores on a laptop, I'm not actually busy. This will no doubt receive another going over on Friday, almost certainly with no reference to the first episode of the series as it's been stricken from her memory entirely. Naturally, I will arrive at whatever kip she's drinking in on Saturday only to find she's not fucking ready anyway.
  5. Two years on, here’s you posting in their thread again.
  6. Quite what anyone involved at Lossie would have to be jealous of Fort for I have no idea.
  7. If it gets you through the day, you keep on thinking that.
  8. You can think that. You'd be wrong, mind, but you carry on.
  9. I wonder if you'll be saying the same when they overtake your gang in the league. Nearly two years later, and my gang are doing a hell of a lot better than this circus.
  10. A fascinating appointment. Like with the rube who scored a panenka penalty* and later had to miss games due to media commitments, it’ll get them some rake of publicity. We did wonder what they’d try next. Still, it might stop them whining about their pitch for five minutes. * - the consolation goal in a 5-1 loss.
  11. Fort have zero self-awareness. They’d probably think their presence would be heartily welcomed.
  12. Anderson probably isn't allowed to play again until Brora buy him.
  13. A textbook example of why Locos are destined never to win the league.
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