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  1. Performances by the players were stinking. How much of that was the manager, and how much was the players wanting him fired, is still TBC. They sure as hell played like they wanted him fired when at Lossie.
  2. If Buckie play like they did on Saturday, Linfield will murder them.
  3. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2010 - LOSSIEMOUTH 0-2 WHITEHILL WELFARE (SCOTTISH CUP FIRST ROUND) Scottish Cup approaches for the small sides and in 2010 Lossie were dumped out by Whitehill Welfare at Grant Park. Andrew Kidd had Whitehill a goal up as Lossie’s dislike of the National competition continued, and while Kidd later had a penalty saved, Jordan Hall (below, topless) ended the game with a second goal in the second half. Full spread of photos - Click here
  4. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, 2011 - LOSSIEMOUTH 2-0 FORMARTINE UNITED Colin Charlesworth celebrates his fine-ass volley that gave Lossie an early lead against Formartine United, who showed with Bobby Mann in the starting eleven and who spent the entire game loafing about the centre circle. Nikki Smith added a second in the second half to bury a Formartine side that were none too happy at losing. Still, they took it a little better than Cove the following week, who Lossie trounced 1-3 at Allan Park as the Toonsers finished with eight (count 'em!) men.
  5. In the aftermath of Diana's murderdeathkill - on a Saturday night - Huntly and Forres played each other the following Wednesday, and Cove and Keith hammered out a 1-1 draw two days later on Friday (05/09/97), although that had already been scheduled for the Friday night before events in Paris cancelled the rest of the card for Saturday, September 6th, 1997.
  6. Tommylee Taylor was great value on the sidelines during his tenure as manager in recent times. Absolute div.
  7. That seems extremely unlikely, knowing them as I do. Or did, at least.
  8. Oooooo. Hurry up and get binned out the SPFL.
  9. It’s great. Fitbanorth.com is the boy tho. Try that, too.
  10. Games against Brechin are of no relevance to Lossie other than a benchmarking exercise to compare performances, fitness, attitudes, and to get game time in the legs of players for more important games. Worked, too, going by yesterday.
  11. What happened on the park was Brechin scored fewer than Buckie or Fraserburgh, so I dare say he wasn't too bothered at all.
  12. He was right to highlight Brechin's miserly ways last week.
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