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  1. Fort William tomorrow

    One of the Lossie supporters had the 7-0 lucky score ticket bought before the game. Was probably him. Lossie have done 8’s and a 9 at Inverurie in recent years so 7 was a good afternoon. Could have done without giving them the early goal as Locos didn’t like it when they’d to work for their win at The Bernagow earlier this season. Weird sense of entitlement with that lot.
  2. Highland League stories!

    Yeah. Ask over there and we’ll help out.
  3. Fort William tomorrow

    They were never going to get a thing off Lossie today. Started with five at the back, and even when they went behind stuck to it. Lossie wasted half a dozen chances in the second half, hit the post and ran out of legs with five minutes to go. I thought we had problems, but we looked like Barcelona compared to that lot.
  4. Can we join the league please?

    Mebbes. Have you a bar?
  5. Ian Moor

    I’m hearing it’s that roaster who kept making up aliases to get on Fitba North. Dopey looking lad from Banff. The one what goes into Aldi just to feel up the fruit.
  6. Fort William tomorrow

    It was saved. There’s a full feature in the new FourFourTwo about Fort William. Also features my face and some swearing.
  7. Fort William tomorrow

    I don't mind the club promoting themselves in such a fashion, or appealing to weirdo groundhopper types. My criticism is of the folk writing identical articles on the situation. Find a new angle on the story. Any angle, even.
  8. Fort William tomorrow

    Great stuff, fellas. Say, is that every two bit journo wannabe/blogger now written a piece with the theme, 'Hey everyone! Come look at these clowns in Fort William trying to do The Football'? That's another one appeared on The Times website following the same template as the rest - hills, lots of hills! Kids playing shinty! Factual error because it's not been properly checked! SOOOOOOOOOOO remote, like can you even get a pint in that place? Committee members working hard, players playing for the love of the club, etc. Shite, I've just written another one.
  9. Fort William tomorrow

    I disagree.
  10. Fort William tomorrow

    They'd be worse off in the North Juniors, IMO. Less folk care about that than do Fort.
  11. Fort William tomorrow

    Some photos from yesterday... https://www.facebook.com/LossiemouthFC/activity_feed/?type=share&content_id=2055356257874238&ref=notif&target_story=S%3A_I1035174793%3A10214646208842299&notif_id=1538311501121678&notif_t=page_share
  12. Fort William tomorrow

    Roon ye.
  13. Fort William tomorrow

    Imagine celebrating a win!
  14. Fort William tomorrow

    Britains worst team? They're not even the worst team in the SHFL at the moment, admin errors aside.
  15. Fort William tomorrow

    Brora, Rangers, Buckie Thistle, Clachnacuddin, Cove Rangers, Deveronvale, Formartine United, Forres Mechanics, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Inverurie Loco Works, Keith, Lossiemouth, Nairn County, Rothes, Strathspey Thistle, Turriff United and Wick Academy have all played there.