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  1. Beating Keith and Turriff and thinking you’re Erchie? Oh mate. Fancy that.
  2. Clach are dogshit and rightfully the bookies favourites to go down.
  3. Locos taking off Gauld fucking ruined their afternoon. The rest of them didn’t know what to do after that. Lossie put the foot down and had some fun. Lossie are two years into a four year youth project and it looks like it might be working ok.
  4. IIRC, it was at the Astro behind Asda, with Cove trooping off the pitch after a midweek training session and BOD’s manager seeing the Cove contingent and losing his shit.
  5. And they ended with the Highland League having an empty space needing filled but BoD couldn’t be arsed. Now they face a nightmare trying to get through the playoffs. Unlucks.
  6. Banks O'Dee must be regretting the wasted years when a place in the Highland League was all but available by picking up the phone. Oops.
  7. If other clubs are subsidising travel to nominal 'home' games, why are they asking for help with raising money for extra travelling expenses?
  8. The SHFL should be considering how to deal with this in the future. Their lack of a proactive solution to a longstanding problem is almost as big an issue as Fort's general divness when it comes to their pitch, and while I'm all for those in charge keeping out of club affairs in general, the LMC should have sent round to Claggan Park two very big men and a blackjack after that Strathspey shambles. That said, I've no doubt it was whichever governing body is in charge of the playoffs that made the call to SHFL Towers in the week. Naturally, one fully expects Fort to hammer home the 'woe is us' shtick on Pussbook and elsewhere.
  9. Some will say the SHFL should have busted Fort for this a while back. I believe Selkirk were given little grace to deal with their problems, whereas Fort have been at this for years, which is not a good look for the club, the league or the office bearers tasked with making sure we've a decent league from top to bottom. The town of Fort William really needs to take them on tho.
  10. I would miss them if they weren't here - I think most SHFL types would - it's a fine day out and Lossie games down there are usually a hoot. There's been something go wrong behind the scenes tho. In years gone by Fort were as hardworking as any other club, hamstrung by location but willingly plodding along, occasionally turning in a season/result/cup run that justified their efforts. Now there's a whole lot of conspiracy theory bullshit about how everyone's out to get them. I still can't fathom how that town can't do better with a football club than this, even marginally.
  11. As I mentioned earlier, there's still some assumption the Highland League is a mates league and we're all just enjoying the football and rivalries dating back to the 1800's in some cases. The relegation playoff means that's as dead as disco and we're on the clock every season, at both ends of the table. If Fort were, say, mid-table and in possession of a completely useless pitch, like Forres and Formartine were for a while, I doubt anyone would have cared. Cove got away with their antics due to Alan McRae working the lobbies and boardrooms as he went around the country sporting the right blazer and tie, whereas Fort haven't that kind of influence. Cove deliberately ran their ground down trying to force a decision and screwed up. Fort are just divs. Like when Strathspey (and Locos) entered the league without the facilities required, so long as a plan exists to get said facilities in place in a certain timeframe, the league will work with clubs. Fort are just winging this now. Some boys claiming to be from the club reckoning they can have it fixed in 4-8 weeks. Mate, you've have sixteen months.
  12. There's no conspiracy. Their pitch is shit and has been for some time. That's the size of it. Between March 2020 and now they've had sixteen months, two summers and a winter without the grass being needed at all to get that pitch playable, and they haven't. How are they going to sort it in three months? Unfortunately Fort's online support are a squad of rubes what's never been near Claggan Park or never noticed the club never plays a homer for four months of the season. Now some clownshoe has involved an MP in this. The Highland League very rarely throws the rulebook at a club about anything. Someone upstairs has had a word.
  13. I think there's still some lingering thoughts amongst SHFL types that the Highland League operates on its own, unrelated to the rest of football, but now we're a functioning part of the pyramid those in charge are (rightly) far less likely to tolerate this kind of bullshit any more.
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