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  1. Poor lad. He's 20 and he's consigned to juniors already. Lighten up lads eh
  2. I used to work with rumsby so I watch the results and occasionally chip in with a comment - no big deal
  3. And similarily if you can't take someone commenting on that criticism then you should steer clear. Oh btw your tone gives you an aire of arrogance that makes you very annoying, something I note from other posts/threads has been recognised
  4. And by right I can challenge that opinion Is that not right?
  5. Not true. Rumsby stopped playing after the Dunfermline game. There had already been a turnaround prior to this pretty much from the start of the year. Again we need facts not fiction!
  6. Not upset just need people to realise that playing in a n underperforming team can taint everyone withe the same brush
  7. Most centre halves need a good partner but the inference is that he is the weaker of the two in terms of for example his partnership with Franco. I believe this is Bourne out of frank being captain and a bigger influence on the team. But in terms of football ability rumsby was head and shoulders above frank and I would suggest Robertson.
  8. When you say he wasn't so good this season can you be more specific please. In my view he was as good as any other season but was suffering by playing in a n underperforming team with the likes of Keenan for the first couple of months. His only bad game was the 5-1 defeat to Dunfermline. He had flue the next week and then couldn't get back into the team due to bell/Robertson playing well. So please be more specific
  9. There's at least one player who is more than capable of coming off the bench if Stranraer wanted to "chop and change"
  10. You need to be careful with your words. Losing all of our best players it wrong. You kept your best defender in Rumsby, and your best striker in longworth. The three you've lost that have hurt are mitchell, Gibson and Gallagher.Oh and winters is 4
  11. he did and the fact you're denying it shows you up as the loony
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