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  1. Bummer! Do we know the nature of it / when we might expect to see him again?
  2. I take it Shaw is injured or something? Scored in 4 consecutive games didn’t he, then not in the squad at all. I ask as BBC don’t refer to any injury...
  3. Can 6 corners / 3 missed penalties = a goal please? (Just for the away team). And can every 10% of possession count as a goal for the away team too? Please? You’d still win.
  4. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that’s the Cup game where County went 3-2 up extremely late, only for Calley to equalise proper dying-seconds-style to earn a replay. So I think @GreyHair Is possibly / probably making a pretty desperate “Yeah, but it’s 3-3. Why are you celebrating?! It’s not like you won!” type of point - the kind of desperate attempt at self consolation I would have made in a moment like that when I was about 16. And yes, we went on to lose said replay.
  5. Oh totally, I probably wouldn’t disagree with any of that at all. I hope they get back on track and you turn out to be right - it wouldn’t surprise me. I just don’t have the confidence you do, based on the actual evidence up to this point, to say that Stewart and Mckay WILL get us enough goals to stay up.
  6. 100% agreed. Around the time when the reconstruction thread was in full flow and fans and pundits alike were throwing out claims that County were the biggest beneficiaries of the early curtailment of the season, I had some pretty in-depth looks at head-to-heads, best / worst runs of form over the season, last 6 games and last 10 games runs of form... it was virtually impossible to find any logical application of any of those trends which would have resulted in County finishing bottom, or even 11th. Less than 100% agreed! Base it on last season then yes, but see very little evidence 10 games into this season to convince me that still stands. Combination of lack of service and dips in their form / confidence has me pretty concerned right now. I would still think our best chance of staying up is them starting to find the net, but the longer we go without it happening, the less likely it probably is. Thankfully there still is plenty of time, and there are plenty of other useless teams out there. It would just be nice to have some glimmers of hope / encouragement sooner rather than later!
  7. You do know that the second half of this football match took place at a later moment in time than things which occurred before the first half of the match commenced...? (You do also know that we lost both halves of this match and, as a result, the entire match?) We’ve done that kind of thing a few times already this season, and I suspect we will do them again in the future. I make no apologies when I tell you here and now: I WAS GLUM. I AM GLUM. I PLAN TO REMAIN GLUM.
  8. "Ross County have made a great start to the season." I'm not sure it counts as a cliche(?), but it's definitely something I'm sick of hearing. Still being said by various pundits at the point where our results read WWDLDLL and we were on 3 less points than at the same stage last season 👀
  9. Wake me up when next season starts. Since the Celtic game (which I long hummed and haa-ed about before finally shelling out), I've cut back on watching - under financial strain as it is, insult to injury when I pay to put myself through what we're producing just now. Anyway, remind me to also not even watch the highlights - Laidlaw should be saving that opener? Vigurs - I mean, how stupid do you have to be. Wasn't even a guaranteed goal with Laidlaw closing him down - even if the boy scores at least we've 11 players still on the pitch. All of that not to mention WHERE IS JOSH MULLIN, combined with everything I have seen and continue to hear about Charles Cook. There's no way the 5 teams below us are all worse than us - as somebody has pointed out we'll have a truer reflection oce the full first round of fixtures is completed.
  10. Yes. And again on Sunday when they do. 6-pointer, in my humble opinion.
  11. Close the thread, we have a winner: THE ENTIRE INTERNET forgot he played for us.
  12. I mean, yes and no. I am normally the last to throw in the towel, I'll clutch at any straw going... On "balance of play" or whatever I'd say yeah, for most of the time it was a fairly competitive game. There's undoubtedly some quality and ability in our team - we look quite good at times. In fact it was the kind of performance where we should have ended up looking back on maybe a 2-3, a 'what could have been', or even taken something out of the game. But we're looking back on a 0-5. And not a "hard done by" 0-5, in my opinion. More like a "thoroughly deserved because of our complete lack of composure and discipline" 0-5. For me, that is our problem this season and it's seriously concerning me at the moment - our lack of composure (at both ends) and discipline. Giving Celtic a completely unnecessary penalty in the 3rd minute? Vigur's assist? Our chance-conversion rate? Tremarco getting himself stupidly sent off in the previous game? Forgive me, but I'm really feeling pretty doomy gloomy right now, in a weird way almost because of the positives, if that makes any sense at all! They are just frustrating me - they mean nothing at all if we keep producing stupid lapses within games. Good performance + plenty of positives + lack of composure at both ends v Celtic = 0-5. Good performance + plenty of positives + lack of composure at both ends v everyone else = narrower margins of defeat, with the occasional draw and very occasional win thrown in from time to time. I hope I'm wrong, I hope we find that composure and just start getting some of the basics right, and that everything turns around. Right now, I'm just not feeling it. Sorry. Feel free to give me a good talking to. Equally, feel free to just give me a big warm hug ❤️
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