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  1. This has just come up elsewhere as a reminder from 5 years ago. Apparently, we had a bad season - glad to say this is my abiding memory from it, not the bad stuff!
  2. I've had a quick look at the form table and predicted results for the last 3 rounds and it leaves me with a table looking like this at the split: 4th Livi 43 5th Hibs 41 6th County 40 7th-10th Dundee United, Motherwell, St Mirren and Aberdeen each with 39 points. I certainly think the last 3 fixtures are a big ask for County, but we are one of THE form teams from Hearts down and Aberdeen are one of the worst. I feel a bit like we're "due something" against Hearts, and at home we have a chance. 4 points from those 2 without taking anything from Celtic (never say never wish us against them though!) might see us clinch top 6.
  3. …who do you think would win? Personally, I would like Ross County to win - and I would dare to suggest we are probably due such a result against Livi. They continue to pull some cracking results out the bag, though, so it wont be straightforward. A tough one to call, but call it I will. 7-3 County (or thereabouts).
  4. I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the terrible journalism, General Ross County chat or Arbroath thread, kind of fits all 3. Amazing result tonight… if I’d known they were playing in Dingwall, I’d have gone along…
  5. Covid in the Stagsby home - I won't make it tonight after all. We'll be lucky if we get a draw.
  6. As the County faithful know by now, how the team do depends an awful lot on whether or not I am there and whether or not I get hospitality. (2.33 points per game when both those boxes ticked; 0.6 points per game when I’m not there at all). All is in order for this one, so let’s say 4-1 County, RCC with at least a couple of them. BRING IT. *Please forgive the grammar in the title. When my dog woke me at 1:30am, it suddenly came to mind that I got it wrong. My instinct is to correct it, but I feel equally strongly that the original version is significantly more aesthetically pleasing, so I’m going to leave it as it is.
  7. I'm sure I heard somewhere this is a thing and I've even heard rumours everyone's mad for it (game sold out?), but I struggle to believe either when there's no P&B match thread with 24 hours and 7 minutes to go until kick off. Can someone put me right, please?
  8. I may be missing something… are you suggesting that somebody using a spare ticket to take their mate to a game is somehow an example of an absence of financial fair play…?!
  9. Do you ever pay in to a game? Between 1995 and 2020 I paid to attend 346 games, from which we took a total of 72 points. This new system is better.
  10. Well, well!* independently of the P&B community, and without any chasing on my part (honest), the call we’ve all been waiting for came in this morning: I’ve been invited to hospitality. I now fully expect County to take at least 2 points from this fixture. *No pun intended.
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