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  1. Following County one game to the next just now be like The bad news for Hibs fans is today we're due a
  2. What's people's thoughts on life under Yogi so far? He has now been in charge for a third of the league games we have played this season. We haven't been particularly consistent in that time, and we've rarely been tremendous, but here's his stats compared to Ketts' for this season: Yogi: 9 games played. 1.22 goals per game scored. 1.88 per game conceded. 1.1 points per game. Kettlewell: (Figures in brackets represent his last 15 games, ignoring the wonder-start made to the league - the kind of selectivity some people might not approve of but for me it's a relevant factor in measuring the impact of the change of manager) 18 games played. 0.56 (0.4) goals per game scored. 1.88 (2.13) per game conceded. 0.7 (0.4) points per game. For me, whilst we are unspectacular, inconsistent and far from safe, there are very clear improvements. Defense clearly still our biggest concern. Will the improvements be enough to keep us up? Who can really say. I think there's more reason for hope than there was under Kettlewell. Edited to add: In Yogi first 9 compared to Kettelewell last 9, Yogi has us scoring 4 times as many goals, conceding 15% less goals and picking up almost 6 times as many points.
  3. I make that 9 Boyce goals. Oh, how I miss those days!
  4. Oops! Thanks for the help, and your sensitivity. It’s not true what they say about you. Ok, I’m done. ‘Mon the Staggies!
  5. Indeed, I can help you with that one. You need to tick the “Terms and conditions” box. in your defence, you’ve not been on for a while, and also that box is practically invisible, and also the page should really be set up in such a way that, if you initially click “Sign In” without having ticked aforementioned practically invisible box, it highlights clearly for you the reason it is not letting you progress. Here to help. You’re welcome.
  6. Im trying to sign up for watching the game tonight, but when I fill in my details and click “Sign In” on the PPV page (which I’ve done plenty of times before) it’s not doing anything. Anyone else experienced this / got suggestions other than closing the page / refreshing?!
  7. I was thinking he would drop back whenever we get our first sending off.
  8. Raring to go for this one. I expect us to line up something like this: Laidlaw Watson Hylton Charles-Cook Vigurs Lakin Tillson Paton Andreu Gardyne Shaw Subs: Draper, Kelly, 5 new midfielders signed between now and then. BRING IT!
  9. “Hefty specimens” and now “agricultural” all in reference to St Johnstone. Someone’s playing Farm-reference Bingo for sure.
  10. Can't see anything other than more of the same here. Going to say 3-0 County, but wouldn't be surprised if we get 5 or 6.
  11. I can’t remember how games tend to pan out when we score first / at all. Anyone?
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