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  1. I won’t find it now, but I compiled some stats back in the day (which I think I shared here) and Boyce was essentially twice as productive alongside Curran compared to without him. A great partnership and I absolutely loved watching Curran play. One of my favourites over the years..
  2. Ooft. We are 2 (TWO) league games into the season! Did you think we’d probably win the league a few seasons back when we won our opening 2 (TWO) games?
  3. “There’s only one Joseph Oluwagbemiga Mayowa Hungbo, One Joseph Oluwagbemiga Mayowa Hungbo! Theres only one Joseph Oluwagbemiga Mayowa Hungbo! ONE JOSEPH OLUWAGBEMIGA MAYOWA HUNGBO…!”
  4. It was most certainly a kick to the shins - I can still see it now! Although it was definitely completely off the ball and unnecessary, it was still a pretty crowded Rangers box when it happened, I think following a corner. I’ll never understand why Maxwell took it upon himself to take the pen… which in the end was delayed by a good 8 minutes due to all the protests from the Rangers players and general sorting out of the mess. We had pulled the first goal back in the 90th minute, would have had all the momentum and the extra man going into extra time… if we’d only blooming scored it. Most definitely a “what could have been” kind of night http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/cis_ins_cup/1679863.stm
  5. Buzzing to have spotted the whole squad back in full training as I strolled along the Peffery this morning Bring on the pre-season friendlies!
  6. I’m not normally “ITK”, but am very reliably informed Laidlaw signed an extension a good couple of weeks back. The bit I don’t fully recall is the length, but 2 years rings a bell.
  7. Without looking it up, my recollection is we were on 12 points after 24 games then picked up 25 of a possible 27 - starting with a 3-2 win at home v Motherwell in which Martin Woods turned into Lionel Messi...? VERY strange times, they were!
  8. Just to clarify: Are you saying getting Hughes in was a bad choice?
  9. That's not going to go down well Nothing like a wee reality check, eh. I had been planning posting one of my own (as much to play devil's advocate as anything else) once the season was (hopefully positively) concluded and attention inevitably turned to the question of whether we want Hughes in charge next season. A lot of people have already made their thoughts on that very clear... Now, there's obviously a lot more to it than what follows, (people have talked about him not being great at recruiting / assembling a decent team of his own, for example), but in addition to your own observations, another cold, hard fact is that since Hughes took over in December, County have been the 8th best team in the league. Nothing spectacular - but how many managers out there are realistically going to get County doing much better than that? Regardless of what any of us feel about Hughes, if we do end up binning him we better make absolutely certain we're replacing him with somebody better! If we manage that, after a bit of bedding in / rebuilding, we could potentially look forward to some relatively good years ahead. That would be delightful, and my first choice scenario. What I really DON'T want is to look back on binning Hughes and ending up worse off because of it...
  10. Well played sir, very well played! We’ve much to thank you for.
  11. Absolutely guaranteed to be one of the above, now you've gone and posted that. At least we'll all know who to blame.
  12. No great surprise to see the anti-Highland bias rear it’s ugly head again as we (Ross County) are given post-split fixtures which are almost exclusively against teams who are better than us.
  13. @frankthetank22 I’ve not been watching - barely even following today, but from what I can tell it sounds like: We have been poor (throughout!) St Johnstone’s home win has been far more comfortable than the score line suggests. I tip my cap to you, sir! ( )
  14. Fair enough. I agree we’ve been poor at times. For you, how poor we’ve been a times is enough for you to define us that way and predict a comfortable win for the opposition - I fully respect that. For me, we’ve been poor at times (awful even), but a combination of factors (including at times being less poor within the 90 that a game lasts) mean we have still been picking up 1.5 points per game, which in all honesty is good enough for me at this point of this season, and I wouldn’t be at all confident of predicting which way any given game would go between now and the end of the season!
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