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  1. Well done Chris! You are doing Cowden proud.
  2. Keen Cowden fan Chris Grandison can show that the Blue Brazil followers are a cut above the Kirkcaldy tinks when he appears on Mastermind tonight.
  3. Willie Aitchison was Cowden youth team coach in the days when Paddy Dolan was manager,
  4. To all loyal Pars fans I extend my best wishes. Now GTF
  5. I would not part with a penny until it was guaranteed the money would not end up in Masterton's pocket.
  6. I sincerely hope that the Pars survive but cannot help feeling that all the impressive fund raising by ordinary fans could prove to be in vain as the full story has yet to be revealed. The big-money men have yet to make a move and are sitting in the background waiting for events to unfold. God forbid that Pars find themselves in the same situation as Cowden, where the team is run solely by fans who have to accept any decision made by the owners. Cowden pay a rent to play at Central Park and a similar situation could arise at EEP, currently owned by Gavin Masterton. It would be a tragedy if he was to benefit in any shape or form from the current plight of DAFC.
  7. Any chance of Cowden getting the ground? Masterton will kill off the Pars while the Brewsters have already taken our stadium. When Yorkston and Calderwood arrived to replace such sound football men like Woodrow and the Paton/Campbell set-up the game was a bogey. Their egos were sickening and Masterton was just as bad, overseeing the amazing amount of debt Pars now find themselves trying to battle.
  8. Any Pars fan who gives Masterton money under any circumstances needs their head examined. I sincerely hope that the Townies survive in some shape or form but that pompous ass must not be allowed to be part of the new beginning.
  9. Who is the bigger fool? Masterton or Bob Purvis for believing in him? . Must be a close call.
  10. The baw's burst, I am afraid. And we all know the men responsible. Idiots.
  11. My apologies. I thought he had done a runner as well.
  12. Surely the Pars Supporters Trust are wasting their time in requesting answers from Masterton. They will be told what he wants to tell them and nothing more. Why is chairman-elect Bob Purvis not clearing up this mess? Yorkston should be emptied immediately and let Purvis and his millions move in to restore some sanity. Or is Purvis waiting till everything goes belly up and then he can "save" the club. Meanwhile, Leish and the other former directors have headed for the hills in case they are asked to take some responsibility for the state of the finances. I hope the Pars survive but in my honest opinion they are on the brink and mastermind Masterton will be blamed for their downfall.
  13. You dont half talk some pissh. What is your day job? I think it should be made known in the interests of public health and safety. It obviously has feck all to do with running a business.
  14. Pars fans are not being shown any respect by those in the know. There is far too much secrecy with the top men ready to take money from genuine fans but refusing to divulge the full facts about the financial situation. Even the auction is being held in secret! I wonder if millionaire Bob Purvis knows the full financial picture. Surely the lecky bill is chicken feed to him and could have been settled without the begging bowl being put out.
  15. It is misguided fans like you who encourage the men responsible for the Pars predicament. Do society a favour and give your dosh to CHAS.
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