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  1. Will be interested to see how Matt Ritchie does. Not going into debate over his nationality, when I saw him at Swindon, he was the best player I had seen down here since Carrick/Milner on loan at Swindon. Di Canio was in charge when he was at Swindon and he put a £10 million price tag on Ritchie. Then Swindon were facing administration and had to raise 450k to stay afloat, so Ritchie sold on the cheap, this pretty much caused Di Canio to walk. Whilst not a fan of the grandparent rule, we may as well use it, since other countries do as well. If he helps us qualify for Euro 2016, then no complains from me. Not quite sure he will be international class, but hope he is and really want him to do well, should he feature for us.
  2. Got the new album on pre-order. Also hoping to go to the Malta gig on Jan 10th
  3. Reply I got when I emailed to see if I could now get delivered - Hi Dale Sorry and unfortunately bookings cannot be changed now. The uplift will be from the stadium on match day and information will be issued in due course. Best Wishes Scotland Supporters Club On plus side, least I booked my flight from Birmingham and hotel ages ago, as even then, Hotels were few and far between and really expensive.
  4. Doh! Some how missed that. Will see if they can send out (not today though, as website is mad today)
  5. Crazy logic. I landed at Luton airport at 1pm. At same time a plane landed from Poland, full of lads in Scotland shirts/kilts. I assume they also live in England. However even though they went to Poland, you are saying they should not be allowed to buy tickets for this game as they live outside Scotland. End of the day, if any away fan in the home end, they should be kicked out the ground end of.
  6. Hope it isn't! I did notice though, no delivery options and all tickets to be collected?
  7. Tickets finally booked Seems to be very few left.
  8. Hmm this fills me with no confidence. I was flying over France at 12! So only joined queue 30 mins ago. Could be a long night
  9. Anyone else having problem getting tickets? Currently my estimated time to get through for a ticket is 1hr 30 mins. This estimate has not changed for the last twenty minutes.
  10. I support the print industry and still buy books. Despite 24/7 social media coverage at the weekend, especially on a Sunday, I do like to buy the morning papers and have a good read of them as well.
  11. Thanks for the all the responses. Done the best man speech last Friday. Went down really well. Several people even saying best speech they ever heard. Other people shocked that they actually understood me for once. Was hard staying sober till 4pm! Once again, thanks to those who posted
  12. Some cracking stories in this thread. The Zambia one just tops them all though, Crazy
  13. L15 1Empoli 2.40 Epsom Downs 11/1 2Ballesteros 3.15 Epsom Downs 25/1 3Petella 2.35 Doncaster 9/4 4Tepmokea 3.10 Doncaster 7/1
  14. What is everyone's fancy for the Derby tomorrow? Been a while since my last visit in here, but I am guessing I am still the top poster in this thread Can't remember how you search for it these days.
  15. Cheers for the feedback, given me plenty to go off, much appreciated.
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