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  1. I don't agree that Clubs should be forced into a position of having to play-off if they happen to be champions of their league. A Club which has played for many years in the HL or LL and survived financially during their existence, has the right to assess whether a step up to League 2 is in the best interests of the Club. If they felt that the financial implications of the step up might threaten the Club's existence, then surely they must have the right to turn down a play-off place. The fans should have a say of course, and any individuals who see stepping up as the way forward can go on the board and work to make that a possibility.
  2. Seems like I should maybe correct myself. After looking through the rules linked to one of the previous posts, it seems like a team would have to make sure they didn't comply with one of the stipulations if they didn't want to go up.
  3. I didn't think it was compulsory to take part in the play-offs. If they don't want to be involved then they just don't apply by 31st March. If they then go on and win their league, then no team from that league takes part in any play-off. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Thanks for that. Someone on the Lowland League forum has told me about the January 31st deadline. I had thought it was 31st December. As I'm a Montrose fan, you'll understand why I might be taking an interest in this.
  5. ok, thanks again. I'll try and find out what the requirements are. As a Montrose fan, it seems we are in danger of possibly being involved in that dreaded play-off. There may not be a play-off of course, if the league winners are either not interested or don't meet all the entry requirements. This would be a life saver for any Club that finishes bottom of League 2.
  6. ok, thanks. I thought the first deadline was 31st December. Do you happen to know any criteria the Clubs have to meet, other than being winners of their league?
  7. Does anyone know which LL Clubs have applied for a shot at the SPFL play-off, should they win the league?
  8. Does anyone know which HL Clubs have applied for a shot at the SPFL play-off, should they win the league?
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