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  1. To be fair, our own efforts against this same average Rangers side the other week we're equally as pathetic, and Hearts are a better side than we are and aren't fairing any better.
  2. Hearts supporting workmate just text me to tell me that an Ice Cream van was overturned by Rangers fans in Prince's Street gardens this morning. Apparently all the weans out enjoying the sun have had their day ruined by this scandalous act. Disgusting b*****ds.
  3. Can Rangers end Celtic's domination?

    The only way that Rangers would end Celtic's domination would be if they received serious investment from some unlikely source - a rich Arab/Russian oil billionaire - or/and if they gave a particular manager a significant amount of time to build a squad to be able to challenge for the title. I can't see either happening, as there aren't likely to be any rich investors waiting in the wings to take over Rangers and their support just would not accept giving a manager or regime time to build a squad as they as a collective have such a self entitled outlook which wouldn't allow for patience and playing the long game whilst Celtic chalk up 10, 11, 12 or whatever in a row. Rangers and their support need to accept that they, as they are now, are not a viable challenger to Celtic, their battle is with Aberdeen, Hearts, Killie, Hibs etc to be the best of the rest and potentially win one of the domestic cups. As I said though, their 'entitlement' kills them.
  4. Good to see us getting business done quickly. We've got a big, big summer ahead and it's important that we make the right signings and from what I've seen of both Gallagher and Polworth, they could both potentially be good acquisitions so long as they are used correctly. Welcome to Fir Park to Liam Polworth.
  5. Dislike both clubs but I'm glad Celtic have won this as it means; a) Aberdeen can't win the Cup; b) we have still won that particular Cup since they have, and c) Given we knocked them out of both Cups last season yet didn't win either then I didn't want to see them go one better this season. So, well done Celtic. Hail Hail You Are All Neil Lennon Etc, etc
  6. I think Rangers fans have a bit of 'previous' with Gallagher. He was bamming Morelos and a few other players up earlier in the season after they spat the dummy out and refused to shake hands or something like that. By the looks of those tweets some of them are still struggling to come to terms with it.
  7. The rebuilding job this summer will be every bit as big if not even bigger than Robinson's first summer transfer window in 2017. We will almost certainly be parting company with several first team players and it is absolutely crucial that he gets it right over all, as he and we as a club cannot go a repeat of last summer's shambles. We need a left back, a left sided midfielders,a central midfielder and at least two forwards in. If rumours are to be believed we have already got Declan Gallagher tied up so that will be one defender in, but we'll need at least one more in that position and very possibly a new goalkeeper. The pressure on Robinson is massive this summer.
  8. They are a ridiculous bunch and so out of touch/date with reality it's embarrassing for them. The likes of Only and Excuse, Robbie Coltrane and Chewin the Fat etc. have been doing sketches aimed specifically at ridiculing their type for decades and in today's day and age they just look pathetic. Each to their own though.
  9. Well that was....a Motherwell v Rangers game at Fir Park. Enough said. Three ridiculous goals gifted to them on a plate.
  10. Good to see Gillespie has made it. That's probably the best starting 11 we could have gone with.
  11. A bit late with that one, someone beat you to it earlier in the thread.
  12. Talk like this always fills me with dread before we play Rangers. For this reason. Our last two(three) victories over them have come when we've been given no chance and even the majority of Motherwell fans couldn't see past a defeat - the two playoff games of 2015 and the 2017 League Cup Semi Final. Ever since we last beat them in the league in 2002 we've seen chat on forums like this, steelmen, FPC and more recently twitter about how "this time we'll do it as they're there for the taking, they're the worst Rangers side since the last worst Rangers side, we'll never have a better chance to beat them." And it never happens for us. Games against Rangers are more often than not like watching the same movie over and over again and expecting a different ending, but deep down you know from the off that you are going to end up frustrated as hell and you wonder why you put yourself through it. Everything that could go wrong for us usually goes wrong for us. Penalties wrongly awarded, goals wrongly disallowed, goalkeepers and defenders making howlers to gift them a goal at the crucial time, us missing penalties in the last minute or their keeper pulling off ridiculous saves. Sometimes you feel you could just write the script but one day we've got to beat them again in the league. I don't think it'll be today though sadly.
  13. Yes I think getting the first goal here is crucial. We've shown over the last few months that scoring first has given us that boost to go on and either see the game out or add to our lead. Today will obviously be a bit more difficult as Rangers do have better players man for man than the sides we've beaten of late but we've already drawn with them this season and we exploited their defensive weaknesses on that occasion so we should be looking to take confidence from that and our recent good form.
  14. Despite his poor season, I like Curtis Main and always have done. I've always said that he is the type of forward who isn't an out and out goalscorer but would be a very good foil/partner to one that is. He's cut a very frustrated figure at times this season and his form has suffered as a result and it probably is time he moved on, but I would hate to see him turn out for Aberdeen. His Semi Final performance against the Dons almost a year ago was his finest moment in a Well jersey, he absolutely battered them that day.
  15. Fortunately Craig Thomson isn't on charge for this one, unlike the two previous meetings this season.