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  1. I don't see us getting anything here as Hearts will have too much. 0-2
  2. Another cracker from back in th day on steelmenonline/welltrustfc. was that Dundee Utd fan who had a proper hard-on for Jim Paterson when he was with us. Jimmy's shimmy or something.
  3. That still irks me to this day and I don't know if we'll ever get a better chance to repeat '91 as we had in that period from 2011-2013. To think that in that time we lost in the League Cup to a Rangers side full of kids and Saint fucking Mirren went on to win it that year! And two seasons in a row with that side we lost out at home to an Aberdeen side who couldn't buy a win against us in the League. That was a very good side we had and in the second half of the 2012/13 season we played some utterly sublime football but the fact that we failed to win silverware taints that time for me, particularly as Celtic were on autopilot and prone to slipping up in Cups allowing the likes of Killie, Hearts, Aberdeen and both Saints sides to win Cups. I hate to go on like a broken record but I lay the blame for that at Stuart McCall's door.
  4. It would be hard to top Alex Burns for the worst forward I think. Hopeless in his first spell then scored against us for Partick Thistle in every game one season then we re-sign him that summer and he looked as hopeless as he was in his previous spell with us.
  5. And had Neil Lennon choking on his chewing tobacco after his nomination and no Celtic player was nominated. They were good times indeed.
  6. Without a doubt, Michael Higdon is our best striker of the past twenty years. A proper No.9 who scored goals, got stuck in about defenders and spearheaded a very good attacking line for us at the time.
  7. There were definitely others who were individually worse than Stevie Woods but the length of time he was with us and the decade of blunders he made puts him top of my list for worse Motherwell goalkeeper. The other duds came and went in a short space of time but Woods hung around like a bad smell whilst losing his place to five different goalkeepers and repeatedly made the same basic errors throughout his time at Fir Park.
  8. I don't disagree that there is a section of the media who magnify any incident relating to your club significantly more than they would do for a player of any other club and indeed, fans of various other clubs follow suit in that regard but it doesn't change the fact that your goalkeeper has plenty of 'previous' when it comes to 'dirty' challenges which he has got away with on a good few occasions over the past season alone.
  9. It is pathetic but they know their audience and tailor their reports and headlines accordingly. At the time James McFadden was our most sellable asset it wasn't uncommon for certain media outlets to refer to him as "Celtic fan/Hoops daft James McFadden" rather than "Motherwell player".
  10. In fairness, it's the first time I can remember McGregor 'falling foul of the system' and I don't see how anyone can seriously complain about it. The challenge was dangerous, reckless and intentional and he's been guilty of that sort of dirty play throughout his career and indeed has done it and got away with it on a good few occasions this season. You can't put in challenges like that repeatedly and expect to continually get away with it. There's been more high profile incidents obviously, but he very deliberately 'landed' on Peter Hartley elbow first at Fir Park back at the start of the season and got off scot free that day and faced no retrospective punishment then booted a Celtic player the very next week...and again got away with no action being taken against him. He's pushed his luck too far it seems this time.
  11. Just when you thought you'd seen the last of him in a Motherwell jersey he turned up again like a bad penny. In my time following Motherwell there have been goalkeepers that were probably poorer than Stevie Woods was, with Samson, Meldrum and Kaven being the obvious examples but they came and went in a relatively short space of time, whereas Woods was here for the best part of a decade and made countless errors that cost us big time. I don't know if he had a concentration or a confidence issue but his judgement was utterly appalling and although he was actually a fairly decent shot stopper (albeit with shots hit right at him) you knew that a blunder was never far away. The infamous Rangers cup tie where he actually played well throughout before selling the jerseys with that ridiculous clearance to Gordon Durie should have seen him chased out of Fir Park but he hung around for another five years after that. Without doubt he was and is the worst Motherwell goalkeeper I have ever seen.
  12. A team with Mikko Kaven in goal and Kevin Christie in defence! Jeezo, those were some grim times
  13. It was definitely Charbonnier playing for them that night, Spencer left him all ends up at the winner. All that was four days after that 5-0 pumping in Perth in Billy Davies first game and no one, but no one saw us beating Rangers.
  14. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Maybe it's just me but Steve Clarke gives the impression of someone who's breath perennially stinks and has that lingering fart smell about him wherever he goes. He's a very good manager regardless.
  15. Big 'DairyLea' as I affectionately knew him as back in the day. His goal against Aberdeen to help seal 3rd place and our first European qualification for over a decade was a special moment.