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  1. It certainly was and he deserves huge credit for it.
  2. I don’t have a problem with their beliefs, I have a problem with their behaviour and their manner. I think that’s perfectly legitimate. You’re right I wouldn’t want Celtic to win, because I don’t like them. Just like there were plenty on here who have been saying for the last few years that they wanted Celtic to get 10 because it meant that Rangers wouldn’t win it. Are they bigots too?
  3. I take people as I find them. And in my personal experience I find Celtic and their fans worse. I don’t discount the sending of explosives to people, that is shocking, as are the experiences you and your wife have suffered. Celtic are the only club I know of that have caused a refereeing strike, or hired a private detective to follow a referee after a match and allowed a club approved film be made inside their ground titled ‘Anyone but Celtic’ in an attempt to further pedal the myth that they are victims. I have also suffered more grief surrounding football from Celtic fans than from any other set of fans and find it despicable hearing some of the songs and comments they’ve come out with over the years about the death of Davie Cooper. If your experience is that Rangers fans are worse or that they are just as bad as each other then I respect that. However you should respect that other people will have had different experiences and therefore different viewpoints on them.
  4. I find Celtic more sinister in the manner in which they operate. The way they always try and take the victim position to gain an advantage and brand anyone who calls them out for being a *** or a bigot without seeing the spectacular irony in that. I’m actually none of those things. That is quite bigoted of you to assume that I am simply because I dislike Celtic more than Rangers. You could get a fan of any club who would tell you of their dislike/hatred of another club, whether that club is their immediate rivals or not. For example I’ve seen plenty of Hibs fans on here speak of their hatred of Rangers and even spoken to some in person who say that they hate Rangers more than Hearts. Well fortunately I know several Motherwell season ticket holders. I’m one myself and attend games when I can and sit with a group of friends that know me personally and they’re quite happy to have me at Fir Park because they know I’m Motherwell through and through. They also know that the majority of my posts on here about Rangers are just an act to reel in folk that are obsessed with Rangers, like you.
  5. So being anti Celtic is bigoted is it? I don’t like them, I don’t deny that. They are a club I have no time for and make no apologies for that. Would you call a Hibs fan who regularly posts about their dislike of Hearts bigoted? I think we both know the answer to that is no don’t we? So you’ve gone from them being so big because of glory hunters to them being so big because of sectarianism in just a few minutes? You are all over the place here. In football all over the world there are clubs that have bigger supports than others, it’s just the way it is. I don’t know how much bigger we’d be if more people who support the Old Firm supported us. It’s not something I give much thought to because it’s pointless. Most of the Old Firm fans I know that live in Motherwell don’t even go to games, indeed some of them even come to Fir Park at times, which I’m not keen on btw. I also know a lot of Motherwell fans who don’t attend games regularly, only turn up for Cup Finals or European games. Maybe if they came more often we’d ‘be bigger’ but who knows?
  6. I don’t support Rangers. Please provide an example of anything bigoted that I have said on this forum? And your last sentence is just nonsense. Sure there will be some glory hunters who support those clubs and more, but those clubs have thousands of genuine supporters who will back them through thick and thin. They are also massive clubs with massive appeals so it’s only natural that they have supporters in every part of the country and to think that that is somehow wrong is just plain silly talk.
  7. Naturally being Rangers fans I would simply assume that they have been chosen to be one of The People. That for me is a perfectly good reason not to support their local team. Plus the fact that the ‘support your local team’ argument is just silly and basically a way of expressing annoyance that some clubs are bigger than others without actually saying it.
  8. Nah, I’m not overly keen on those colours myself and the only bunting I want to see regarding football are Claret and Amber ones should we win the Cup. That said if I was to be walking along the street in the next few weeks and happen to pass by a house with “55” bunting and said house’s occupants are in the front garden with their Rangers shorts, top off exposing their badly tattooed arms and beer belly I be sure to give them a knowing nod.
  9. Brown is another one who’ll be gutted that Morelos got on the scoresheet today. No trolling or screaming in opponents faces today Broon ya rubber pussed mutant. Rangers have got to be the happier side after a draw today. They preserve their unbeaten league run despite being under par and there for the taking and Morelos finally breaks his Old Firm duck. Fair play to them, they’ve ground out results all season and that’s why they are worthy Champions and will very soon be getting their hands on that big, shiny trophy bedecked in red, white and blue ribbons.
  10. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME Which you’re clearly doing... And when someone responds with “look at me, look at me” you know they have no answer to your excellent and well articulated point.
  11. In the same way that as a non Man Utd fan I was pleased to see Cristiano Ronaldo score plenty of goals and be player of the year the season after he got Rooney sent off for England in the 2006 World Cup. The media down there were out to vilify him all summer yet he got it right up them in the best possible way. Just like Morelos did today by scoring and putting a lot of his critics gas at a peep. And you’d be wrong about the balloons thing. As you say, I’m a non Rangers fan so why would a non Rangers fan have balloons celebrating their league win outside my house?
  12. Pleased to see Morelos scoring. That muppet Crocker on SKY will be gutted.
  13. The game flourished pretty well for a few years without it. It didn’t really flourish though did it? Attendances at top flight games, for the most part, didn’t really improve, if anything it was the opposite. In any case they still had Celtic in the top league plus Rangers in the lowers leagues which is why we managed to get television companies covering it and sponsors sponsoring it. If neither were involved in Scottish football the TV companies and sponsors wouldn’t touch it. That will be why there are hundreds of Celtic supporters clubs in Canada, the US, England and Australia. A good few Rangers ones as well. Because no one outside of Scotland and NI cares about the Old Firm is it? Yes it is. Plenty of people give a f**k. This thread alone is but a very small example of that with fans from various clubs “outside the bigotry bubble” commenting on it. 12 pages and counting. Not bad.
  14. Hide what? Like it or not this is a massive fixture that attracts audiences from all over the world. It’s the flagship fixture of Scottish football and without it our game would be fucked.
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