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  1. Well done Rangers. You are the League Leaders You are the People
  2. Didn't know it was the same ref, in that case it's understandable that that incident is in the back of his mind here after being undermined like that the last time he sent Brown off.
  3. Any other player playing for any other team and that is a red card all day long.
  4. Good luck Rangers against the wee team fae across the river. Hopefully a resounding pumping for the Accies and then I can return to this thread and read some teary-eyed fairytale about a young, wee Accies fan getting hit with a butternut squash thrown from the Rangers end and the usual muppets pretending to be offended at songs or something.
  5. We had Roberto Martinez at Fir Park in the 2001-02 season and he was utterly woeful for us. He's since gone on to become a high profile manager down south and at international level with Belgium, which is weird to see given how much of a flop he was with us.
  6. To be fair, neither were getting much game time until very recently. Carson was the first choice so Gillespie wasn't getting a look in and for whatever reason, Robinson preferred Main & Bowman to Johnson from the beginning of September until mid November so the protestations over the summer transfer business were(and still are) completely justified. I think in the case of Gillespie, he was signed on the belief that Carson would be sold before the end of the summer transfer window so his signing was understandable in that respect, but with Johnson benched in favour of a failing partnership and the signings of Sammon and Gorrin who offer little then the support were right to.question our transfer dealings.
  7. Well that was unexpected but at the same time massive for us today, especially with Dundee and St.Mirren losing and great to see Johnson on the scoresheet yet again. Wednesday night is a write-off but hopefully we do the business next Saturday at home to put further daoght between us and the relegation places.
  8. Gillespie has been excellent since coming in for Carson.
  9. Great to be ahead but sadly I have to agree with this. I've seen this movie before and a 2-1 defeat is incoming.
  10. Best of luck to Andy Rose in his new challenge. He wasn't the best but he certainly wasn't the worst from this current crop either and did a decent job of 'doing the donkey work' in the middle of the park whenever called upon, especially last season. Looking at our squad and at his position, I dont see anyone who stands out as being better to be honest.
  11. At a push, perhaps the 3-3 draw with Rangers in August but otherwise there's not one draw/defeat I could point to and say we were unlucky to drop points in.
  12. So after Wednesday's excellent, yet completely undeserved and hugely fortunate point, we serve up yet another dismal performance today and lose. This is a rotten team with a manager who has run his course and things won't improve until we have a change in the dugout - and that's just for starters. We have been awful all season and only did the business against the only two sides in the league that are actually worse than we are and one of those wins took a wonderful strike from the only player to give us something to smile about this season. And before anyone shoves the Aberdeen win and the draw against Celtic in my face, we were lucky in both of those games. We were lucky that Aberdeen didn't have their shooting boots on and then decided to gift us two goals from nothing and we were even luckier against Celtic in that they played in 2nd gear yet still bossed us throughout but had a goal wrongly disallowed and then missed a penalty before taking their foot off the pedal allowing us to snatch a point late on. Any positive result is welcome, but as I said all they do is paper over the ever growing cracks and give Robinson and this team a stay of execution as we inevitably get found out for the shower of shite that we are in the next match (7-1 at Ibrox, last week at Livingston and then again today at Hearts being clear examples of that). Nothing will change as the season progresses and the non football we offer up will drive away fans in their droves. We badly need a change.
  13. Another dreadful result from another dreadful performance. Wednesday, like the Aberdeen game, only papered over the cracks.
  14. A tug on the jersey, but it was clear from replays that both players were 'tugging' jerseys so it was a very, very harsh decision.
  15. I don't think we deserved a point over the piece either but the facts in the matter is that a 1-0 lead is never enough and we managed to score at the death to take a draw, therefore we scored as many goals as Celtic did and so earned a point. That Rodgers chose not to play his strongest team and the referee deeming the Benkovic goal to have been illegal are not Motherwell's problems.