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  1. Our problem is that we have not got a forward worthy of the name at the club. We have a couple of carthorses in White and Long but they are incapable of playing the lone centre forward role with two "inverted wingers" supporting them. And it doesn't help that said "inverted wingers" are utter shite and would struggle to get a regular start in the lower leagues. It's been a trademark of Robinson's Motherwell teams that we have no creativity and no penetration up front. He hasn't signed an adequate frontline player for almost three years now since Louis Moult left in the January 2018 window. That's why we have been awful to watch for the last two years bar a brief period between January and April 2019 when Turnbull and Hastie were finally bguveb their chance, but apart from that we have been utterly turgid to watch under Robinson.
  2. It's like watching the same film over and over again with this team and this manager. An away side comes to Fir Park, packs the defence, we have alot of possession but do nothing with it then they nick a goal and that's that. We have nothing in that side in the way of attacking threat and that's been an issue for three years now and Robinson has failed to address this. Five games, no wins, two points and two goals scored. Not good enough.
  3. It's a pity we don't have a forward worthy of the name at the club otherwise we'd more than likely be reflecting on an excellent win yesterday. It's a major, major flaw that Robinson and/or our scouting system has in that we can't identify and sign someone to address this problem which we've had for almost three years now since Louis Moult left. Apart from that it was a much improved performance from us and we were by far the better side. Turnbull and Campbell totally dominated in midfield which was great to see and for the first time this season we looked more assured at the back. This team is always going to have some dismal performances but if we could address the striker issue then we'll be fine this season.
  4. A point was all we deserved. Utterly chronic stuff from us yet again and for the THIRD summer in a row, Robinson's transfer business looks to have been poor. Lamie and White are lower League players but perfectly suited to the aimless punt, rush/give away free kick philosophy that the manager seems to love. As for Long, there is something about his attitude and body language that doesn't sit well. It was evident at times last season as well but he looks totally disinterested.
  5. Same old, same old from us under Robinson. No creativity, aimless long balls aplenty, midfield bypassed and an away side that play for a draw snatch a goal and we have no answer to it. We have serious problems.
  6. As I said, that particular avenue being closed off to some is going to be a tough one for some whenever Rangers win this season.
  7. Well done Rangers. A fine result and performance and showed your superiority over Aberdeen. YATP
  8. Not having supporters inside grounds for the foreseeable is going to make things a bit more difficult for the Rangers obsessed moon howlers on here to find something to cry and pretend to be offended about isn't it? I'm sure they'll rise to the challenge and find something mind you, but not having the avenue of whinging about songs or over celebrating goals or making up fantasy tales about missiles being thrown by Rangers fans open to them whenever Rangers win is a tough one isn't it? Still, at least the beaches are open so there might be scope for a tale or two of an unfortunate sandcastle's encounter with a bigoted Rangers lout...
  9. Basically a standard Ibrox performance from Motherwell so far. Big crowd or no crowd atall, we shite ourselves at the sight of a Rangers jersey. Two dreadful goals conceded so far and this will only get worse.
  10. Was a good game that, I remember coming away disappointed at not having won but it could have gone either way I think. That was one of the first times we saw Jim Gannon making double substitutions at half time and I'm sure Craigan was one of the ones hooked that day.
  11. Fair comment, it certainly wouldn't be unlike media to blow things out of proportion.
  12. I seriously doubt that skin colour and descent had anything to do with this. The lockdown has been a godsend for curtain twitching clipes who can't mind their own business and by the sounds of things this was no different.
  13. Impressive as always from your loyal following. Your support showed that they will follow the club whatever the circumstances when you were languishing in the lower leagues and I wouldn't have expected anything different now. Hopefully you'll be rewarded by some silverware next season, so long as it's not at our expense of course. And 40k is at the very least double the number of season tickets that Hibs could ever dream of. Indeed, I reckon that within that 40,000 there will be some Leith based Berz who can probably see Easter Road from their living room windows but still loyally followfollow without giving their local team a second thought.
  14. I certainly wouldn't have appointed him over Robinson that's for sure but I'm glad they did. Good luck to Baraclough though, a decent guy and inspite of how shite he was for us overall he did oversee two of the most significant and massive wins in our recent history so that affords him a pass for me.
  15. I hadn't realised they were combining it with the game at Easter Road which is a bit shite as I really don't want to see them celebrating. Each to their own but it was a price well worth paying and I for one will always be grateful to Rangers for winning that day and for Nacho Novo for scoring their winner, as without that then Celtic would still have won the league at Fir Park inspite of the result.
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