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  1. Check your spam folder Angus. If it's in there, mark it as not spam and I'd imagine any further tickets will go into your inbox. That's where mine went anyway.
  2. I always liked Greg Hood when I was young but cant remember if he was actually any good or where he ended up. Definitely ended up at Thistle for a few seasons but can't remember who took him from us. Lower league English team perhaps? I want to say Shrewsbury.
  3. Ooft. Greg Hood, Luc Sonor. That guy with the curtains?
  4. Lovely that the young guys never got to suffer the routine 4/5/6-0 East End pumpings of the 90's. Us auld yins still find it uncomfortable to go up there as favourites but indeed our recent record is perfectly presentable. It's always an absolutely cracking fixture in a great stadium so bring it right on.
  5. I was of very similar mind re: Moffat and Shankland but that's two away games in a row that it's taken the introduction of Moore to kick start us. I think Moore and Shankland have finally shown signs of clicking and crucially, Moore looks bang up for it. Maybe Moffat is suiting the breaking down of teams at home and the more counter attacky/direct mix of Moore, Shankland and McDaid will reap rewards away. Again, great to have these options. Not just like for like replacements in reserve but plans B and even C.
  6. Wait til you see the second. I was gagging for an agricultural challenge from somebody in the build up. Should've been stopped IMO
  7. Your crooked reign ends this summer, babe.
  8. Wouldn't worry about McDaid being smuggled away by an English championship team quite yet. Scouts were looking at McGuffie at the start of last season and clearly didn't see enough. Both of them need to do a job at a higher level (i.e. the Scottish Championship) for a year before they're even considered. It's great to have young potential in the squad but I think we'll get at least another year out of them all. Including Shankland.
  9. Absolutely. Shankland hat-trick while barely breaking sweat. What a boii. His goals could make the difference this time. Also thought big Jamie is ready made Centre Back material.
  10. I'm just raging he didn't go to my fucking oyster bar a mere hop and a skip away...
  11. No, McCall had a pressing engagement at the Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow's West End.
  12. Looks like Dunfermline are keeping Higginbotham so fingers crossed for McDaid signing....
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