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  1. Celine Dion no well apparently My Heart Won't Go On...
  2. There's still a right bunch of weirdo Jacqui sycophants in our fanbase, now coming out to say the same type of stuff they say when a manager gets sacked "who do we get to replace them now!?" it's literally just happened, settle the f**k down. Some of the comments have given me a right laugh though. People talking about "6 directors walking out with 6 mobile phones and all their contacts" tbh, the further away these c***s and whatever contacts they might have are, the better off we'll be.
  3. Kilts are class tbh and so are weddings usually. Hogmanay / New year can absolutely get fucked though.
  4. The return of the work Christmas night out is upon us, after at least 2 years of socially distanced Christmas nights, which were somehow even more pish than an actual night out. I actually enjoy a work Christmas night out though, I've posted some anecdotal attempts of humour on here around them, I think I just like observing people out of their work habitat and see who makes a total c**t of themselves. Is everyone looking forward to attending theirs? Are any companies still not doing them? Unfortunately I need to travel to Leeds of all places for mine and I cannot stress how much I cannot be fucked driving all the way to fucking Leeds for it. Very close to using the pregnant missus as an excuse to avoid it, although she's still 3 months to go, seems a bit soon.
  5. The making lunch and child appearing is so much like my 2 yr old daughter just now. Can't eat anything in peace, travelling back down from the highlands yesterday I was quietly trying to get the missus to open me a protein bar while I was driving and within seconds the wee yin is "Ah want a bit please" "Ah want some please" repeated over and over, the please gets me as she knows it's more likely to happen if she says that. Literally the quietest rustle of a wrapper gave me away.
  6. The absolute brass neck to accuse fans of damaging the club. If she would just fuckoff and take the PTFC Trust with her, this all goes away. If she actually cares about the club and what fans think, she will resign. Also, to use "It is a group of people in one bit of the ground" is nonsense, I joined the protest on Saturday and had a chat with various people, a fair amount indicated they were JHS season tickets and also mentioned people they'd normally attend with decided not to attend the game instead of protest.
  7. Absolutely, I actually got into a bad pattern of drinking most nights, the weekends became pointlessly drinking rum and watching old movies until like 3am, because everyone was asleep and I just can't switch off. It was just something to do. The weekends flew by, Monday arrives like a darkness, a real low feeling coupled with anxiety. The last three weeks I've barely drank, except the odd beer with a curry at the weekend, low key fairly proud of that. Mondays are less like hell too.
  8. Aimlessly walking is underrated, a good podcast can be a welcome addition too.
  9. Can really relate to this, my life is normally a 100 mile an hour and only really take time off when the missus has been pestering me for ages to do so. In fact it's coming up next week. We visit her parentals up north west often and often I find myself sitting around their house thinking, I should be working or doing something and can't relax. I've ended up going walks a lot or fishing now, I walked about 10 miles one day without even realising and made it to a pub, which was excellent, chatted rubbish with some locals. The missus even came to pick me up when dinner was ready. It's a weird feeling when your brain has time to be alone with it's thoughts, it's mostly when I find anxiety starts to creep in, I start thinking about all the things I might not have done or things that are approaching in the future that I've been otherwise too busy to be concerned about. Anyway, I'd highly recommend a big walk, maybe take a rod with you, doesn't matter if you catch fuckall, then end up in a pub somewhere.
  10. Our second is on the way so I wrote a list on my phone, a lot of it is obvious, but one thing that saved a lot of hassle for night feeds after the boob feeding stopped was buying a prep machine (we got a Tommy Tippee one) saves so much time at god knows what hours you end up getting up at. Mam bottles and a drying rack for them is a good shout. You go through some amount of muslin / cloth type things. Enjoy sleep while you can. Sleep when you can, when they arrive if it's hard going. Sounds a weird thing to say, but try to enjoy it and focus on the positives. Nearly all of the bad stuff will be temporary and dwelling on it does no good, just accept it and move on. This is advice to myself as much as anyone else, after getting next to no sleep, crying baby and not knowing how to stop it. I was set for never having another one. This hits me more realising recently how quick our first is growing up (over 2 now) and that it's time you never get back.
  11. This was my first thought, although part of me thinks to drive change it may require being a season ticket holder. Wholeheartedly agree in stopping of funding, I haven't bought anything from the club since the season ticket. The social media response to the announcement has been pretty negative, so where is this positivity the PTFC Trust claim exists coming from? They claim people can't respond online for fear of a pile on, but I don't buy that for a second that people are afraid to voice their opinion. I think fans who wanted actual fan ownership can to take some comfort in the fact that it doesn't look like this will be forgotten about and swept under the carpet. I certainly won't anyway.
  12. Worryingly I can see an Arbroath and Kelty loss for us and nothing will change. At the moment I don't think I'm really in the "McCall out" side of the fence, but one thing that's been evident season on season is an injury crisis and we also seem to drop off the cliff in form at some point, like tactically we have been found out and McCall can't deal with that. I think last season we didn't have as good a squad, but this season we do or at least we did, so I think more blame lies with McCall now.
  13. Having previously had to google a Scottsdad reference, it was my own PC and inprivate browsing on. Also, not bad. More of a Valentina Nappi fan, but reckon she'd be hella old by that time.
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