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  1. Absolutely this for me as well. I feel like he's terrified of an injury prior to a play off scenario, but I feel like it's a gamble not to field a consistent team at the moment. On the plus side, Clyde have played 4 games in 10 days, with a further 2 games this week. That's a lot for even professional players.
  2. Makes sense with some of posters on here past and present.
  3. Close enough, it is public sector and has reminded me why I usually avoid it. I think the response I got to questioning lunchtime meetings was "ah it's ok just go on mute and eat lunch, it should be limited input required" I can assure you I'll limit my input m9. The most useful meetings I've ever had are the ones that are like "fancy a quick 15 mins to chat this over." I can't believe people will expect c***s to sit through an hour long meeting, no one has the capacity to concentrate that long.
  4. I've never had any issues in pubs on the sub crawl, which I guess is weird as you're going in with a fairly large group of usually a mixed crowd by the time everyone's "other mates" have tagged along. I think certainly pubs and clientele have grown used to the sub crawl now and are slightly more tolerant (don't hate everyone) Is the P&B Sub crawl still a regular thing?
  5. Book in "Focus time" or "[Insert project name] time" It's mental, but my old team had to do this to avoid basically attending meetings all day. I've since stolen it in my current contract as they love a meeting packed day, f**k knows how they get any actual work done, talk about doing work a lot though. I've had to resort to private meeting a lunch hour every day because c***s can't seem to comprehend the basic human need to eat/drink.
  6. Arguably our toughest fixture when the remaining games were released, East Fife are comfortably the best team playing at home in the whole league. Given how pish we've been, we'll be lucky to get a point. Can't believe East Fife are 2/1 at home on B365 against us, well worth a punt at that. Unless Tiffoney starts and McCall stops fucking about with the defence I think this will be grim.
  7. April Fool's day stuff is absolute yer da' patter.
  8. Me and my mates were discussing an incident that happened in secondary school the other night, so thought I'd share this. So it was nearing the end of term in 3rd year, me and some of the lads bored at lunchtime decided lets lob some bog rolls out the toilet windows on the 2nd floor (hilarious I know) a bit of a trend that started for some reason. Anyway before we got to this, the whole thing was interrupted by the discovery of "the biggest jobby in the world" naturally we were all eager to witness this. I can confirm it was massive and still to this day the biggest I've ever seen, it was breached and touching the sides. We were pissing ourselves laughing at the sheer enormity of it. Pretty soon this attracted the attention of an assistant head walking by, despite our strong recommendation to view said jobby he declined and the lads who hadn't went to spread the word sent to his office along the corridor, never really understood the reason for this. Anyway he left, assuming to seek out the poor janitor to deal with this. Me and the lads started texting other mates, by the time he came back there was a rather large and surprisingly orderly queue of pupils formed all the way down the stairs to view this fucking monstrosity! He just looked at the queue and then the three of us barely able to contain our laughter, sighed and tried to start ushering people away. I'm guessing this wasn't why he got in to teaching. By the time we were able to leave the poor janny had just gone in with a plunger and all we heard was "oh Jesus Christ!" Anyway, sadly we never found the culprit, but the good money was on a rather large physics teacher.
  9. She's 100% worn that as sex attire for him at some point.
  10. The "I had to do X to catch up with you" is often the party line. It is laughable to use it, it's entirely up to them what speed they chose to do to catch someone. Not that I'd doubt your story but if that happened word for word that's absolutely shambolic. In my experience 10mph over or even more, most regular police (not traffics) really don't care provided you're not being a c**t about it. Although would probably depend on age and what you were driving as well.
  11. I undertook the police on the M74 while speeding many years ago (unmarked Audi) they'd pulled out and decided to hog the outside lane. Thinking it was your standard Audi w****r, I got impatient, subtly pulled in and eased past, pulled back out again further along and planted it. I glanced back and the Audi had kept a specific 2/3 sec gap after I sped up, I knew then it was the police by now and I genuinely thought I'd fucked it given the speed. Anyway I started changing lanes as I was approaching my junction, they followed my every move, followed me off the slip and stopped right next to me at the traffic lights, I could feel the glare from the driver as he rolled the window down. He enquired as to whether I had any points already, to which I answered no, he then simply informed me not to undertake as you never know who it could be. Judging by age, attire and attitude he was probably a detective or something and didn't give a f**k. Another story if it was traffics.
  12. League position definitely seems to confirm that.
  13. If you bin the sultanas then aye, it's actually quite nice. Chicken and sultanas really do not go.
  14. Something to do with having a small penis is probably the reason. I hate this so much. Particularly on A / B roads interspersed with 30mph zones for small villages. If you get stuck behind a constant 40mph vehicle with a lack of safe overtaking opportunities for them to then continue at 40mph when they hit said small village really irritates me. I think the fact that they probably think they are an incredibly safe driver, for driving under the speed limit almost everywhere except 30 zones really angers me as well.
  15. ASI Global Ethical Equity is a decent established fund, but I don't have any as it's too much overlap with it's holdings and my other funds. Baillie Gifford Responsible Global Equity is one I got into last year, fairly new fund that's been doing fairly well.
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