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  1. Gutted I dropped her from my team this year, absolute rookie mistake.
  2. For the Jacqui Low fans and fans of the current regime. What would you say she has done to improve our club since she became involved? Genuine question. If there are any such fans on here. I can also completely understand not funding the current board if you don't think it's working.
  3. On one hand, I think I've picked the wrong captain. On the other hand, that sort of response to stage 4 glioblastoma is quite incredible.
  4. You've used mental health and depression to get bites? Well fucking done arsehole, I'm sure you feel smashing about that.
  5. Top ten finish, pleased with that. Congrats to you @Bishop Briggs ya spooky b*****d 😂
  6. And pumped the General. Oh wait, no, never mind.
  7. I actually joined (was coerced into) the social committee in a previous work place. More or less my sole purpose was to ensure there was lots of free booze. It was run by a very attractive lass, who was essentially made to do it because she was PA to the department head and her second in command 'the General', a recently separated from her boyfriend, man hating control freak who wanted to call the shots. The rest of the members were essentially just there to be dogsbody's for the General. I remember one of the missions was to visit locations in Edinburgh to host the Christmas party, this was done during office hours which was ideal as my boss being the good corporate employee actually thought this was an important task. Turns out everyone else ditched this task except for me and the General. Great. So off we went on our trip around the city visiting various places and on the way she complained about her ex, and in general "why are men assholes" followed up with enquiring of any single friends I may have. Took me all my will power not to say "I'm sure they'd be dying to meet you". It was fun. I remember thinking to myself, what the actual f*ck am I doing here, this isn't anything I would normally do, but f*ck it we're here now. Turned out to actually be quite class, loads of free food, free booze and all these places were trying very hard to get the business. The downside was I had to actually pretend I gave a f**k about any of this, the General had a big folder and lots of questions and I'm there with fuckall to contribute, I think I might have asked at some point "How tall is the Christmas tree?" in a desperate attempt to add something, I think it was met with odd looks and some laughter. By the time we finished, there was no real point making our way back to the office, after having consumed a fair amount of champagne I was feeling a small buzz and in the mood to get on it. The General suggested a debrief, actual words used, so I suggested the pub and she agreed. By this point the alcohol had softened her attitude and I believe she may also be having some fun, I am after all quite good company. In the pub, she literally meant a debrief, we sat down and she flung open the big folder and was ready to discuss it. f**k me. I got the drinks so I could at least order a chaser as well as pint. I got back and the General was in full flow of themes and colour schemes. f**k. But it gave me the opportunity to stress the importance of free booze and lots of it, which she seemed amenable to. Success and with that done, I somehow managed to convince her that "oh we need to probably discuss with the others" I thought she would be reluctant, but she agreed and the folder disappeared. Briefly it was back to the ex and man hating. I was thinking what in fucks name am I doing again. Then it actually became quite a laugh and the internal gossip flowed. We drank for quite some time, I'm a fairly capable session drinker and by this point I could see she was not. The battle hardened General was now quite coy and then flirtatious. Before I really knew it we were back at my place and the General was very much ready for action. The fucking things I do to ensure people have a decent Christmas night out with loads of booze. The next week was massively awkward and I left the social committee. As expected when Christmas night out came the General had returned and she was incredibly frosty with me. But alcohol flowed and everyone else was having a nice time. Some say I even saved Christmas. I was more or less regarded as a hero.*** ***So we never ended up back at my place, she did seem to suggest it until she found out I was not single and in no way interested. I just wanted to end it the way people thought it was going since you had to read all that. Unsurprisingly the rest is true and I did however leave once the booze situ was confirmed and she was in fact very frosty with me for leaving. Also rumours in the office arose there was something between us, no idea where that came from but it took a fair while to shift. You can tell I am absolutely fully in the Christmas wind down.
  8. Expect it to be fucking shite. Unless you are attending with a small group of patter merchants, then it might be ok. I can't express just how shite it is on a Friday, at home talking to people you largely couldn't give a f**k about on webcam.
  9. A bit like a younger, male, slightly less utter shite Janey Godley. Pish basically.
  10. I always get a fair bit of enjoyment at witnessing two c***s on the road both in the wrong having a go at each other, while you can just sit back and bask in the glory of not being a c**t. There is this roundabout near my house that was recently built, which seems to have an inner smaller circle you clearly can't drive over and an outer circle that is almost like a lowered pavement, then you have the road. It's clear to most drivers that you don't use the outer circle either and I'm fairly certain you shouldn't. Anyway, the other night the Mercedes out in front attempts to make essentially a right turn at the roundabout without indicating and a delivery van cuts across the outer circle to go the same way, they both almost collide. I'd have loved to have heard the argument and counter argument from them as to who was in the right, as when I got to the lights further down the road they were still in same bit likely having a go at each other.
  11. Sena seems to be developing well now, I think that's fair. Positive news about Spittal, I had thought he would be out a lot longer.
  12. Likewise, probably a bit tech heavy at the moment actually and some of it will be getting offloaded when the time is right, hard to tell when that is, it was a bit cyclical for a while but seems more steady following the US election result. Fundsmith equity has been a steady ship for many years now, a lot of that down to Terry Smith and the fees reflect that, superb if you want to chuck a large sum down and have little time for management, definitely better value out there though.
  13. Thanks. If you like them, charge on son, don't let anyone tell you any different. My dear Rugster, I have come close to visiting, but I chose train home rather than a 3rd bloody Uber back from Edinburgh that year alone. His treatment of your good self over the kebab shop recommendations is frankly vile. Its become so awkward I am considering going there myself just so that theres someone to pat you on the head and day well done.... If you could pick me up one as well, thanks.
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