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  1. Solid advice tbh. My missus and the wee one never got out of the hospital until 5 days after the birth, my eternal regret is not sleeping the entire time and also not going to Kebab Mahal. I'm quite similar and had no fear going into this. Except the biggest problem is, it's not on your terms, when she's awake I'm awake and even when she's sleeping, sometimes they cry in their sleep and wake me. Other than that, it's pure class, they have no filter in terms of behaviour and facial expressions which I've found hilarious on a daily basis.
  2. From the Cove thread on Declan Glass... Sounds too good to be true and also what we've been missing for a few seasons now.
  3. Thanks, that will be huge for us, we've missed a creative/attacking midfielder for probably about two seasons now. He was confirmed last night by the club. Looking forward to Cove away next season if we actually get to go to a game! Never been to the stadium before.
  4. Hearing rumours we have Declan Glass incoming on loan for us, I recall a match he played against us he was pretty impressive. What were your opinions on him? Pls good news, I can't take another pish loan signing.
  5. Any day now, I'm going any day now. Did you stay on the Reeperbahn by any chance? When I was on a stag there a group of the lads went on a sightseeing walking tour, during which they saw the aftermath of a suicide and later someone injecting some drugs into someone's penis, in broad daylight, on a busy street. Five star reviews all round basically. There are actually nice bits of Hamburg, we went to the Ratsherrn microbrewery one of the nights and then drank in bars that seemed to be more filled with locals. Was far better than getting ripped off in strippers and the typical lads lads lads pish.
  6. Did you advise them you were heading straight up the woods to crack them open?
  7. I guess like the old adage, money changes people and not having much made her a bit of a bellend. Absolutely a really shitty way to treat a pal though. I think my missus attended something like that before, only it was a skincare thing, started out under the guise of trial products and see the range and later became a sales pitch. The missus worked for one of those "alternative marketing" companies when we lived in Edinburgh selling mostly broadband to vulnerable people. It seemed in a roundabout way like a pyramid scheme, without the up front costs and the promise if you made enough money eventually you'd get to start up your own company, probably punting talk talk broadband or credit cards. I remember going out to meet some of her colleagues and boss one night, they were more or less all overly enthusiastic wankers chatting in what seemed like code or in jokes. The boss was a bitch as well and fairly cunty towards the staff, eventually shortly after the missus left there was a mass walkout. I checked today and the company was dissolved after a compulsory strike off order, can't say I'm surprised.
  8. Didn't expect many people to actually respond to this, thoroughly microwaved shamed here. I normally don't cook anything in it. I can actually cook as well, I make incredibly good lasagne and bolognese dishes, honest. Missus ended up making me it this morning, but tomorrow the hob shall be used.
  9. Trying to eat healthier breakfasts as going by the NHS website my current choices are not. So I tried to make porridge this morning, followed the box instructions exactly and it was runny as f**k, fired more oats in and put it back in the microwave. This time the bowl overflowed with roasting hot slop I managed to burn myself with and coupling that with having to clean the microwave now I was pretty angry about it all, probably increasing my blood pressure. Moral of the story is I should have just eaten the fucking crunchy nut cornflakes.
  10. Herbalife even as a product, let alone the pyramid scheme has been a total scam from day one. Says it all when they now have a lad from Dundee as the CEO 👀
  11. Is it just me or is there a real uptake of idiots getting involved on pyramid schemes and sharing them on Facebook during lockdown? I don't get such invites, but I regularly hear my missus muttering about "fucking pyramid scheme wankers" Would make sense to use Facebook given the hotbed of idiots that would fall for it I guess.
  12. Can Lyons play through the middle? I thought he was mostly on the wing at Montrose.
  13. IAG shares worth a punt today with existing shares being diluted, not really expecting anything from it, but seems too good to pass up the opportunity.
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