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  1. Thanks for that, been checking out lease offers directly on the companies websites, seems like some good offers to be had but some of the monthly prices are wild for what you get. I'll have a search on pistonheads, been years since I ventured on there, trip down memory lane. Only thing I'm worried about is the "reasonable wear and tear" as I've got a two year and can see at least one area of the car getting abused, tempted to get an older workhorse until she's a bit older. Then again, you could do that a few times a year and end up spending more than I would on a lease.
  2. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but does anyone have any good recommendations for a car leasing company to lease through. Cba spending a ton of cash buying a car outright anymore, don't think PCP or HP really represents good value either anymore and think I'm earning enough to lease something decent now. Also, if anyone has done it before, feel free to post up any do's and don'ts. Thank you, thank you.
  3. Glad all is going well, the pregnancy part is wild when it gets to the later stages and you see he/she moving around. Out of interest where was the scan? My daughter was born in that period where lockdown was relaxed before going into lockdown again. So I actually got to go in at the same time and the ultra sound tech was actually really nice, we just sat in awe watching the wee screen, I expected we'd both be emotional but we were just amazed. The second time was shite. I couldn't even go into the hospital with the missus so missed it basically, was really gutted as the first time was so good. This was at the QEUH. A bit surprised to hear the way they are handling it now, feels unnecessary.
  4. Wasn't mid-flight, the lads getting leathered were getting booted off the plane for racially abusing the lads doing the leathering. Could have taken the moral high ground and still ended up in the Dam having a nice time. Silly.
  5. Gallacher was great for us all round, was gutted when he left. What a joy to watch that team when we were playing well. I always liked Stevenson, got quite a hard time from our fans at times, but he was often brilliant. I know sometimes he looked not arsed, but, when he was arsed.
  6. No I don't mean we're bad, we're just not great to watch at the moment. I don't know if I'd agree with McCall that we deserved to win, draw probably wouldn't have been an unfair result.
  7. Really decent effort from Caley fans last night actually, hard to see how that wouldn't lift the players. On the other hand we just didn't seem to give a f**k, which I can't blame anyone, haven't watched us play a game this year where I thought it was actually an enjoyable game to watch. Best of luck against Arbroath anyway.
  8. Largely agree with this. Except Mayo in the very good category for me.
  9. I'd say a lot of it is probably comes down to power with middle management and maybe the type of workplace. I find it weird when people are so against it, office "culture" is awful, I can't stand small talk. I hate office traditions of whip rounds for such n such is pregnant/leaving/married/birthday/dead honestly, couldn't give a f**k. If I never see an office again. Bliss. I've not been in the office for years now, I move around jobs a lot as it's always contracts, not even entertaining the idea of going back into the office.
  10. Means you've come of age to take up Golf tbh. It's great if you like it, it's shit if you don't.
  11. Belter of a signing, did Milne play left mid at all for Cove? If not I hope McCall just sticks to his actual position and Reading can be a backup. We need a bit of a full back clear out anyway.
  12. That's quite the take from Sim, just as dust was perhaps settling he's decided just to fucking boot it up in the air again. Impressive stuff.
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