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  1. McCall saying still another couple to sign potentially. Thi$tl€
  2. In the league, yes. That's quite depressing. It's a stunningly awful defence. For the most part I only think Penrice (maybe O'Ware) should stay.
  3. A wee poll for the thread perhaps? @Alert Mongoose could probably even include 4th spot at this rate. If these new signings prove to be decent would fancy us to be well clear of relegation.
  4. Was just thinking it's starting to look a bit last season all over again. This time around feel more confident having McCall at the helm and with his transfer business though. Nearly time to start up the big relegation thread, if it's not already happened.
  5. Aye mate, was thinking the same thing when he got that consolation goal the other night. What a boy...
  6. That reminds me, I missed one from my last post, on the A82 heading back to Glasgow, c**t overtook a line of traffic heading towards the climbing lane (opposite direction obvs) and crossed the double whites to cut in, in front of me just at the corner. You guessed it, White BMW X6. I caught up further down the road, he was stuck behind another queue of cars... So well worth risking lives for.
  7. This is very fucking annoying. It's not an enjoyable driving experience at all.
  8. Heads gone over the 12 Archibald's song. You love to see it. Truly the season of good will.
  9. Tourists still causing havoc up north this time of year, there was a plethora of c***s this weekend as I drove up north (mostly A82 / A87) the highlights are: The ones meandering around corners at 35mph only to absolutely boot it on the straights up to 65-70mph making overtaking difficult or me look like a c**t for doing it. Special thanks to the ones speeding up during overtakes, love people trying to kill me this time of year. Randomly slowing down and wandering over to the middle of the road trying to photograph/film a gloomy day in Scotland, both driver and passenger. The winner was the one who decided to pull into a layby, only to then abandon that idea at the entrance and then more or less stop on a national speed limit section with cars approaching in both directions at approximately 60mph. Superb.
  10. Yes. Followed by a swift kick in the pie. Seems the appropriate recourse.
  11. Really doesn't inspire confidence, considering what we've already been told about Goodwin. I'd obviously love this to work out well, but I can't help but feel this has disaster written all over it.
  12. Same as last time against Dundee would be quite funny. Absolutely gutted to miss this one. No coincidence with your attendance, honest.
  13. Now that I've tanned a fair few bottles, I can't tell if I've over done it and I'm used to the taste or if it's just not quite as good as the not as old stuff. But, I miss a can of ginger, I'm hopeful they might release the 1901 in a can or... Just bring back the other stuff, now that they have seen people will pay the extra. Cans would be good as the transference to glass kills some of the fizz and it feels a bit much to tan a whole bottle every time you want a drink of Bru.
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