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  1. Ideally all jobs should be available to all and we shouldn't need any policies or equality quotas and select the best people. I don't look at a show and think they've only got the job because of x. I'm only pointing out that the bbc are creating the potential for people to look at what they're doing and become a bit cynical. I realise this is a hot potato and difficult to talk about without being labelled or looking like you have a sinister unconscious bias or similar. If the blm protests hadn't happened then we wouldn't be seeing half of the new pundits or presenters, that's just my opinion. Also if sportscene wants to replace the entire show with whatever then that's fine. I think my point is dont assume certain races or genders need help. This is divisive and wont help long term.
  2. If somehow you could combine williamsons runs and his crosses you would have a world class full back. You've got a point about him getting exposed. He used to cross from the half way line at times because he knew he'd be left with a job to run back. Have experienced this playing myself going forward then getting stick when you didn't somehow teleport back when someone else gives the ball away. The JJ team was a total shambles most of the time.
  3. On early shift at my old work it was only me and some it guy working early so we would sometimes just use the call out feature on the phone that would activate every phone speaker in the building. We stopped when we realised there was a team of cleaners who heard it all. Attention attention beep X is a bellend Beep [emoji38]
  4. It does for the bbc. They implemented the policy. The original point on this thread was why has he suddenly appeared having never been on the show previously. You can add why is the show now full of female pundits at the time of the womens world cup. The bbc are absolutely pushing forward any female or bame presenter on all of their shows on every platform or type of program. Its great but dont try and pretend its not their policy. Pointing this out makes you seem like there's a problem with the people. I'm sure if the panel was all rangers or all celtic all of a sudden then plenty people would start to question why this has happened also. Iwelumo is a great pundit and I've seen him many times on ch5. The new female pundits are a bit all over the place in terms of quality and nowhere near as good as Alex Scott. Ever since blm kicked off theres been a female or a black presenter/pundit on every single motd or football focus show. Why now? Why not years ago?
  5. We are talking about sportscene and motd pundits here.
  6. Affirmative action is part of bbcs policies. You can look it up online. I don't have a problem with it, someone else mention his sudden appearance on this thread and commented on it. You assume that I did so because I think he's just on it as a token guest. I didnt say that. You would think that the amount of female or minority guests or presenters has went through the roof because that's bbcs actual policy. Again no problem with it other than its saying to female/bame people that they need a hand and highlighting their differences rather than opening up long term media education opportunities for them which would be a longer term fix imo. I guess that theres an arguement of having some as mentors or an inspiration. Its not an easy thing to sort and I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm certainly not racist or have any preconditions about people other than I don't like affirmative action as it seems a bit heavy handed and offensive. Long term changes are needed, not short term tokenism.
  7. Zero women presenters or pundits Womens world cup Every show now has women on it Zero black presenters or pundits Blm Every show has black presenters or pundits on it Yep, can't help but think. Like I said no problem with it. It should have happened sooner though but it does very much look like affirmative action and the bbc are the only channel doing it. They actually have this as part of their policy and hunted Hansen and others as a result of it. I'm a mad racist though.
  8. As good as he was you can't help but think this is a deliberate move by the producers to appear more inclusive. Seems an awful coincidence that they've copied the motd rule of must have one woman or minority pundit at all times. Considering the shit quality of white male pundits this is actually a good thing though tbh.
  9. Seen him play against us for Bordeaux. He didn't drop it but we beat them.
  10. I didn’t say they were dross just that most of Scottish football lives off them. From the fake fans who don’t go to games to the media the stranglehold is more than just on the pitch. Reckon is someone invested 50m into Aberdeen over two seasons at the right time they would challenge. To answer the question, more dross. Unfortunately.
  11. How else will people know that sportscene isn’t racist?
  12. Spot on, not to mention the inevitable media attack from all the OF drones. They make a living from bigotry and stirring the pot. step 1 Wow, look at this thing rangers/Celtic did. step 2 popcorn step 3 repeat
  13. Similar to me, had friends but bad ones so just drifted away and started thinking I was better off just working and keeping my head down. Spent over a decade pretty much alone and not sure how to react. Went from denial to hatred of people to sadness and back again several times. Kind of realised now that I need to get myself right and not really care about what happened. Live for me and concentrate on goals. Some friendships are nothing more than circumstance and being at school, drinking together or similar. It was the one meaningful friendship that ended when my pal died that fucked me up more than any other tbh. Good that you got off social media as well, I’ve bumped everything apart from Facebook and only use that sparingly. It just all seems so fake. Not sure what the answer is but trying to focus on achievable goals that make you feel good can be as satisfying or more productive than friends. For me drinking every weekend isn’t something I longer want to do and that goes against accepted normal behaviour. When I think about the period when I had more relationships it was weirdly when I didn’t care. Which is odd. Have you told your future wife about your sex change?
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