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  1. Calling Cards of Morons

    Full cooked breakfast fried is rank. Cant eat that nowadays. Fried egg is ok occasionally but prefer something like scrambled egg on scones with maybe black pudding. Tomato sauce on scrambled egg is ace.
  2. Unpopular opinions.

    What does throbber bring to the table?
  3. Unpopular opinions.

    Never underestimate the pram factor.
  4. Twitter

  5. Paton Forbes and Hutton three talented but frustrating players. Ryan Thomson there now also.
  6. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Apple TV plus seems like someone turning up at a party with booze when everyone else is pissed already. Some good programs but another subscription. Really? I don’t get it. They used to innovate but this looks like a bad move.
  7. Work colleagues

    If you’re a waster aye.
  8. Euro Qualification 2020

    England demonstrating my point about having a good youth setup and a manager who supports and knows them. They look superb, unfortunately.
  9. This time with Alan Partridge

    See you later Alan!
  10. Favourite MILF Thread

    I’m jacksgranda and no windows was my idea.
  11. Best school fight you saw

    Small world, knew him from school. One time he battered some guy from the bottom of the town and somehow got involved with my mates. Next thing we had half of abbey view and pitcorthie after us for a few years. Other memorable incident was after Airdrie fans decided to run into sinkys. Later on he charged at them on his own despite a female police officer chasing him with her truncheon. Type of guy who was sound if you knew him but even then would just punch you ‘for a laugh’. Aye cheers, thanks for that.
  12. Work colleagues

    Looking for a job mate, help me out? To clarify it’s not one hundred grand each. TBH you would like doing that for so long then just go braindead. Best of it is these guys think they are the gatekeepers of the company and adding value. It’s only because the job is designed so badly you need the checks. I was working in a more advanced place in 1996 and that was a penny pinching shithole. We are making a fortune, that’s the problem really it’s hiding all the dysfunction.
  13. Best school fight you saw

    Who was that?
  14. Work colleagues

    Part of my job is putting values into a spreadsheet. Already it’s an old fashioned way of doing things. Then someone else checks the values as their actual job. Like this is their actual job to check values in a spreadsheet. Then the values are checked again by quality department. If someone finds a wrong value they stop their job, interrupt me and then ask the daft question, aye see how that value is 2000 should that be 2.000? Well duuuuuh. Can you not just sort it yourself? Is that really beyond your skillset? Genuinely baffled by this, we are paying out over a hundred grand in wages for this shit. Myself and several others have provided the solution with proven spreadsheets that check and validate but we got turned away. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the madness.