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  1. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    I really don’t see any reason to be offended by someone saying it was a great tribute. What a bitter p***k.
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell makes this film along with the slapstick fighting. Preferred it to the other evil dead films.
  3. 12 team Championship

    Why not give each championship team a pick of two young players each from the top teams? Lowest team from last season gets first pick. That way most players would get more game time. Colt teams just benefit rangers and Celtic. I see Hamilton are going for youth next season, Celtic and Rangers could always do the same. If they are good enough they can play.
  4. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Wtf is your problem baracus.
  5. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Great tribute from Athletico Bilbao for McNeil. Thinking maybe the SFA should do something similar and honour guys who spent a career at one club no matter how small. Get them out before kick off at a cup final?
  6. With our seven players it could be tough.
  7. Until capitalism is stopped the planet can’t be saved anyway. Capitalism is climate change and greed. Problem is we are all conditioned to it so jobs fucked.
  8. Feel a bit sorry for robbo. They didnt deserve the decisions and hes quite right to go mental. Hes a decent guy and arguably the best manager in the championship.
  9. I'm still saving money taking the car and spending up to £6. It was the other poster who assumed that the £6 left over was all for parking. I could stay all day for that and leave when I want. Public transport is at least two thirds overpriced.
  10. That's why they are cutting the budget then.
  11. Rather than sitting on a pish stained wobbly bus for three hours yes. I'd rather lose money.
  12. I hate all dunfermline full backs equally apart from ray sharp because hes nails
  13. Aberdeen can survive because of Stuart Milne, spending £5M a year on wages isn’t sustainable.
  14. I take i you didn’t go to the Partick 5-1 game when he gave away three goals?