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  1. Only smudger has access to this, would be safer trying Fort Knox. Smudger banged oddjob just for lurking about in the car park.
  2. Why did people avoid you? I feel the same, like its incredibly difficult to connect. At school or with others until in became withdrawn it seemed easy but when you're at school everyone pretty much likes and does the same things. I think I need some sort of professional to help with why I cant fix confidence. Is it due to lack of validation or guidance from friends? What was telling was when I did connect with a few old friends and they asked questions as if I was a mental case like did I still have a job. Personally if it was me and an old friend became withdrawn I would have went out of my way to help. I see people come out of jail or are just bad news and they reconnect with people. This is what i dont understand. Sorry if this is a bit ranty. Maybe I need to find validation in myself first? How?
  3. You're definitely not bothering anyone on here. This time of year is tough. Also agree about people who give useless advice.I've had, just speak to someone. Oh aye. Like who? Get out more. You could quite easily invite me out. But no. Most of the time if I'm looking sad or pissed off people just throw more stones or give it a sigh or similar. Most people have their own life and although posting all sorts of banners and memes on facebook about mental illness run a mile when confronted. If anyone wants to chat then I'm more than willing to try to help. Edit, I've had more help and encouragement and understanding on here than from actual people related or supposed to be friends. Would encourage anyone to speak up here.
  4. Its not easy and i dont want to sound condescending or that I have the answers but just looking at the weekend you've ruined sat and sunday and also probably pissed off a friend. As said you need to think about why you're doing this and if that's hard then just look at how much better you would feel without it. Try it once and tell yourself well done. For me it was a decision to remove myself from a toxic situation and that meant being sober so it was on/off. I did keep drinking in the house for a bit but over time I realised it was binge drinking and chose being healthy instead. There must be lots of better information online or local support groups?
  5. I've pretty much given it up but like a beer or couple plus a whisky max if I'm having a meal or a night out. I dont really get out much but have had blowouts on occasion. Used to drink in the house by myself when I had the chance during shift work and that was awful. Got the works do this week and have got a plan where I cant drink more than a couple as someone relies on me the next day for a lift. For me drink and drugs was a mask to hide hanging about with a bunch or toxic friends and denying stuff that happened so have a bad view of it so once I flicked the 'f**k this' switch it was easy to keep off. I despise the drinking culture in the uk and wish it was more socially acceptable to be sober. It take much more mental fortitude and should be admired.
  6. Probably yeah. He was just holding Nisbet on every attack. Add to that the keddie-esque defending for the second.
  7. Forster off his line as much today for celtic. Still think we did enough to deserve the win. On another day grant would have been sent off for holding multiple times. Worst centre half display since muirhead at Falkirk.
  8. LoL rangers are never going to win a trophy
  9. That's absolutely pathetic. I would just ignore the warning or take it to hr. Condolences about your brother.
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