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  1. http://replygif.net/i/333.gif
  2. Epic band names

    Timmy Hendrix
  3. Or have a football team. Thanks guys.
  4. Unpopular opinions.

    99/100 superhero movies are all shit and the only good ones would be good films anyway due to high quality actors and storylines. Its a cash cow for Hollywood and they are milking it.
  5. Epic band names

    Liam Gallagher’s low flying guitars
  6. Falkirk, a great bunch of lads.
  7. 1 goal for 1 appearance for hipo. Not bad.
  8. Good result and agree not sure about formation. Hipolyte standing ovation. How times change.
  9. Work colleagues

    Dear Gem, f**k the police
  10. I thought he had another season left? My bad. I wonder if either club has an option to sign first dibs?
  11. AJ got the best out of him before and I think he can do it again. I honestly haven’t seen many players in Scotland with his touch and ability at times. Dundee are sensible here, if he does well they can either cash in or sign him up. If not well we are paying his wages. It would have been good to have had another couple of weeks training him and Hipolyte together. Moffat deserved lots of credit for his goals when he was partnering him. The though of Higgy, Fais, Hypolite playing together is exciting and we only need one or two of them to click per game and carry the other one. Even small spells of creative play can get you goals as Higgy proved.
  12. Eggs

    Boiled egg Fried egg scotch egg cadburys cream egg Kinder egg
  13. Who Is America?

    Art critic giving him pubes?