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  1. Unless Celtic change Lennon there’s only going to be one winner in the league. They need a new manger and to sort out key positions and player selection is all over the place. Could even afford to lose Morelos in January this time.
  2. The leagues gone and that’s that. The Lennon hoose must stay open.
  3. Yes, the rich fucking over the poor. That’s a new thing.
  4. Was watching the netflix hip hop series and liked the episode that talked about early to mid 90s boom bap stuff. Pretty much all of it was produced on this sampler. Would love a shot of one and using records to build up a beat. Shows you what can be done when you're forced to use limited time and equipment rather than too much nowadays.
  5. Hip hop series is excellent.
  6. Dobbie you've got a wee boaby Alan you've got a wee Johnson
  7. Martin is arguably the best left back in the league. Hope he's back soon.
  8. https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/ Had a colleague that lost everything and he got these and found them handy.
  9. Local council, or whoever, has just agreed to let a burger King, McDonald's, coffee shops and a cheesecake shop open up within weeks. Thats in an area where there's already two McDonald's and a KFC. Obesity epidemic and now there's more and more shops selling shite. Dunno what can be done, just bemused as to why this can be allowed when we are supposed to be encouraging kids to eat healthy meals. Absolutely zero nutritional value to any of this garbage. Unpopular opinion is that maybe shops like this need to be taxed so much that they can't open and get replaced with healthier options. People can't be trusted and will just eat like babies until they're fat as f**k.
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