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  1. How about donating some money your majesty?
  2. Looks like outside exercise might be getting stopped. Few idiots ruining it for everyone.
  3. The east neuk is lovely. Lots of Fife is, like anywhere really.
  4. That’s totally stupid for Calderwood to do that. There’s loads of old folk in elie/earlsferry and the nearest hospital is probably St. Andrews. She’s not daft obviously so it’s totally selfish.
  5. Philpy, go over and get all pulp fiction on them. Say whit again
  6. Seems ok, been thinking about a challenge like that myself. The on the minute thing seems good because it’s easy to count. Shows you what’s achievable, put the volume in but over time.
  7. How are you doing them? Like on the minute do 10? ive seen Goggins do this, like one hour that’s 600. Achievable
  8. Posting a picture is helping so much. Edit: now the lassies are at it. #ChallengeAccepted #24hr Too often women find it easier to criticise each other instead of building each other up. With all the negativity out there, let's do something positive! 🌟 Upload 1 picture of yourself... just you! Then tag as many beautiful women to do the same. We will build ourselves, instead of tearing ourselves apart! 💋💗🤗 Copy and paste!
  9. That's a hard graft. I bought a machine sacrifier because it scunnered me after doing it twice.
  10. https://www.edx.org Give it a go grandad.
  11. Just tried the Edx course for Linux basics to give me an idea on how good they are before starting the others. Have to say it’s excellent. Going to refresh then try c programming and python.
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