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  1. Work colleagues

    Two jobs out of several. It was one person in the last job. This time there’s a mob mentality who have either been in with the bricks and chucked it or newer guys who are somewhat lazy. Most of them milk overtime and take everything going instead of giving it back. Myself and a few others in this role have worked hard and got attacked for it from the start pretty much. Being told to slow down and to con the supervisor. I will not apologise or accept any blame for this what so ever. I probably should have left years ago but the senior management see the job I do and have recently rewarded me for it. Im no superstar or trying to make others look bad but i do find it stressful having to carry others and still get shit for it. I’m not the only one and know that I really should move to somewhere that people are encouraged to work hard. I don’t get the stick it to them attitude and repugnant behaviours. If you want to turn that into being bullied in every workplace because I’m a problem then go ahead. Not that I really give a shit tbh.
  2. whisky lovers

    Got a bottle of arran Sauternes finish and balvenie double wood. Really like both, arran is pretty strong at 50%. Balvenie is so easy to drink.
  3. Dating disasters

    http://www.shockabsorber.co.uk/bounce-o-meter/ level of exercise extreme G deffo bigger than f
  4. Dating disasters

    Can you do a phd in this? Asking for a friend.
  5. He got done against alloa then twice against ict. This is what I'm on about. Basic management of players and learning from mistakes.
  6. He is good on the ball but we leave him exposed.
  7. He's too slow to be a defending player. I don't know what he is? A luxury player who needs ball winners around him. You can see why hearts aren't playing him.
  8. Its just the basic stuff that's annoying. The lack of subs when needing to change it then daft subs at wrong times. Playing a talented attacking player like Martin and expecting him to defend when it's not his game. We've lost three or four goals from that alone. Same as last season, wide open midfield with slow one paced midfielders. He changed it, fixed it then changed it again to shoehorn in signings having no idea if it was going to work or not. Now he's changed it back to what didn't work last season. If we had started with Craigen and swapped Martin once he had tired we would have at least have drawn that game. Falkirk were never in it we tired and sat off them and it was inevitable really. Pretty much exactly the same against QOTS and Alloa.u Im sure most managers in league one would spot these things and change it.
  9. They can't handle my swag
  10. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    Williamson is great when Higgy is covering and Morris is guiding him.
  11. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    Will pay for petrol plus x2 bags of crisps.
  12. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    I’m pewdepie
  13. The Ryan miss is mental. I jumped up and shouted wtf and got a few looks. Thought it maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought until I watched it today. Worse than Moffat.
  14. Dating disasters

    34G boobs isn’t a disaster