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  1. This is going to be the last post or entry I put on here for a long time. Maybe ever. First of all I want to make a genuine apology to Sargeant Wilson. Yes you made a daft joke and yes I completely misread it as malicious or nasty. Im sorry about this and please don’t think about changing your style or wit because of this. It was out of order accusing you and again I’m sorry. Secondly my behaviour on some threads has been reactionary and daft at times. I’ve made some completely out of character statements and arguments that are misplaced. Bascially, not trying to justify anything here, I was bullied at school somewhat. Not in a traditional sense but a group of friends completely turned on me and assaulted me out of the blue. I don’t know how to explain it but since then I’ve had trust issues. I pretty much isolated myself to one or two friends then one died and lost touch with the other. I did well work wise until my last job where I was picked on by one boss. This is when I joined the forum as another form of DAFC name. I jumped ship into another workplace that was completely wrong and toxic but again rather than confront the issue I bagged up all the pain and occasionally lashed out. I feel that most of my posts and threads are in good humour but have to stop going on and on about work and bullies and narcissists or whatever injustice that triggers my feelings about work. Need to step away from this and concentrate on small steps on making my life better and improving myself. Blaming good people for other bad people is a shitty thing and I feel like I’ve lost my identity. I’m honestly not some paranoid nutter but I guess it seems that way. Professional help is needed to help me get over the things I mentioned not constant rage. Thankfully a few people are speaking out now at work and that’s a relief. Not sure if this is better suited to the depression forum so sorry if it’s off topic. I wanted sarge to see it. Hope that this explains things a little and that this doesn’t seem like attention seeking or tear stained. I’m ok and feel much better for saying this. On topic I’m sure that the truth will come out and perhaps make changes in the royal family. One thing I have learned is that you need crystal clear evidence otherwise you won’t be believed. There is no defence for me calling her attention seeking, again it was reactionary and jealous because someone being bullied was believed. No excuse. Have a good weekend and hopefully we will all be back moaning about football some time in the future.
  2. I did, nothing was done. Now I'm being accused of lying. Absolute fucking c***s
  3. That happened. You've added bullying to it but what I said happened did happen. It's there somewhere on this site or at least it was. I can't see why admin don't have a record of this I reported it. How is this so difficult to find? Complete and utter double standards from posters here. Yes I reacted badly to the meghan thing but at least I can look at myself and admit that. There's a constant vibe of harassing posters on here and loving stiring things up then sitting back and enjoying it even further by creating threads like heads gone, worst posters, bringing up painful things for their own enjoyment. You could literally write down the top ten who go round the forum dotting and harassing folk. Imagine being that sad that you live for winding up others.
  4. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I hate to say it but he will probably get a larger following now and some will be radicalised through watching videos of his and others online. I fear that things may get more divided and extreme in years to come. Possibly due to how everything is online and algorithms are just feeding angry people what they want to read or watch. I’m angry, let’s go online and meet more angry people and rant about gammon stuff together. I don’t know what the solution is either, it’s going to end up with two very divided ways of thinking with no common ground or ideas constantly fighting each other. I’m not actually sure both sides can meet online they’re divided into groups. It’s a mess.
  5. All this shit has done has divided people into more and more groups and made them all more angry. Rather than I’m a mad racist I think I was triggered at her claims of bullying and thought what’s she complaining about. People can react in different ways. Who knows perhaps she was bullied, maybe she was the bully. Maybe a bit of both. Until all the facts are there then who can say, certainly the royal family have previous but that doesn’t make them guilty. I need to stop reacting to people who are obviously trying to wind me up. I think it’s a genuine thing, to want to prove yourself when you’ve been the victim of something and people make light of it or you see others getting favourable sympathetic treatment while you were ridiculed or made fun of.
  6. @Sergeant Wilson Well if I posted a picture up and you responded underneath who was it aimed at? Were you just saying that it looked like gallows but in a sarcastic way? That seems different to how I interpreted it. Without finding it I guess it's hard to say, I was surprised by it and it seemed extra full on. I get that there's dark humour but again let me stress the point that this was used as an example of double standards rather than it actually causing me major stress or harm. If admin had contacted you then you could have explained it and solved the problem but as I said it seems like nothing was done. If I do quote something or use something in the future then I will be sure to screengrab beforehand. As you can see that I remembered a garage then found the same pic in my files so it obviously wasn't made up.
  7. No, not at all. Just this and the narcissist thread. I don't think this was in the fitness thread. Starting to think coronavirus. The other thread was deleted by myself. I realise that it's intended as a joke but I uses it to show the extreme double standards online. This was imo an extreme example and after reporting it I received zero feedback. You didn't quote me or mention my name but the post was directly under mine with that picture and my gut reaction was one of shock. I'm not really that offended by things but possibly due to taking about things on the depression thread I've assumed something much darker and devious than what it was. Even so regardless it was in poor taste and an example of the double standards I'm on about. People care but do they really when theres threads like heads gone, constant trolling and victim blaming changing default names to virginton etc. Its not exactly the end of the world but just examples of double standards that we are all guilty of. I have no grudge or grievance with you because of it so I hope you understand why I used it as an example. It would have been better to find it first but I didn't think I would have needed to defend myself so much. Its already been denied that it happened, called all sorts of insults yet I was told to hang myself. Even as a joke that's unacceptable.
  8. I can't sorry just that it was around last summer. I've found the attachment in my files from this site so that should help. I dont know how to tell the date from the attachment. Is this possible?
  9. I had a real search of the post by sarge. Its definitely been removed. I didn't get a reply from admin so there's no way of proving it. He does seem to have a thing about joking around hanging people so I guess it was a distasteful attempt of humour. It's up to admin to explain how this works. I'm not trying to paint the guy as a monster but just that heres another example.
  10. His take is more bizarre than mine. That nobody can have an opinion different to his unless they've been warped by right wing propaganda.
  11. Don't disagree. I've already said they're horrible racists but i still think she's playing it for her benefit rather than actually being genuinely traumatised. It's a controversial take but hey ho don't care.
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