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  1. Tied to a tree for going for a walk. 3 cases and 2 million tested. Every city to build quarantine camps. This is like a horror film
  2. Sow is like an American footballer that's been told to have a go at football
  3. He probably picked the worst two keepers. Maybe he's whooshing us all?
  4. Ah used to play for ayr, some said i was the best link up player in scotland. He he he he he he he
  5. When he gave the example at 10% I thought he was going to say up to 50% or above. It could maybe possibly go up 3%. What's the point in announcing that. Its scare tactics.
  6. Jax Jones Oooh I like macaroni macaroni I like macaroni macaroni Na na eh eh
  7. The £500 for isolating seems like a good idea but will be hard to execute. Maybe better to give the money to a local team who can distribute medical stuff, food and help with bills or talk to employers?
  8. Hope you play your keeper at right back tbh. Cant see the game being on -4C tonight and not rising overnight.
  9. I'm sure you'd excel talking to another country in a foreign language about technical stuff while being paid peanuts right enough. From my experience indians are more proficient with English than most locals.
  10. Still going with 5x5. Three weeks into it now, really enjoying it. When looking up fitness advice I found this guy and with all the differing advice it’s a laugh to watch someone take the piss out of it all. Almost tempted to try honey and creative but not sure if he’s taking the piss or being serious. :lol:
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