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  1. They need some big players tbf
  2. whisky lovers

    Tried a miniature of the 17 year old. Was proper dece.
  3. New Hampden

    It needs renovated and that includes the main stand. There is no money to do it though and it will just deteriorate until it becomes unsafe or we manage to get funding. I know there’s lots of history and I would have been sad to see it go but surely Glasgow doesn’t need three 50k plus stadiums? A forward thinking country like Germany would have got the two clubs to ground share and build a state of the art arena linked to public transport. What we have now is a joke of a ground with a fantastic history.
  4. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Ghost stories Quite enjoyed it, a very British movie and something that should be done more often. I remember watching old anthology films like this when I was younger. A tv series would do well also.
  5. I agree with most of what you are saying but perhaps the support isn’t quite as big as you think? Like last time it was a very vocal minority that were heard above everyone else and their militancy and attacks on moderate in between voters, or anyone arguing an opposing view, just put people off. The scaremongering form some sections of the media was disgraceful also. You can see this happening now with brexit. There needs to be less tubthumping and more reasoned arguments on tv and radio from some of the more talented snp politicians. If the case is there then come out and make it, I think voters have had enough turmoil recently though and nothing will happen for at least a decade.
  6. I think it would be more fruitful pushing for a more devolved parliament with more of the brexit stuff up for grabs. Independence isn’t happening.
  7. I think you're right they were our first signings and early on it did work. Like at Dundee twice. IMO the best balance we had up the flanks was Martin/Aird and Williamson/Higgy. If we can get this back or similar then teams struggle to cope. This new formation is just so different and isolates Ryan. He needs a winger.
  8. I think we have the players just need to find the formation and tactics. Still not sure why he went to 3-5-2 with the defenders available though? We had a winning formation, just replace Clark with Muirhead, Morris with Martin or Devine and Fais or Ryan for McManus. Higgy being out is a blow but with Hipolyte or Connolly we have a replacement. We are making it difficult for ourselves for no reason. Like taking Craigen off corners and set pieces. It reeks of Muirhead is ma wee pal so he does it now. Ryan must be raging sitting on the bench watching a half fit guy mess up again and again. It all comes down to AJ.
  9. Puerile but I found it amusing
  10. Not sure you could fit a tv camera in Morton's stand tbh.
  11. Probably doesn’t get seven foot strikers to take corners though.
  12. Facts you made up

    Apollo 13 failed as Aldrin pulled the handbrake while drunk on moonshine.
  13. Facts you made up

    The combined total IQ of Buckie is 0.5.
  14. Unpopular opinions.

    LoL drink that in a pint glass with coffee mate and ice cubes. no no no you're doing coffee wrong!