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  1. True Detective

    The jumping around in time is a bit confusing.
  2. Thomson, Beadling, Craigen, Higgy, Vincent and Keana or really the only players that haven’t let us down really. Longridge lately has been poor. Central defence is a joke. Midfield centrally is ok but we lack someone who can get balls forward quickly. On the left side of midfield we have four players. None of them have held that place down. L. Longridge probably best of a bad bunch but I’m not actually sure what he is and he’s injured. Muirhead looks either unfit or beyond help. Connolly is a pish version of Cardle. Hippo is getting played out of position and has done ok but again looks hopeless at times, makes daft decisions or has a terrible touch. Higgy on the right is now drifting all over the place which can be effective. If he plays well then so do we. Upfront we look awful. Fais tries really hard but drops deeper and deeper or chases lost causes then fluffs chances with soft shots. Ryan looks out for some time and then you have a kid who couldn’t get a game for Arbroath. Im disappointed that Crawford has played quite safe and really has only tweaked it by moving Vincent further forward. Our squad is totally disjointed and lacking quality in four or five positions despite us signing supposedly better quality players. We have replaced Aird, Clark, Morris and McManus with crap and if we are paying the same wages then that’s utterly bonkers. I think it’s this that has cost us, no manager can fix it. Just stop the rot a little. Hopefully enough to save us going down. We must sign a striker and a winger plus a competent centre half in the window. It’s really that bad imo.
  3. Magnificent names archive

    Tony Dingwall playing for Ross County tickled me somehow. He came on for Raith and I said to my Dad that he came from Ross County. Guy in front looked round and said haha very funny. Sat there thinking I’ve just whooshed two people but they’re thinking what a pish joke. Well he’s actually from Inver...ah forget it.
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    That’s the spirit.
  5. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    Here's a recap from our graham
  6. Ghostbusters 3

    Hope the get bummed by stay puft.
  8. Song titles with dance replaced by w**k.

    Ultravox wanking with tears in my eyes Prince batwank The Jackson 5 wanking machine The kinks don’t forget to w**k Terence Trent derby w**k little sister (Falkirk remix)
  9. Song titles with dance replaced by w**k.

    NWA w**k the police Wu tang clan w**k pit ll cool j w**k the bells Nas if I wanked the world (imagine that) Beastie boys hold it now w**k it edit I’ve wanked this up
  10. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Story of our season unfortunately.