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  1. thanks isabel we were shocked by the 2 early goals from Talbot as they came out the traps flying bsc took a lifetime to settle although at 2-0 Talbot's keeper had 2 great saves We started with the exact same team as last week and i thought we were really good last week what a difference a week makes but I for one have enjoyed the 2 games against a very good Talbot side that hospitality after the match was excellent and the banter during the game was funny as for the attendance i would say at least a thousand and all very well behaved good luck to Talbot in the next round
  2. All I'm saying is ek are a cracking side but to win the title imo they have to start taking points off city
  3. Davy g it's directed at me mate not you but if you say anything against impartials opinions his head explodes
  4. Wonder if ek will ever beat city doesn't look like it
  5. why your keeper punts it to the front men all the time why have a midfield
  6. mvch

    Annan v BSC

    Well here's hoping i know that they have got it in them
  7. mvch

    Annan v BSC

    It was more about the performance rather than the result for bsc and it was a fantastic performance couple of players been unlucky with injuries but both got cracking goals and played the full 90 minutes so hopefully things are looking up for them
  8. mvch

    Annan v BSC

    Bsc actually didn't play that bad against city stupid mistakes didn't help against a very good city side last night was a brilliant wee build up for Saturday and a really good performance from the guys against a good Annan side they have been inconsistent so far this season but scored four cracking goals last night
  9. mvch

    BSC Glasgow

    Bsc didn't make the crowd limit
  10. mvch

    BSC Glasgow

    Isabel want to buy a ticket for the bsc game
  11. mvch

    BSC Glasgow

    Maybe they have been told that they are only allowed that many supporters in the ground the people that you saw in the seated area would have been ball boys i think
  12. Pretty much spot on cic, we had four one on one's with the keeper managed to score one the other three were awful attempts we also hit the bar from a header and the keeper had two great saves from free kicks in the second half gretna came back out but bsc didn't but well done to gretna for taking their chances
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