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  1. Hameron Carper suddenly becoming a good player is the funniest and most unlikely thing to happen to us since Roman Golobart scored that scissor kick OG
  2. The Cammy is the league's premier trequartista. Sadly for Ayr, their season now has the air of a will-o'-the-wisp about it.
  3. f**k this Raith gimp, let's get the tunes on I don't know if you can see the changes that have come over me In these last few days I've been afraid that I might drift away So I've been telling old stories, singing songs That make me think about where I came from And that's the reasons why I seem so far away today Oh and let me tell you that I love you That I think about you all the time The Caley you are calling me and now I'm going home For if I should become a stranger You know that it would make me more than sad The Caley's been everything I've ever had
  4. The Ukrainian government need to send this Dobryk character on a few missions behind enemy lines. Absolutely loves it there
  5. Oh aye, I tuned out after they pumped us tbf. We're fucked then.
  6. Just send out a team of cloggers, clatter someone in the first minute, then have all our players whisper in their counterpart's ear that they too will be crocked for the World Cup if they try anything fancy. Job done for The Caledonia.
  7. Whenever we play in this esteemed competition my mind goes back to our glorious joint victory against/for Raith Rovers. Who could forget a day like that?
  8. Exactly. Must depress him going out for a stroll in Inverness only to be met by a sea of Mountain Warehouse fleeces
  9. Austin Samuels needs an amended contract that gives him control over next seasons kit designs imo
  10. We've got the second best defensive record in the league, thanks (and that's with loads of defensive injuries up to this point). Plus we won't have to be defending set pieces against Dundonian hammer throwers every week.
  11. I may have to reassess our hopes for the season now that Cammy Harper has proven himself to be a baller in the trequartista role (from winning the league to winning the league at a canter).
  12. He needs to be stuck in the pantheon of sporting cheats beside Josh Meekings and Lance Armstrong imo. Seriously though, hope Scot Gardiner gets this framed for his desk.
  13. Please tell us more about the refereeing performance, really enjoying your review so far.
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