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  1. I submitted a support request to close this account two months ago but no-one has responded yet. Any chance?
  2. Riccardo Calder is so fed up of us being unable to win that he's got himself sent to prison so Robbo can justify playing 3-4-3.
  3. The craic with getting in after 3 is that we will already be 3-0 up #jordanwhiteballondor
  4. "We're still unbeaten so we're going into it with confidence". Factually inaccurate, ban him for three games.
  5. Yoda's def got a folder filled with gifs nicked from Hearts forums.
  6. The greatest unbeaten run in Highland football history was very clearly our run to win the Scottish Cup in season 2014/15.
  7. Of course I fully expect to go the season unbeaten. I don't gamble on moral grounds.
  8. County fans all over this thread; quelle surprise. You'll have to point me in the direction of your unbeaten league season lads, I don't remember it.
  9. Given that none of the diddy teams in this league have managed to beat us in the last 20 attempts, I fully expect that we will become the Championship's first ever Invincibles. Is John Robertson the Scottish Arsene Wenger? Not even fussed if we don't get promoted as long as we get a golden trophy.
  10. Can't wait for the open-top bus tour when we get our Silver License.
  11. I don't even think that most of the moderators on CTO are that interested in football. When there's a polemic to be written about the board / our younger fans / the ownership of the club etc. they're all over it, but when it comes to matters on the pitch there's barely a peep from them. I guess some of that comes from them not being dyed-in-the-wool ICT fans: something that for them cannot be innate due to their ages and the relative age of the club. RIG is the honourable exception, he fucking loves football and the Caley.
  12. Let's knock on the head once and for all the idea that County have some sort of amazing squad on paper. A few years ago some of them perhaps might have had a season or two where their teams snuck into the top six of the Premiership, but each of their careers have spiralled downwards ever since: they are a group of players on the decline both physically, and in terms of who they have the potential to be employed by in future. On the other hand, we are a young team with a solid defensive core, captained by a Scottish Cup winner, who are on the up. Some of our fans should be ashamed of the fact they predicted that mob would comfortably beat us.
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