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  1. Actually can't be angry at this as I'm pissing myself at Dodds' last five minutes video game tactics. Congrats to the Saints. The Caley shall see you next season Dundee.
  2. Not too keen on Duffy starting tbh. Guess this means Carson is in the middle unless Dodds is playing a daft formation again. Glad to see the Spirit of The Caley getting another game as the 12th man too
  3. Would be nice if the 'Aints could open up the empty section of the north stand to let our massive travelling support actually attend the game tbh
  4. That guy's gimmick winds me up even more than some of the mooks in the Ross County thread. Genuinely have no idea what people like that get out of supporting a football team
  5. I saw Joel Nouble yesterday strolling around Peckham in a Livi away top with his name and number on the back. What a baller.
  6. Very unsure as to why you'd be concerned about the composition of next season's top flight?
  7. Dundee fans coming into this thread that has nothing to do with them only to end up with Sandy having them all on strings. Sad.
  8. I'm truly sorry - but not surprised - that you just don't understand the spirit of The Caley
  9. Nope, that comeback simply doesn't happen in other stadiums with less passionate and knowledgeable fanbases
  10. When The Caley Stadium is rocking like it was tonight it must easily be one of the top 5 places to watch football in the country. Gutted I wasn't there.
  11. That first half was almost a sackable offence from Dodds. But alas, I am now #ReeceMcaOnTheBeers
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