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  1. ICTFC 18/19

    Can't wait for the open-top bus tour when we get our Silver License.
  2. ICTFC 18/19

    I don't even think that most of the moderators on CTO are that interested in football. When there's a polemic to be written about the board / our younger fans / the ownership of the club etc. they're all over it, but when it comes to matters on the pitch there's barely a peep from them. I guess some of that comes from them not being dyed-in-the-wool ICT fans: something that for them cannot be innate due to their ages and the relative age of the club. RIG is the honourable exception, he fucking loves football and the Caley.
  3. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Let's knock on the head once and for all the idea that County have some sort of amazing squad on paper. A few years ago some of them perhaps might have had a season or two where their teams snuck into the top six of the Premiership, but each of their careers have spiralled downwards ever since: they are a group of players on the decline both physically, and in terms of who they have the potential to be employed by in future. On the other hand, we are a young team with a solid defensive core, captained by a Scottish Cup winner, who are on the up. Some of our fans should be ashamed of the fact they predicted that mob would comfortably beat us.
  4. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    ? "Brittain humiliated by Macron ('s tight training top)"
  5. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Are the authorities finally sealing it off?
  6. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    The only person in charge of a Highland club who is in danger of shitting the bed is Old Man MacGregor.
  7. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Are we allowed to drag this up? Imagine your all-time leading goalscorer being a sexual deviant: htts://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2254812/ross-county-star-michael-gardyne-caught-on-camera-performing-sex-act/
  8. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Ah. I would update the thread title to refer to Nonce County FC, but the Highland derby is much classier than its Glasgow counterpart.
  9. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    What's this all about?
  10. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Child pointing weirdly = Yoda Floating head beside bald guy with red polo shirt = Savage Henry Bald guy with red polo shirt = staggy4life Bare-armed double middle finger bloke = Comrie Guy in glasses bottom left = staggie93 Guy in JPN top = rosscountyfan14
  11. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    Our style, perfected over the last two games, is to score three then let whatever selection of jobbers we're playing show us what they've got.
  12. Dro$$ Bounty v The League Leaders

    County have pretty much beaten the exact same teams as us, with a defeat against Morton thrown in for good measure. Nothing to be feared.
  13. I predict that Iain Vigurs and Ross Draper will collide with each other like two cross-channel ferries and Ross County's entire midfield will explode. 0-3.
  14. ICTFC v PTFC 15/09/18

    The Inverness are strolling it, I hear?