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  1. I see the logic and what you’re trying to say, but if we’re talking about us without El Bakh then you need to consider Pars without Kiltie or Ryan, Thistle without Kakay, Dundee (potentially) without Dorrans etc. I get the point you’re trying to make, and if we don’t replace El Bakh 42 points probably isn’t far off, but we aren’t the only team in who’ve lost key player(s). We’ll definitely bring in one this window, probably 2. We have two loans available so I’d be surprised if at least one of them wasn’t used.
  2. Based on what evidence? I can count three players (Dobbie, Mercer and Brownlie) who played 50% of the matches from this week onwards last season, that still play for us this season. There’s nothing to suggest that with a new squad, under a new manager, we’ll have the same capitulation that put us in the relegation play-offs. We’ve lost 2 players (one hardly played) and have 2 weeks left to bring in bodies. Arbroath have went off the boil, as have Dunfermline, and we have game(s) in hand against every team in the league, while sitting 6 points off third (with a game in hand). If we can bring in 2 quality players (easier said then done) there’s no reason why we can’t get into the top 4.
  3. Our best and most consistent defender is Holt without a shadow of a doubt.
  4. He played less than half a season in League 1 and still got nominated for player of the season. I’d suggest his level is above that.
  5. It never worked. Dobbie and Del played together for much of the 16/17 and 17/18 seasons. Dobs got 26 and 27 goals (although Del wasn’t on the pitch for all of them). Lyle didn’t score for us again after November 2017 in a Scottish Cup replay vs Montrose (if I remember correctly). When Dykes and Dobbie played together (18/19) Dobs got 43. Dykes was on the pitch for every single one of those goals. The idea of two of Queens’ finest forward players in our history playing together is dreamy, but it wasn’t as effective as everyone seems to think it is.
  6. Ideally, AJ can find someone of the level of Brownlie or Kilday then let him move on. Works for both the club and the player. The downside is we’d be strengthening one of our rivals, who will probably be at the right side of the table come May. If Thistle had Brownlie and O’Ware as CB’s I’d fully expect them to be 4th
  7. I’d put Lyon in the “get done and dusted” bracket. Goes about his business quietly and effectively, and can play in various decisions. The balance we have in the midfield three is superb right now.
  8. It did take Dykes and Dobbie 2 seasons before we seen the best of them though. There’s so much potential between Murray, Dobbie and El Bakh as a front three, but you’re right when you say there’s a lack of understanding. Although between Dobs and El Bakh being injured, and Murray being out of the team, they haven’t played together too many times.
  9. His final season? He’s not said it’s his final season anywhere. Tends to decide each December/January whether he’s got it in his legs for another one.
  10. QoS: McCrorie - 8.5/10 A few mistakes in his game, but is probably the main reason for us being 7th and not 9th/10th. Kilday - 7.5/10 Gets bullied by the odd attacker, but a good competent CB at this level. Mid-table Championship probably right for him. Semple - 3/10 Was class at us last season, but his spell at County and the gambling malarkey ruined him. Overweight, slow and a shadow of the player he was Holt - 8.5/10 Took a month to settle in, but seeing the best of him now. A massive player for us. Kidd - 6/10 Extremely average. Had a small run of form, but not the answer if we are to push promotion play-offs. Lyon - 6/10. Has played well recently until going off at home to Partick, taken a while to settle in. Pybus - 7.5/10 A willing runner, and has done okay on the right being played out of position. Looks more of a box-to-box CM for me. Osman - 6/10 There’s a recurring theme with extremely average central midfielders, Osman is in that category. McCarthy - 4/10 Limited game time. Done well vs Ayr, that’s about it. Paton - 5/10 Not really sure why we signed him. Hasn’t been as bad as I expected, but just doesn’t have the legs for this level anymore. El Bakh - 7.5/10 7.5 may sound harsh considering he’s one of our better players, but he can’t finish his dinner. Creative, skilful and pacy, but there’s no point creating chances if you aren’t going to finish them. Oliver - 6/10 Again, another average player at this level. Scored a couple, and has decent hold-up play, but hasn’t linked well with Dobbie. Hamilton 6.5/10 Slightly better than Oliver for me. Had to wait for his chance, but has played ok next to Dobbie. Out injured for a month, but fit again. We’re pretty average this season. If El Bakh could score, and we had at least 1 quality centre-mid, we’d probably be fourth or higher. Sadly we don’t, and we aren’t.
  11. I’ve never been so excited for a football match in my life.
  12. His name is mentioned plenty times, especially in summer, but Iain Wilson. Started 1 league game this season (I think), and is mainly in the reserves. Some physicality in midfield is what we need. Only thing that I would question would be a lack of experience, but still an upgrade on Osman.
  13. It’s a matter of opinions I suppose. I remember Kyle Cameron being at fault for 1 or 2 goals at Palmerston, passing it straight to the opposition. Our worst XI is probably made up 75% from 2011/2012 season. Was trying to mix things up. The RB’s we’ve had this decade are (by memory) Craig Reid, Alan Reid, Shaun Rooney, Scott Mercer and Lewis Kidd. Rooney probably the worst, but he wasn’t THAT bad, hence Cameron. Kidd was good at RB, less so in CM.
  14. GK: David Hutton. Torn between him and Antell, but the fact David Hutton is at fault for losing us a cup final this decade is enough for me RB: Kyle Cameron. More of a CB, but nonetheless still gash. Came on loan from Newcastle at the latter end of the 17-18 season and looked like he’d never kicked a ball before. CB: John Potter. One of many duds Gus MacPherson signed in the 11-12 season. CB: Mark Campbell. See above. Was hoofed out to the juniors after getting relegated with us. LB: Myles Beerman. Joined a few seasons back from Rangers with a big reputation, having already played often for Rangers. Was utter gash and not seen after a few games into his spell. CM: Stephen Simmons. Led by example in 2011-2012 by being useless, something most of team followed. CM: Jake Pickard. One of the few players we signed from north-east England to get a shot in the first XI, and he was crap. Played CB, CM, ST and everywhere inbetween and was shite in them all. CM: Kyle Hutton. Apparently he’s played in the UEFA Champions League. RW: Fraser Aird. Was signed from Dundee Utd on loan last season and had the most assists in the league, a few ahead of Dykes. Coincidentally when he joined we also turned utter pish. Never looked interested. ST: Marc McCusker. Signed off the back of a decent season with Clyde. Only made 7 appearances all season as we got relegated. LW: Leon Knight. Was signed at the start of 2010 having played for 12 clubs in 9 years. Came through Chelsea’s youth academy but scored a total of 0 goals in 6 apps for us. Manager: Gus MacPherson. Got us relegated. End of. Honourable mentions, Callum Antell, Alan Martin, Shaun Rutherford, Callum Semple (second spell only), Shaun Rooney, Steven Black, Mark Millar, Connor McManus, Callum Tapping, Ian McGrath, Alex Harris, Tam Brighton, Ryan Smylie, David Hopkirk.
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