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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumfries-comes-out-top-kindest-12058314.amp
  2. There was about a minute and a half between the goals and Dobbie was about to be hooked before scoring. We beat Ross County 4-0 at home the week after (11/1/19) and then didn’t win a league game for almost 3 months.
  3. Is it that boy that was at Hearts, Sam Nicholson?
  4. I disagree. The squad he had was hardly much good. Martin - Lowland League/League 2 Mehmet - bench warming for Dundee Utd Fordyce - L1 Doyle - L1 Maguire - struggling to make matchday squads for Motherwell Low - Lowland League Harkins - L2 Stirling - L1 Todd - L1 Aird - recently punted by Cove McGrath - one of the lower tiers of American football Bell - juniors Frizzell - L1 Then got likes of Jacobs, Brownlie, Marshall who are playing at the same level as us. Semple, Mercer, Dobbie, Wilson etc are still with us, of course. Only TWO players from last season have went onto playing a better level of football; Dykes and David Normal Jr, who is signed for David Beckham’s Inter Miami side. He had a fairly average/below average squad. He had an unplayable Stephen Dobbie (for most the season), he underachieved (arguably) in that sense. The squad he had was pretty mediocre, in my view.
  5. We’ve already been beaten by Clyde this season, 3-2 too. In 4 games vs lower league opposition we’ve won a total of 1.
  6. Cheapish and decent. Was at Arbroath in August but never had time for scran, just anything to be honest
  7. Kilday and Semple at CB on Saturday please. Didn’t see Ledger on Saturday, but Kilday has been our most consistent CB and Semple absolutely deserves his chance. 2 starts (Ayr and Motherwell reserves) and 2 goals for a CB is impressive. Obviously attacking and defending corners are different, but if he’s that good at attacking them surely he can’t be any worse than who we have defending them?
  8. No idea why I thought he scored in December. Nonetheless, he was still brilliant
  9. I’d bring Murray back in (if fit) for this game. Was our MOTM in August at Gayfield, and scored in December at Palmy. Petra surely has to play, as does Hamilton, and of course Dobbie. Ledger and Kilday at CB, Lyon RB and Wilson and Pybus in the middle.
  10. He’s capable, but would still expect Thomas to have the beating of him. Lyon at RB means Paton in midfield. Despite not being too bad at the weekend, I’d still far rather Lyon in midfield meaning Kidd at RB. None of this will matter if we sign a midfielder or Mercer is indeed fit.
  11. Worrying about the RB situation. If Mercer is out injured, it didn’t look great on Saturday, it’ll be likely Lyon, or possibly Kidd, up against Dom Thomas. If Thomas is on his game, he could grab a few here
  12. Thought the women’s match was pretty decent actually. 12 NXT stars (I think) is too many for me though, should have only been 5/6. Half them would barely get a reaction at Full Sail, never mind a rumble. Was a bit safe with the ending though, would have preferred Shayna to win
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