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  1. Only 23 so still young with plenty of time to improve. He’d be the first out of contract player I’d offer a deal to, the only player (other than Dobbie) who can make something out of nothing. Dobbie didn’t begin scoring regularly and causing teams to take note of him until he was 25/26, Murray still has plenty of time (although i doubt he’ll be as good as Dobbie was/is).
  2. You genuinely believe Gary Oliver was our third best signing?
  3. Robby McCrorie - 9/10 Future Scotland number 1, easily. One of the best shot-stoppers I’ve seen at Queens this century. Only loses a mark due to 1 poor performance against Thistle in December. Kevin Holt - 7/10 Started slowly but came into his game about September/October time before drifting off in 2020, he’s not the only one of course. Played every minute of every game until ICT away, the last game before lockdown incidentally. Lee Kilday - 6/10 Pretty solid, although our defensive record is hardly impressive. Looked good with Brownlie before he left, although seemed a bit lost since. Has made one of two mistakes leading to goals (Annan and Dundee). Dan Pybus - 7/10 Runs tirelessly all game, every game, but seems to be lacking a little bit of quality. This is his first full season playing though so deserves credit. Lewis Kidd - 3/10 Just not very good. Indecisive on the ball and doesn’t bring much fight. Is a solid RB but always gets used in CM at the expense of others who fill in a RB when Mercer’s not fit (Lyon mainly). Jack Hamilton - 6/10 Hasn’t really had a good run in the team, and we he picked up form in September/October he injured himself. Has been ok. Not fussed about seeing him return. Gary Oliver - 6/10 Seems to be less liked than Jack Hamilton despite scoring more than him. Not the right partner for Dobbie but decent enough squad player. Has another year. Andy McCarthy - 1.5/10 A total panic signing at the start of the season. Played well for 45 minutes against Ayr at home, got his chance the next week vs Queens Park and was hooked after half an hour. Out of his depth. Darren Lyon - 6/10 Shown glimpses of quality. Goes about his business well enough, does nothing out of the ordinary although there’s definitely a player in there. Isn’t great at RB, no idea why he’s asked to play there with Kidd filling in at CM. Abdul Osman - 5/10 Injuries have plagued his time but has looked decent. Can be slow and sloppy at times. Only thing he brings that we didn’t have is physicality in midfield. Callum Semple - 5/10 Came back overweight for various issues, although has came back into the team and done okay. A massive fans favourite due to last season, got MOTM at home to Morton after we lost 4-0 (he’s a CB). Faissal El-Balhtaoui - 8.5/10 Brilliant on the ball. Skilful, creative and got fans off their seats, at times. No secret that he (along with McCrorie) leaving were huge factors in our downturn in form. Michael Paton - 2/10 Was nice of AJ to give his old mate a wee one year deal. Dumbarton fans reckon he’s one of their worst ever players in recent times and we signed him off the back of that. Slow and lost his creative spark. (January signings) Ross Stewart - 3/10 There’s maybe a Championship level goalie in there, but he hasn’t shown it at us. Was never going to be as good as McCrorie, fans have been a little harsh on him though. Michael Ledger - 3/10 A very forgetful player. Doesn’t do much really, don’t know if he’s a CB or a RB, hasn’t stood out in either position. Wouldn’t be against seeing more of him next season as he’s still young, but hasn’t played enough to merit a decent rating. David Devine - 2/10 18, on loan from Motherwell and looked woefully out of his depth. Not much else needs said. Deimantus Petrevicius - 2/10 Really really fast. Doesn’t really have a footballing brain. He’d be a cracking sprinter I’d imagine. Iain Wilson - 4/10 Another signing fans were happy to see but hasn’t done a whole lot. Couldn’t find his form at us but after being released by Killie, and still only 20, he’s good enough to remain on full-time football.
  4. Needs to be a 16 team Prem imo for it to work. 14 teams would mean post-split (assuming there is still one) that on the final day of the season 1 team wouldn’t be playing. Could get a scenario where two teams are happy to play out a draw to relegate the team not playing etc etc. All hypotheticals of course but can’t see the SPFL/SFA going for it. 16 team seems most likely imo.
  5. SPFL proposing Championship, L1 and L2 be ended if no restart is possible. No play-offs therefore we stay up, Thistle go down and Raith come up.
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumfries-comes-out-top-kindest-12058314.amp
  7. There was about a minute and a half between the goals and Dobbie was about to be hooked before scoring. We beat Ross County 4-0 at home the week after (11/1/19) and then didn’t win a league game for almost 3 months.
  8. Is it that boy that was at Hearts, Sam Nicholson?
  9. I disagree. The squad he had was hardly much good. Martin - Lowland League/League 2 Mehmet - bench warming for Dundee Utd Fordyce - L1 Doyle - L1 Maguire - struggling to make matchday squads for Motherwell Low - Lowland League Harkins - L2 Stirling - L1 Todd - L1 Aird - recently punted by Cove McGrath - one of the lower tiers of American football Bell - juniors Frizzell - L1 Then got likes of Jacobs, Brownlie, Marshall who are playing at the same level as us. Semple, Mercer, Dobbie, Wilson etc are still with us, of course. Only TWO players from last season have went onto playing a better level of football; Dykes and David Normal Jr, who is signed for David Beckham’s Inter Miami side. He had a fairly average/below average squad. He had an unplayable Stephen Dobbie (for most the season), he underachieved (arguably) in that sense. The squad he had was pretty mediocre, in my view.
  10. We’ve already been beaten by Clyde this season, 3-2 too. In 4 games vs lower league opposition we’ve won a total of 1.
  11. Cheapish and decent. Was at Arbroath in August but never had time for scran, just anything to be honest
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