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  1. 4 minutes and 18 seconds in, my wee boy makes an appearance. He's Killie daft so this is brilliant for him.
  2. I think this will be scrappy. Two solid, counter attacking, teams on a small park. I don't see many goals. 1-0 is my prediction with Aberdeen and Motherwell doing us favours and us going top.
  3. Dissapointing only to beat this sort of team by only 1 goal. The Title might come down to goal difference.
  4. No Naisy to ref the game. Is that big lump fit so Herts can hoof it continually to him in the hope of a fk or second ball? Hopefully Morrison doesn't die again. 1-1.
  5. Rangers are average at best. I'm dissaponted at dropping two points to a team who clearly aren't at our level.
  6. You're an abomination and a stain on society. Your collective, celebrated bigotry and vitriol is disgusting and usurped only by your excuses and whataboutary. I was truly happy when you all stood back and watched your team die and I yearn for the day the new version implodes as a result of it's own hubris. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. I hate this lot with all my soul. Please Killie, kill them again.
  8. Responding to the slightest criticisms to show how much you don't care.
  9. Ask someone from the large family car who travelled, if you can find them, they'll confirm it.
  10. Best bit was booing the Hamilton support when it was announced and watching them explode.
  11. Are people actually answering Forest of Dean? I find his posts are best treated like an eclipse, if you look directly at them you'll only hurt your eyes.
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