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  1. Excluding club 42 who just so happens to be a board member, so not all the way down.
  2. It’s on the back burner for now, I’m against anything that weakens governance.
  3. I doubt the board can step in, they’d have done so in 2012 when Armageddon was gonna happen when sevconia fc got launched
  4. But wot about peter Lawells cash injection ? take it that’s a donation
  5. Keep us in the league & well piy for the covid testing. see we’re nice
  6. Doncaster says they the SPFL had no part in the last round of reconstruction group talks yet now they are putting it to the members
  7. No just that each & every team voted for self interest & Dundee blew their toes off after saying they’d vote self interest.
  8. You’ll have damaging emails from budge saying she’s buying votes? no thought not. Money drives everything in Scottish football. So if we’re to go to a championship in which few want to play court is the way to go.
  9. No us but if that euro money was on the line he’d buy more votes like he did with Dundee
  10. A Celtic fan suggested to me today that a long drawn out court case could affect euro places in Scotland. Like most fan chat I take lightly hasn’t stopped me think why did budge say they were open to it to be looked at again? The pedro Lawell cheque book will be red hot if true!
  11. Started out on the Scottish fitba warrior poet finished on a hibs bitter seethe
  12. It’s being spoken in the light that lower league is possibly being mothballed. still if it happened we’d need to inform torness to increase power for the seethe
  13. Gossip columns saying possibility of one league for next season, the meltdown on here will be glorious if so
  14. Excellent England finally accepted bigots! Oh your talking about us so id like to call on your vast experience...next season when we’re winning every week how do we ignore the vast financial advantage & come across every time like it’s a level playing field & that it’s meaningful.
  15. FS finish 3rd by default once in a blue & the big cahones are out
  16. The words hearts relegated instantly makes your rank season a success but expulsion makes it just rank hth
  17. Conveniently ignores his chairman votes to keep himself in the diddy league. 38 games = relegation 30= expulsion diddy owner diddy fans diddy club
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