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  1. Let’s consider for a moment your team being a point behind & the likely team who was in front the other arse cheek. The real reality would have been the league would not have been called we’d still be restarting the league on 1 / 8 & to f**k with whoever didn’t have players because of contracts etc or The tantrum would have been nuclear, the vhictims would have went straight to cos do not pass arbitration. facts.
  2. I’ll answer would we f**k! they voted knowing legal action was forthcoming since before the vote. sadly I doubt it’s going to come to this!
  3. Will this only happen if we’re in the diddy league? never mind the time for schadenfreude will soon be over & it’ll be time for the P&B cult to head back to their own various shit piles. Be interesting to see if this big love in continues beyond August 1st.
  4. A Bairn telling a jambo “something to hold onto” 🙃
  5. You might want to check your spanner facts as I’ve never mentioned hibs playing anyone in the Championship. we have been demoted by vote in an incomplete season.
  6. Statistical facts, we’ve only been relegated once in the last 7 years.
  7. Anyhoo testing now on for twice a week for the big boys ! 💵 it’s not fair👍
  8. I have it on good authority that both times will be less time in the championship than hibs only occurrence this past decade....😏
  9. I’m relaxed lad, it’s all the wee diddy fans sticking the boot into the mighty HMFC to try & make them feel relevant in Scottish soccer that need to relax!
  10. I’d 🔴 ya but all these wanks would greenie it. we give you our lingo & you b*****dise the f**k out of it!
  11. 🤬 written in this emoji fashion! i was answering sugar army
  12. No need for league reconstruction Dundee U voted against it. They wouldn’t want to look like c***s & ask for it now they’ve been emptied 😂
  13. It’s not like Doncaster watching midget porn on his work PC is going to brought up at arbitration.
  14. No idea if everything was above board why did they try so hard to keep things under wraps ? It’s all down to the chairperson now, would have preferred the cos to have had this in the open.
  15. Unlikely the C3 QC will be rabbiting on to milk the 44k worth of walking funds up.
  16. Same derisory pay off your gadge is shitting himself about aye👍
  17. At least your being realistic and acknowledging only one of us will finish in the top six! Chief executive/ chairman = splitting baw hairs here
  18. Ferk knows wot your on about with bullshit & bridges. I think we’ll walk it! Last I heard you didn’t have 11 players on the books😂
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