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  1. Shame we’ll likely have a few injuries back by the time this gets played
  2. Pathetic performance from hearts if this is the reward of Europe I’d rather not. well done Livi deserved win.
  3. High time Robbie realised we’re not good enough to play this rotation game!
  4. On the manager list I can’t see.. “guy who puts the cones oot” worked last season
  5. If need be we can divert a months FOH doe & buy your club so you can go tractor racing every saturday!
  6. We lost the game but won the thread type post. 🫡 Was that you dancing on the canvas mid game
  7. Keyboard taking a beating here much like your dug shite fitba team
  8. Could somebody teach these tractor driving tory p***ks to tackle!
  9. Well McGregor did say the fans wanted Real Madrid, at least now they know the feeling when Cowdenbeath draw Celtic in the cup
  10. I must say I did notice that in the cup final when sevconia had a midweek game in the lead to it. nervous aye so ye are
  11. Mind that time tranny brenda complained when PSG pumped them 7-1. only to be told you enjoy the same levels domestically!
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