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  1. If only budge & the hearts board had the balls to bar the fat walloper from tynie. playing a blinder PTFC👌
  2. ⬆️ Interesting stats top cat, well have to pummel Raith now as we can’t be seen to lower our standards to a Lennon led h1b5😏
  3. We generally play well against teams willing to attack, teams who stifle us tend to f**k up their attacking side of the game. it’s all a bit meh as I think side 11 will put any of the 3 in the playoffs to bed, sadly.
  4. Wot you talking about! we’re going all st mirren-esque & digging a season long hole by saying we’re defo top 6 material....wot could possibly go wrong 😑
  5. That’s the GMS I though we’d get! Thought the lad Deas had a good game. One more weekend knocking about these back waters 🤨
  6. Our next imaginary target is top 6 in the prem, apparently that’s your dream too😘
  7. That easy you enjoyed all three seasons getting the f**k out!
  8. Might be time for a st liedoon lie doon🤨
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