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  1. I’ve a brick & a couple of chairs from the Archibald Leitch stand! The brick is on my desk & I’ve had zero inspiration to do owt with seats thus far
  2. There will be an influx of sheep on this thread enraged by a 5m loss. Hiya sheep
  3. So to summarise Heart of Midlothian FC live rent free in raider nations heed.
  4. Are we absolutely certain we never invested the poppy money back in the day ? It’s just that hibeenomics will be all over this 🫣
  5. That’s to June 22 just think we’ve euro doe & sold out stadiums to add to next yrs accounts 🫡
  6. Is that like the late winner hibs got at ER against the big team?🫢🫣
  7. No need to watch anything! It’s the fact they didn’t do enough when the JTs was fighting on two fronts.The Sheep are weekly digging hearts threads because they know now we are only fighting on one front it’s game over for third!
  8. They’ve got a few weeks now to practice with their new toy to make better use of it…..not that they will c***s
  9. Raging much second week in a row Beaton wanted us beat….denied
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