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  1. If we’re testing now then surely we are doing the same as the prem teams. squads will be lighter in this league in general I suppose.
  2. 20 clubs lower down got told to stfu your suspended. But the championship is being asked? time for more WhatsApp groups & emails galore. Here we fucking go again
  3. Top o the league strengthening for next season some predicament eh. looks like another W-end of downed tools for your mob!
  4. Alloa Dundee & Dunfermline would disagree, as we would when only recently we took the most expensive team to within a whisker of winning the Scottish cup.
  5. Dumbcaster asking for emailed questions before the SPFL zoom meeting according to Ewan Murray. 400k a year & unable to answer on the hop.
  6. I see fat boy has handed over the reins...he’s looking forward to attending after covid & also someone’s chicken & haggis pie 😂
  7. The problem with L1 & L2 they are largely teams minus a decent amount of fans. This is likely the reason when the SPFL do as they please they go along with it. *do as they please = being served up as a bargaining chip with the SG to take the heat off vhictim fc
  8. Still shitting it from the big team eh! Fortunately the president has been set promote the team in 1st expel the team in bottom. see you next year bitch😘
  9. Romeo usually has his nose right up the hibs farter whoring himself for greenies this fixture. lower league the sacrificial lamb here to take heat away from Celtic. I hope hibs thump these c***s tonight.
  10. I think we have been testing since the return to training back in August.
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