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  1. Synthetix suffers oracle problem hack The above news article shows the problem which Chainlink is trying to solve. Synthetix have already announced they will eventually use Chainlink in the long run, but they have also tried to persevere with an insecure oracle which (as you can see) has cost them big time. As usual ask me any questions about Chainlink. As it happens, Oracle is doing a presentation about Chainlink today so there could be an interesting announcement. As usual, feel free to ask me any questions. I'd love for my football frens to get onboard before the rest of the normies. If you want to buy Chainlink use Binance with my referral link Binance Referral Link
  2. Considering ChainLink just went up 50% in one day since your post can I buy that bridge? I probably can afford a bridge now. The reason it has went up so much is because Google have tweeted they will integrate ChainLink into google cloud...... and from my research, they are unlikely to be the last major announcement. Feel free to ask me more questions about the project (I am very knowledgeable) but you can keep your badly informed opinions in future.
  3. https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/27rd6y3g Also if you use my link above, watch 10 seconds of every video then take the quiz, you get $10 worth of XLM on Coinbase. I'll post the answers below so you don't use up too much time. Answers: Stellar is a decentralized coin that unites currencies Stellar lumens -> Falilitating low cost universal payments Why use for Reminances -> Fast, Secure, and Global Why would banks and businesses use stellar -> To issue and exchange tokens quickly Stellar Consensus -> It relies on the agreement of trusted nodes
  4. Did anyone follow up on my post suggesting Chainlink? It has been the best performing cryptocurrency over the past year. See the attached image that my friend made. I am currently up 300% Mainnet comes out tomorrow, so there could be a dump but this dump wont be for long as real network usage is revealed. As always ask me any questions about chainlink because i love talking about it. If you want to buy Chainlink use Binance with my referral link https://www.binance.com/?ref=20267189
  5. Hey Dave sorry it has taken me this long to reply because I am not on this forum very often any more. If you did cash out your bitcoin when you said you would have made the correct decision because that coins price has went down further since our conversation. Contrary to everyone else in the cryptosphere I am doing pretty well with my all in Chainlink (up 35%) tactic which I mentioned in the summer. (I am really knowledgeable about that specific token I invested in it even when it was rank 120, now it is rank 38 with plenty of space to grow) I am not too interested in the "currency" aspect of crypto, for me it is all about the concept of 'smart contracts' being the future. A concept which Chainlink should make happen. If anyone wants to ask me more questions about Chainlink or Smart Contracts feel free. Even if you don't want to 'invest' it is a very hot topic which nobody outside the tech world really knows about. For a taster, here is our own governments programme for learning about blockchain applications. Ctrl-F "smart contracts" and you will see they held a meeting on the subject on Nov 20 last year.
  6. I would suggest that you don't though because if you look at the charts it is setting up to be a similar year to last. Then you can get out at the next peak. Ethereum is looking like your safest store of money though. Personally I am all in on ChainLink, if anyone asks me why then I am happy to answer questions.
  7. Yeah, I'm holding BTC and XLM, haven't really made or lost too much so far.
  8. How were the fees for getting your money to those exchanges? I have heard the best route for lowest fees is Bank (GBP) > Revolut (Euro)> Coinbase > GDAX > Buy Bitcoin/LTC/ETH with Limit Orders. This Route would cost you minimal fees. This guy has a good demonstration video My girlfriend lives in Ireland so Revolut is very useful for me to have anyway, I highly recommend it. Once you have your crypto you can withdraw to Binance for altcoins. Many altcoins are approaching lows just now so it is a good time to buy if you believe in altcoins. If anyone finds my information helpful you could use my Binance referral program link (below) to sign up. https://www.binance.com/?ref=20267189
  9. What routes to trading do you guys use? Has anyone here withdrawn to FIAT?
  10. In Ryan Gauld's 442 magazine interview a few months ago he said Sporting Lisbon have 3 training sessions per day compared to 1 at Dundee United
  11. Why did Scotland shove MacKinnon after the incident at the corner in the first half?
  12. All you need to do is go on to Newcastle's website
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