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  1. 'Thinks of us as supporters' makes an assumption that he does anything of the sort. Last in a long list of priorities I would suggest.
  2. Well said Stephen Those who question your integrity need to have a good look in the mirror. You have greater staying power than I mate.
  3. If the allegations are true and the trust tried to blow the whistle on those running the club, we need to understand their motivation. I don't think any of them would have been acting vindictively, more likely they have a grave concern about the way the club is being run. Part of the job of the trust is to scrutinise the board and work to ensure it is acting in the best interests of the club and it's fans. It's an unpleasant role. It now seems any scrutiny is met with at best a wall of silence, at worse the removal of people who have put their heart and soul in to the club for years. I come back to the unanswered question about what has happened to the Trust's shares? And the shares of other departed directors?
  4. Dougy's departure should be the final nail in the coffin of the notion that this club has in any way changed since the darkest days of previous regimes. Short sighted and petty on so many levels. Hell mend those in charge.
  5. Didn't know there was such a thing as Airdrieonians Ultras
  6. I'd hazard a guess very little money will go on strengthening the squad. It'll be used to plug losses.
  7. Surprised the trust lasted as long. And surprised by the lack of scrutiny from the fans as to what's going on. The vision of a consortium with wide shoulders and the welfare of the club front and centre has been destroyed from within. I'm not in the know. But what is clear is PH is no team player. He will get his way whatever it costs. The main question now is what happens to the tens of thousands of pounds the trust and others spent buying Wotherspoon's shares.
  8. We all know Stenny have been a bogey team, and there is no doubt this result will be scrutinised from the boardroom down. Too early in the campaign for the manager's job to be at risk, but the investment the directors have put in is likely to mean there will be a lack of patience. The depth of squad is great, but it seems to be compounding the fact that the dugout don't seem to have settled on what the best starting eleven is. Maybe its a case of horses for courses and we field personnel to suit the opponents. But that didn't seem to be the case against either Forfar or Montrose. A scrappy win will buy some breathing space. Anything less and the dugout may be starting to look over their shoulders. I hope Cairns retains his place, Millar is back and Stewart is given a seat on the bench. Also, O'neill may provide some pace and width, sadly lacking of late.
  9. Forfar versus Airdrie

    oops, my mistake
  10. This was the opening fixture of last season coincidentally, and most Airdrie fans expected nothing. In fact we were lucky to be able to put a team on the park. Fast forward twelve months and its a much different picture. Whole new progressive boardroom, strength, depth and experience on the park. A decent pre-season and a cautiously optimistic support. Airdrie expect a play off as a minimum this term, and many are now hoping for a title challenge. I go 1-2 to the diamonds, with a goal each for Duffy and Carrick. P.S. I hope Forfar have cut that stupid hedge. Needed a good prune last time I was up there.
  11. Airdrie v Stranraer

    As poor a game as I care to remember, but a vital three points. Thought we played better against East Fife and lost. Just goes to show. What, I don't know right enough.
  12. East Fife v Airdrie

    Another match spoiled by the conditions. Airdrie should have been 4-1 up but poor finishing and a lack of concentration in defence costs us badly yet again. Was the least effective I've seen Carrick, not helped by consistently over hit crosses. Keystone cops stuff for East Fife's first goal too. Interesting that Luke Watt seems to have disappeared off the radar. The next three games are critical. Nine points and we can breathe easy, any less and we will have to keep looking over our shoulder.
  13. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    What a bleak world you live in