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  1. Watching on FTV they both seemed like reds to me. Excessive force from Donaldson, and a straight high led from the Clyde player. Ref. was applying the laws correctly, but perhaps forgetting that in Scotland folk still tend to think that these challenges are yellows!
  2. Seemed to hit the roof on the net of FCTV. Bizarre that it wasn’t given and that players didn’t seem to complain or appeal
  3. Aye watching on FTV and looked like a pen - might be wrong though, didn't seem to be many complaints. Burrell stretched them really well but the finishing...dearie me.
  4. I get you might not be talking just about sport coverage but c'mon. There was plenty of praise for Porto on the radio - although the tone was a wee bit weird in general from Miller and Gordon (not Chrichton). Sportscene on the other hand was brilliant. The tone was so joyous and jingoistic I thought they might have been pissed. McCann was very passionate and I thought Maloney was actually going to cry with pride at one point. I really enjoyed it.
  5. Absolutely - I thought the McLean bashing was over the top.
  6. Brilliant Colemanballs on Pars TV- “Dunfermline force the unforced error from Falkirk”.
  7. But the protocol doesn't seem to be in place as it was up to individual sports on rugby and cricket in England is on? Anyway I am on a rare and short trip back and missing my only chance to go to the ground and I'm feckin ragin. Made it to Kelty last week but I'd rather forget about that.
  8. Falkirk is salt and sauce, and has more of an East coast accent. Going West, Bonnybridge and Banknock still have a similar accent. It's only when you get to Kilsyth that the accent becomes decidedly West coast.
  9. Parks Nicol Weir Hughes McQueen Vaulks Taylor Crunchie Stainrod Cadette Latapy mostly 90s, and utter class throughout
  10. I agree there should be this option, then you can say "for the price of a (OK expensive) pint", for less than a Netflix subscription etc.
  11. OK I've been out the country for a long time but was kind of shocked to see that word still in use.
  12. Yes me. Tried in different browsers, no joy. Contacted their support - no reply
  13. I appreciate the Falkirk TV service but I wish the commentator would find a different way to say “launches it long”.
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