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  1. Yes, completely agree. He was awful particularly in the second half. And as for the penalties, it was as if he wasn't even trying to save them. I wondered if he had taken a knock which impacted his ability to get down quickly but on reflection I think he was always that bad with penalties. I thought we had decent spells in the first half, particularly in the lead up to the equaliser. But in the second half we were really poor and I didn't think we deserved to go through on the overall balance of play. Mullin is good and I think will become a starter in the league. For the ref's performance, I didn't see the Quitongo incident so can't comment on it but I thought the Baird red was ridiculous and the second yellow for Smith looked harsh.
  2. Interesting re. the costs of running Pixellot. How expensive is it if clubs do use it - you say it is expensive but how many streams would you need to sell to break even with it? I personally found the quality OK (the basics like frame rate and resolution were fine which Ayr really struggled with on their own offering) and it certainly removes the barrier you rightly highlight about finding suitably qualified people to run a more sophisticated service. Clearly extrapolating behaviour from observations during the pandemic has been shown to be difficult - see for example the VCs who pumped cash into food delivery startups ("reimagining salad leaf delivery") and now find that market dying. But I would challenge that we could not put together models for different scenarios particularly given that the last quarter of the season was definitely getting back to normal. I am amazed that despite signing up to every single streaming service in the championship last season I have not had one single request from any of those services asking about my experience with it, how I would consider using it in future etc. As someone who builds digital services for banking for a living this is the most basic thing we do - make changes, observe behaviour and speak to users about their expectations and needs. I would position it as an opportunity to attract a different set of fans particularly away fans. Some people might switch from in-person attendance but you also have the opportunity to attract some people who otherwise would never attend. I agree that research is required to assess how that would play out in the medium term - but in my view it is worth exploring unless the cost profile right now is prohibitive.
  3. Presumably given the experience over the last year clubs have enough data to make an estimate of the financial benefit (or loss)? And that should then be able to drive a decision about whether to continue with it - as you say, nobody is forcing a club to run a streaming service. I found it very valuable for away games, and also any midweek fixtures which I can never attend (home or away) due to work commitments. I probably saw more games live last season than I have done for 20 years. In any case, since the decision was made to install Pixellot the economic case is slightly different since the cost of running that isn't removed by stopping the streaming service. Clubs have generally chosen to run a service in addition to pixellot but to be honest I would be fine with pixellot if it saved the club money overall.
  4. I had never looked at the details of the process for footballers but, inspired by your post, I decided to take a look. The process has changed following Brexit so it isn't exactly the same as the tier 2/tier 5 process in pre-Brexit times. This article is one of the better ones that I found that describes some of the changes in more detail: Engage PR | Player endorsement: A world of opportunity for Scottish football I presume (but would be interesting if we could get it confirmed) the club has actually now ended up in a situation not unlike the one mentioned in the above article for Ramirez whom Aberdeen signed, where he didn't reach the automatic points total and needed to go to an exception panel. The author of the above article calculated Ramirez had 10 points, which is well below the magic 15 needed. I haven't managed to find how the Slovakian league ranks in this process but can't imagine Bangala's team being relegated would have helped his points total either. Edit to add: I eventually found this comprehensive document on the SFA site which I think is current: the-scottish-fa-2020-21-gbe-mens-criteria.pdf (scottishfa.co.uk). The Slovakian league seems to be the lowest banding (6) which means I don't think Bangala will end up with many points at all unless I am missing something very fundamental.
  5. I don't want to get into any of the politics but I did say on this forum that based on my experience (I have hired a large number of skilled workers this year) it takes around 3 months. I am not hiring footballers so maybe there are some differences but I would not expect a big delta on that timeline. Given that Bangala was announced on 11 June I would therefore be penciling in late August to early September. But as I say I have not hired footballers nor do I know anything about his circumstances. I think the club could have managed expectations better but perhaps they naively believed the time lines quoted by the home office. But as I said earlier this is not something the club can control. Also if you are hiring someone on a two year deal I doubt you would change that decision based on a delay of 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. I hate to agree with you but you have a point you go around Killie and you see plenty of folk in killie colours it's rare to see see in Ayr, it may be due to Killie being in the top league for 30 years and wining a cup of two but for decades it seams that a large proportion of the town don't give a care about the football club Smith and Mathie to there credit are trying to change that with the community engagement but that's not going to change overnight. It's hard to argue that our season ticket sales are anything other than poor. Maybe Kilmarnock isn't a great comparison because they have been in the top flight for so long but surely we should be aiming for the same number sold as Raith or Falkirk (who have been garbage for some time now). I don't know what percentage of our season tickets are concessions, but if you assume 70% are full price then another 3000 season tickets would bring in nearly 800k which would get close to doubling our player budget. Even another 1000 would bring in 250k which after deducting VAT is still a solid increase. Whatever you think of the manager, being able to afford better players isn't going to make us worse.
  7. I don't think any reasonable person could disagree that our squad is currently weaker than last season. The variable I don't know is how much wages have changed year on year in football? Are we able to assemble a decent squad with the budget we have? If it is true that we have lost out on several targets is that because we were naive or was it that competition increased wages more rapidly than we expected?
  8. To be fair to Mathie, I think he meant he wanted players who bought into some kind of vision for the club. Not necessarily that they had always dreamed of walking onto Somerset Park but that once they understood the ambition for the club they were excited by it. I am not really convinced that is realistic though unless they are sharing something with prospective players that we fans are not aware of. I find these interviews frustrating because they dance around the key question - how will we compete against clubs with much higher budgets? How does our budget compare with other clubs in the division? We know from the published accounts that teams like partick are spending far more on their squad. But Mathie must know how we are looking compared with the rest of the division. He is right though that unless we sell more tickets we cannot expect the squad budget to rise much.
  9. Yes, I am similar - I attended quite a few away games and streamed the rest. I think I will have paid for almost every game in some way. Economically clubs must benefit - does anyone here know how much Ayr benefited?
  10. Is the SPFL not governed by its members? If so can clubs not propose motions for things like this? I can see advantages in a league-wide service but not if it doesn't actually exist!
  11. To me it is a positive step - a way to optimise what we can achieve with our playing squad (irrespective of the level we may think they are at individually). Look at how some sports have been absolutely revolutionised by used of data, a very obvious example being F1. How many clubs in the championship have this capability already?
  12. That goal against Partick is without a doubt the best I've ever seen in the flesh. I know it looks good on the video but in person it was 10x better with the pace on the ball. Even the Partick fans applauded it.
  13. I was trying to think of a team at our level that had successfully used that formation. Am I right in saying that Tom Hendrie's St Mirren deployed it the year they won the division? I seem to remember they did but it was a while ago now.
  14. I hire quite a lot of people who need visa sponsorship as part of my job and although the circumstances will vary, we are finding the immigration process to be incredibly slow this year - we typically allow 12 weeks for someone to start (and that is paying for the fastest process available). While individual circumstances will clearly impact this, people need to be aware that if Bangala is delayed beyond the start of the season this will absolutely not be the club's fault.
  15. Thanks - so my guess was at least accurate. But if I may ask where did you get the figure? It would be interesting to compare the salary costs in the Championship. I know that Partick has a much higher bill that we do (since they still publish full accounts).
  16. Yes, it makes me think their model doesn't try to factor in the potential for growth in utilisation (i.e. fanbase). I assume they make some broad assumptions based on the capacity of the stadium. It's hard to know for sure what Ayr's wage bill is since the club is small enough that it doesn't have to file full accounts, but I think we can assume somewhere between 800k and 1m per annum. I happen to know that Lincoln City - a mid table League 1 side - has a wage bill of 3.5m and they have home gates of around 10k. We have seen Ayr bring in players from lower league sides recently but to be able to start looking even at League 1 level players we would need to find ways to reduce that delta. Note that the population of Lincoln is only around 100k.
  17. This link is the best one I have seen so far: Most Valuable & Investible Football Clubs | BetVictor
  18. This is quite interesting. I was initially rather surprised that either Arbroath or Ayr would be considered a good investment opportunity because I always thought the relatively low ceiling on gate receipts, fans base etc would be a limiting factor. But reading some of the text, the report authors believe that increases in gate receipts (what they call utilisation) represent a major opportunity. They don't really say why though. What would represent a realistic crowd target for us? Right now 3000 home fans every week would I am sure be considered fantastic by the board. There is an interesting book called The Roar of the Crowd which contains lots of stats about football attendances in Scotland over the years and that does show that Ayr did not historically have lower gates than similar provincial clubs like our county rivals. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think that will change rapidly; we are still suffering from the effects of what Bob Crampsie many years ago described as "Ayr on a shoe string".
  19. Interesting, I had completely forgotten that!! Now that you've jogged my memory I do remember the last day of the season very well with the late goal at Clyde sealing Kilmarnock's fate. For some reason I thought that was the following year.
  20. It may not have meant much for Ayr, but if we interpret the question to mean generally significant goals, I think I would also add Sludden's goal against St Johnstone on the 29th of April 1989, which was the last goal scored in a competitive match at Muirton Park.
  21. Eddie Anand, penalty against Hibs in the League Cup Semi-Final.
  22. I think he has certainly got potential, but I would be surprised if he is in your starting eleven - at least not until he has developed further. He did very well for us last season but I don't think he was our best midfielder. Don't get me wrong though - definitely a good signing for you in my opinion in the context of what I assume is a significant overhaul of your squad.
  23. That would be a real pity. For many of us with work commitments the streaming services (however variable the quality!) give us an opportunity to watch games live that we otherwise wouldn't have. I don't understand why the SPFL would do this - surely this just gives an additional revenue stream for clubs? It's not as if any broadcaster is looking to purchase the rights to show matches live on Saturdays. Unless the SPFL is planning to replace the current arrangements with an alternative provider this just seems to be a retrograde step for both fans and clubs.
  24. I think his versatility was his strength but I agree that generally I think we should be aiming for better. But it would be interesting to know whether we offered him a deal that reflected the fact that he would like not be a regular starter, or whether he was actually someone that Bullen was expecting to keep and to start. That would give us a clearer view of our ambitions for next season.
  25. I don't know about Queen's Park, but the Cove chairman gave an interview on BBC Radio Scotland after they secured promotion saying that the playing side of the club had improved more rapidly than they expected and that they would be remaining hybrid next season while they complete infrastructure projects. So I don't think they will be spending to create a promotion winning team yet. But it sounds like they have a multi-year plan and it may be that when we are also in a position to make that promotion push they will be formidable rivals.
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