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  1. You are right. It turns out that there is now an additional clause about 5 years of education in the country that I have to say I had never heard of until I looked now. You can read about the various agreements and criteria over the years here: FIFA eligibility rules - Wikipedia That covers Sterling, for Barnes in interviews he has apparently said he thinks the English FA didn't actually realise he wasn't born in England (!).
  2. I was trying to think of famous ones but my mind went blank!!
  3. I believe that the home nations apply their own criteria on top which is basically the "granny rule" - i.e. you need to have a relative up to a grandparent who was born in the country. You are right though, many international teams do follow the FIFA rule and do not apply additional ancestry requirements. For example, I believe Steve Mandanda (French goalkeeper) who moved to France from Zaire as a child is an example but there are many others.
  4. I did think at the time that Jemson was one of the most naturally talented players we had signed. It was a pity he could not be bothered once he had a contract. Would love to know what he thought of his time at Ayr - would not be surprised if he thought Dalziel was a clown. Neil Tarrant was another of that era that I thought never came close to fulfilling his potential. I remember he scored a great goal against Partick in the Scottish Cup to seal our place in the semi final I think it was.
  5. Can Bullen not play Bangala at CB (or indeed any other position) in a reserve match to see how he performs there? Why use what could be a very important cup tie - in the sense of future revenue depending on who we get if we beat Pollok - to see how he does?
  6. The only time he scored a decent number of goals in his career was when he played in the National League South in England. At Crawley he got 3 goals and 2 assists in 29 appearances and he has 2 goals and 4 assists in 31 appearances with us. Can't fault his effort or work-rate but he is simply not good enough. I would always start Young ahead of him.
  7. Yes - 14 days after the sixth (not fifth) yellow card. Murdoch only has 5 bookings so need another one to be suspended.
  8. I don't know if I'm underestimating Hamilton but since Mullin offers so much going forward I would only play him at RB if there was really no other option. How likely is Chalmers to be fit?
  9. Unreal. The SPFL match centre (matchcentre.spfl.co.uk) works fine. It's pixellot but the stream quality is otherwise excellent.
  10. That Annan wall was possibly the worst I have ever seen. No idea what they were setting up to protect (and nor did they obviously).
  11. It was so frustrating, everyone in the stadium knew at that point the game was over. I don't mind bringing on JML but Ashford and McKenzie should only ever play if we are utterly desperate. Cove number 7 looked a good player but we should have converted more of our chances.
  12. Very true, but he went on to have a far more successful career than Hurst.
  13. Yes, I saw them being filmed (I wondered if it was a vlogger who goes round the grounds) - it wasn't on a phone but a mirrorless camera with no tripod (!). I thought the person did well to be honest and I enjoyed watching the goals back. I have never spoken to any of the people involved in AUMedia but I think it's fairly evident that there are some big egos in there - certainly far bigger than their technical abilities.
  14. I actually didn't think they were that bad. They created quite a few chances. We looked strong in defence generally, and we took our chances unlike last week. If we play like that against one of the poorer teams in the division we'll run riot.
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