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  1. That would be a real pity. For many of us with work commitments the streaming services (however variable the quality!) give us an opportunity to watch games live that we otherwise wouldn't have. I don't understand why the SPFL would do this - surely this just gives an additional revenue stream for clubs? It's not as if any broadcaster is looking to purchase the rights to show matches live on Saturdays. Unless the SPFL is planning to replace the current arrangements with an alternative provider this just seems to be a retrograde step for both fans and clubs.
  2. I think his versatility was his strength but I agree that generally I think we should be aiming for better. But it would be interesting to know whether we offered him a deal that reflected the fact that he would like not be a regular starter, or whether he was actually someone that Bullen was expecting to keep and to start. That would give us a clearer view of our ambitions for next season.
  3. I don't know about Queen's Park, but the Cove chairman gave an interview on BBC Radio Scotland after they secured promotion saying that the playing side of the club had improved more rapidly than they expected and that they would be remaining hybrid next season while they complete infrastructure projects. So I don't think they will be spending to create a promotion winning team yet. But it sounds like they have a multi-year plan and it may be that when we are also in a position to make that promotion push they will be formidable rivals.
  4. Yes but my most vivid recollection was that complete waste of space Innes Cameron missing from approximately 3 yards out which would have put us 3-0 up, only for Morton to score their first almost immediately afterwards. We were excellent in the first half but that game shattered the confidence of both the players and Mark Kerr and I don't recall us ever recovering the form of those first 45 minutes.
  5. I don't think CF has been the position where his contribution to the team is strongest. For Ashford, maybe he can contribute more in a wider position (I haven't been at the games where he has been played in that position so I don't have a view on that either way) but my point is that I don't think we should be looking at him as a centre forward for next season based on what I have seen and his goals return. I have seen him getting into very good positions but his finishing for whatever reason hasn't been good enough. I think we have seen enough of Tomi to know that he will easily score more than last season in a Bullen team, so the task is to find another CF who can get into double figures and we will be looking up rather than down.
  6. I rate centre forwards on their goal scoring ability. One goal every 500 minutes might be OK for a midfielder (e.g. Maxwell has that stat) but for me I expect a lot better from someone playing in the CF position. That's not to say he can't do a job for the team in another position but for me I just don't see him as a good choice at centre forward. Clearly he'll bang in 20 goals next season for us now!!
  7. I can only hope this is the case too since as I have said before Ashford is abysmal as a centre forward. I am looking forward to seeing who they have lined up to play alongside Tomi.
  8. I was surprised at how many players we have offered new contracts to, but what isn't clear is how many of them are likely to be second choice in their position. We know that Albinson will be obviously, but how many of the rest? If he is planning on bringing in 4 or 5 players who are expected to be starters then that puts quite a different slant on it.
  9. Ahh, thanks. I had not realised it was the UK visa sponsorship licence that was being referred to here. I guess not many clubs in the Championship would expect to bring players in from outside the UK, so although it isn't expensive I agree it must mean we have at least a couple of players we are looking at. Did Hamilton have any track record of bringing in overseas players?
  10. Can someone explain what this licence is and what it means? Apologies if this is a dumb question. Without the licence we could only sign players from certain countries? How many other Championship clubs have this licence?
  11. Yes, there are many options now that are low cost and low hassle for the club - PayPal I think is a very good option but Klarna as someone mentioned is also now pretty popular. With Paypal as a retailer you can have recurring payments set up as you describe, and the customer has the security of knowing they can cancel it themselves. By all means offer a deal for someone willing to pay for the whole season up front, but I think in 2022 any club at our level should be thinking about the revenue stream throughout the year therefore the "cashflow during the summer" is probably less critical than it once was. Even just using the tiny sample set of this thread it is clear there is demand for more flexible payment options and if done right that could be harnessed to increase turnover over the course of the season.
  12. It has always surprised me that football generally sticks to such a simplistic pricing model. It's particularly hard to justify now with an electronic ticketing system where they could have a more dynamic pricing model (e.g. adjust the price of midweek fixtures, have "buy 10 matches get 1 free" deals etc or throw in drinks/food in some packages). Are there any league rules preventing this or are clubs pretty much free to charge whatever they want? Even if direct debit is a hassle to manage from the club's perspective you can do that quite easily now with a Paypal recurring payment (and I think the club should support Paypal anyway). If their ticketing provider doesn't support it they should find a new ticketing partner.
  13. I think in a better team that Maxwell's natural flair could give us an edge. Not necessarily what we needed this season in a lot of games but I would definitely be trying to keep him if we are genuinely ambitious for next season.
  14. Pretty much spot on in my opinion. Regarding Albinson, your point is more of a commercial one but putting that to one side I'd be happy to keep Albinson since I think he is a capable backup keeper. If we can sign both Maxwell and McInroy that would be amazing and would show real intent by Smith. Keeping hold of Adeloye would be essential since he is the only person we have that I think is a good centre forward at our level. Paul Smith impressed last night and although that was just one game, having both him and Hewitt is like signing two new players really for next season. I remember Hewitt was decent before the injury but to be honest it was hard to judge at that point given the general tactics from the clown manager. We have to make sure we have decent enough options on the bench as well as the preferred starting 11 so I think the figure of four that was quoted by Bullen is a bit light. The only thing that I felt was a bit disappointing in Bullen's post-match interview was his reference to a "top half finish" - I hope the ambition is top 4 and is backed by a playing budget to achieve that.
  15. That's fair and a lot of it is due to terrible managerial appointments. At some point even by the law of averages they will appoint a manager who isn't an idiot and who will be able to do well with their budget and facilities.
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