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  1. Don't you just love Hoppy, he the man. You called it 1-3 and he delivers 4-1.,
  2. Have you been listening to Torrential Outpour Blues by the White Stripes or are you going to get the tannoy guy to play Three O'clock Blues? You can never take one of your obsessions too far.
  3. Thought it was obvious that it's what he didn't say that I was commenting on. He usually doesn't miss a chance to abuse Hoppy. Doubtless though his haranguing will resume as soon as the mood of our support bends to that direction.
  4. Enough of this born again "Hoppy Loving" guff. Stop hedging your bets and release your inner loathing. You'll be gutted when he succeeds.
  5. Come on. Due diligence checks are carried out on the target company. Checks on the acquiring party are limited to absence of criminal back ground, money laundering and proof of funds to complete the deal. How are you going to check out the guys true motives? To a non fan owning Falkirk yields no pride of possession so how is he going to turn the deal to profit and get the investors money back?
  6. Buying an Aston Martin or private jet wouldn't introduce him to other businessmen and women in Scotland would it? Owning a football club would get him invites to circles he wouldn't have mingled in before. Come on get real. If he was a Falkirk lad a bid on sentimental grounds would be understandable. To make a bid for Falkirk in its current asset position suggests the guy has no business acumen whatsoever which then begs the question of where on earth he is getting the capital from. Loans need to be secured on assets, are interest bearing and need to be repaid. Just imagine you are landed with a big debt to a Singapore company and charged management and finance fees by a US company, all on league 1 income
  7. Normally businessesmen out to impress but a private jet or an Aston Martin. Buying Falkirk would be the equivalent of buying a hang glider and a push bike.
  8. As a matter of interest who actually owns the land and access on which this wonderful fourth stand/hotel/casino/luxury spa/3 Michelin star restaurant is to be built?
  9. If that's the case you should be asking how the money got there because who controls the money, not some up front stooge, will control you.
  10. Is this written in Focurc the ancient dialect the press were banging on about a few years back? Or did the cat fall asleep on your keyboard? What a whining bunch of sensitive hard done by numpties Falkirk fans continue to be.
  11. Is this post about Lee Kilday or the Billericay bombscare?
  12. Where have all the buyers gone. Long time passing Where have all the flowers gone Long time ago MST binned them every one When will they ever learn When will they ever learn
  13. Loving the debt collection agency pop up ad at the bottom of this thread. Someone clearly picking up on how you are chucking money at has beens and never weres instead of just doing the hard graft. Building up a debt mountain to discourage mysterious new owners are we?
  14. Cite your sources Doc. Even a Poundshop PhD paper would require you to evidence your assertions. Have you bought your "I luv Hoppy", t-shirt yet?
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