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  1. I take it that you couldn’t be bothered reading the “Making a Claim” section.
  2. Business interruption insurance covers loss of profits, not loss of income. If, as seems likely Dundee are making losses, then they are destined to have their claim binned.
  3. It's quite understandable that a sociopath would struggle with the concept of feelings.
  4. Where can we find your learned paper on when the lockdown and the contagion will end Doc. And who is this "we" you keep referring to?
  5. What's an objective fact Doc, and how does it differ from your usual subjective and selective fact?
  6. Is there no end to your tedious drjvel? Time you were designated as furloughed. Whose paying for. your keep? I think we should be told
  7. Summed up yourself nicely there. Thanks for playing for 70 minutes and claiming a victory chump.
  8. That ain't going to happen. The rules refer to a season and are explicit as to when it starts. They akso define when the season ends but give a number of options including "when the Board decide." As long as that decision can be seen to be fair and reasonable it will not be capable of being overturned by the Courts even if there are other reasonable options. It is hardly fair and reasonable to allow the competition to complete with players who would not ordinarily have been in any squad. You are doon.
  9. Does your definition of "no matter how long" include going beyond the end of June, allowing teams to bin out of contract dung and chuck cash at new signing?
  10. Not quite, I just didn’t agree with your hate based analysis which seemed to rely on the single fact Hopkin is prettier than you. it beggars belief that drawing at home to Arbroath when a play off place is up for grabs is worthy of a “job done” comment. Even worse that Hopkin goes on record to say “we gave away an easy goal which is something we are not prone to doing.“. You seem to exist in a parallel universe.
  11. Being slightly less jobbyish than a bunch of jobbys for about the umpteenth season in succession is the sort of “job done” we have been putting up with for virtually all of the last 146 years. Time to call in some craftsmen.
  12. Needs must if you can't get to an Edinburgh Woollen Mill to buy tourist shortbread.
  13. What are going to do with the information when you get it? Make a pi chart?
  14. If you would only follow your own advice the world would be a better place.
  15. Probably because attendance levels trigger sponsorship thresholds and there accounting software is geared to that.Who but a twisted wee duck give a toss what Inverness do though?
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