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  1. I’m sure we will all miss your usual copralaliac critiques on those games you miss.
  2. That’s just you applying your very own brand of fuzzy logic in your augmented reality. Busted flush sounds like a line a Charles Hawtrey, your lookey-likey would come out with . You need to modernise your language Doc.
  3. One would have hoped that by now you could have come up with some fresher and more incisive taunts. Even the Chuckle Brothers freshen up their act from time to time.
  4. Whereas in your case it’s called fuzzy logic in an augmented reality.
  5. Think Rui Pinto might have a document or two to contradict the efficacy of that ban. You seriously saying Cadden was "scouted".
  6. Send a scout up? How very old school. Deals in England are largely predicated on who beneficially owns the players transfer and image rights and what's in it for them and the agent.
  7. With most of that water being in the form of your salty tears given the tone of this drivel.
  8. And quite how is the period of disruption defined in this wonderful insurance policy of yousr and how many months of disruption are you covered for?
  9. On the other hand own goals of the century must he your spunking of mega bucks on McKinnon and Tidser.
  10. Your being rather niaive. When you engage Counsel you don’t ask him for his opinion per se. You ask him to prepare an “opinion” which would provide you with the best chance of winning your case should it come to court. The odds on winning might be only 20%. .Rangers and Falkirk paid for Consel’s opinion. Look where it got them.
  11. Probably not as bothered though as the insurance company which is allegedly covering all your losses whilst you apparently vote not to end the season and dither in your typically delusional self important manner.
  12. I take it that you couldn’t be bothered reading the “Making a Claim” section.
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