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  1. It's outstanding how poor mcguire is given the fee paid and him being made captain With liverpool on Sunday, it's surely just a matter of time for OGS.
  2. Var has its place but for stuff like that which could go either way it shouldn't even be a review.
  3. Bringing in Tiago as his replacement just hasn't come off. Fabinho is easily the best player they have in the middle of the park.
  4. Mcmanaman is dreadful, I'm sure we can all agree but Keown has that condescend tone about him, despite talking exclusively pish. Almost makes Jeanas seem insightful.
  5. Anyone invested in the Perfect Draft machine? With 'black Friday' a few weeks away, wondering if it's worth keeping an eye out for a deal or if it's all a bit gimmicky?
  6. De Bruyne has certainly got away with one there.
  7. Casc is another which might be of interest, just up from the bus & train station. https://www.cascnation.com/bars-shops/aberdeen-bar
  8. Another delightful delivery from the best full back in Scotland.
  9. Lyon look like they could score a few if they were actually trying.
  10. Sochi seems like the ideal time for Perez to 'do a Bottas' at the first corner now.
  11. Some decent efforts on tap in Newcastle.
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