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  1. Was some cünt not trying to say he was better than Foden a couple of weeks ago? 😂
  2. Kaback is murder. Excellent viewing.
  3. James Maddison is filth 🤤
  4. Worth jumping on the BC bandwagon now or has it hit somewhat of a ceiling?
  5. Totally new to any crypto stuff but a pal has mentioned a couple of things so might have a wee dabble. How much are folk genrally putting in to different ones? (Obv nothing more than you are comfortable losing etc)
  6. Harry Mcguire is impressively slow
  7. Iminavest

    FIFA 21

    Drogba is the absolute boy
  8. Iminavest

    FIFA 21

    Anything not nailed down is pretty much gone.
  9. Iminavest

    FIFA 21

    He's absolutely superb! Considering Lahm or Ballack for Pogba but not sure how much of an upgrade it'd be. Or 86 Gullit...
  10. Iminavest

    FIFA 21

    1M in the bank and no idea what to spunk it on
  11. Iminavest

    FIFA 21

    Sure... AA & RTTF Cancelo, both tradeable. Unsure who to keep hold of.
  12. Martial is obviously a talented player but he offers sweet f**k all in terms of influencing a game. See also, M. Rashford
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