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  1. VAR should be timed at 30 seconds or limited to 2/3 views per incident. If a 'clear and obvious' error can't be spotted within that, carry on as you were.
  2. Commiserations. The best stuff they do generally doesn't appear on tap in the bars. Jet black is a decent stout, other than that cross your fingers and hope they have some good guest beers in.
  3. Stuck the washing machine on before leaving for work at 7 this morning so the gf would have plenty time to hang it out before her driving lesson at 10. Come home at half 3 and it's out but for nothing more than an hour by the feel of it.
  4. The buns feeling hard done by despite having 11 men for an hour longer than they should have...
  5. Something of a challenge in a pub with more staff than customers
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