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  1. Verstapen might have it on strategy here if he can make the tyres last
  2. A smooth and spicy delight. Not too heavy for a stout either.
  3. Not explored sours that much but this is a delight!
  4. Thought Perez brought in the bucks and Stroll got a seat because daddy was calling the shots?
  5. Stroll has fucked it, flapping all over the place
  6. This is Verstapen from a few years back, absolutely desperate stuff from the start.
  7. Tidy stuff from Vettel so far. Drying up should make the stops interesting!
  8. ^ Has to be a contender for worst post of the year.
  9. Rain is always an excellent addition. Kimi fucking loving it by the looks of things!
  10. All joking aside, Russell has been steady enough in a stinker of a car. Would be interesting to see how he got on with one of the midfield runners but mistakes like last weekend could mount up to teams not wanting to take a chance on him.
  11. Its amazing how much money United have spent over a few years, to still having nothing even remotely resembling a coherent team.
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