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  1. Good to see Mcguire is still the same comedy footballer. The lack of any positional awareness at this level is genuine hilarious.
  2. The best band to gain traction in the past 5 years, without doubt. For someone in their mid 20's to be singing such a powerful song about men's mental health, they should be given every platform possible to do so.
  3. Much appreciated! I'm up in Aberdeen but will certainly look into it. Wish the likes of Lidl would take on more of these kinds of breweries as regulars.
  4. Last one of these from the Lidl haul, gutted to find out they don't have an online shop
  5. Not picked one up in a while, lovely stuff though!
  6. This 'team who might've won four competitions last year' pish is going to get tedious very quickly.
  7. Imagine complaining exclusively about female pundits in a game where Jermain Jenas & Steve Mcmanaman are involved. Minter
  8. Like folk have said, tasty enough but doesn't quite live up to the billing.
  9. Probably my favourite of the Lidl regulars.
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