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  1. If Pogba can settle into a deeper role beside a holding player, with actual footballers in from of him, he'll boss games no problem.
  2. How have you found wearing a face covering while out for the past 3 months?
  3. Absolutely fantastic display of knicker wetting from Steven W these past few days
  4. Lovely set up from Fernandes but keepers should be stopping both of those goals.
  5. Essentially a nothing game but will be interesting to see if Foden & Garcia get a proper chance when the new season comes round.
  6. Beginning of the end for Robo imo, time for Scotlands real hero to step up
  7. Surely just a matter of time before a big team comes in for De Bruyne, especially with a champions league ban for city.
  8. Surely Sterling is fouling first there, holding the shirt?
  9. Looks a decent player anytime I've seen him. A fairly solid build too.
  10. I think it depends how cuts are taking place. If it's a temporary reduction then a 'bonus' when the money starts coming in again then nothing much changes in relative terms. An experienced player coming in could be the difference between 2nd/3rd, 3rd/4th and the prize money that comes with that. Admittedly not an ideal scenario but somebody like Hayes who is a known commodity to the fans and some of the players would get more leeway than some journey man from down south.
  11. Iminavest

    FIFA 20

    Red Kimmich, looks dece but absolutely no way to fit in the team. Will likely just pop on for the odd game or sbc now and then. 400k in the bank, which will likely be saved until a decent icon can be had. With a new promo of, here's everything that's already been done, 90%+ which are no use anymore, the game is mostly done.
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