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  1. I think a big upset on the cards today at the Darkside I here your letting Jambos in for half price what about the Hibbys that's not fair just saying !!
  2. I have been sitting tonight listening to all the old vinyl and it's made me think about compelling my top ten favourite singles of all time so here we go number 10.Telephone line -ELO 9.Echo Beach -Martha and The Muffins 8.The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies 7.Fix You-Coldplay 6.Romeo & Juliet -Dire Straits 5.Spirit of Radio-Rush 4.Heroes- David Bowie 3.Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin 2.The Logical Song - Supertramp 1.Up The Junction - Squeeze Now get racking your brains and see of you can come up with a better top ten than that. Be interesting to see the diversity of all you good peoples musical tastes .
  3. I have to say it was a great feeling leaving the ground on Saturday.Now I have had time to reflect on the game I think Whitehill Welfare thoroughly deserved the three points after a very shaky start.I'm sure the Edinburgh City supporters will be wanting to pat us on the back for putting a dent in Spartans title aspirations,looks like the Scottish cup is your only hope of real glory this season. No pressure against Berwick then, a defeat and the sun will be well and truly set on your season . Just saying !!
  4. play like that against the wee Rangers and your screwed sorry I couldn't meet you today my lift was late didn't get there till 2.45pm a word from Peter and his merry men EASY PEEZY !!!!
  5. I will have my claret and blue scarf on and my new beanie hat that I got from Santa you on the bell ?
  6. will meet you in the bar before the match then my brother is coming to my house for a new year get together on Saturday night so won't be able to hang about after the game . Cheers !!
  7. do you have draught lager ? I'm partial to a nice pint off Red T will meet you for a pint on Saturday in the bar then ,been several times to the ground but was never informed of the bar facilities and where they were thank you !!
  8. Our best day had to be playing Celtic in the Scottish cup on Sunday 28th January 1996 got beat 3-0 but the score didn't reflect the game which was played at Easter Road we hit the post when it was only 1-0 great memories !!
  9. The thing I hate about going to the darkside to watch football is that they are very unwilling to invite us in for a lager or two before kick off .... Just saying !!
  10. a man asked for directions to the park tonight I was pleased to send him in the right direction Penicuik must be bad if the Vale can beat them ... Just saying
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