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  1. Comfortably in Control? It’s been 1 way traffic and you are trying to blame the ref?
  2. We are streets ahead of this mob, need another goal to kill it.
  3. Chapman must be some player if he can’t get in that team
  4. And quite right, Dundee are where they should be with a squad of championship jobbers. Reality check needed.
  5. Absolutely mate, I’m sure he is signed up until 2023.
  6. Not a chance would he touch the Dundee job
  7. Joe Shaunghessy is 10/10 every week for us, rarely has a bad game for us and is a brilliant captain.
  8. You boys are absolutely rotten, team full of absolute jobbers. Doon and stay doon. Thank you.
  9. He won’t be signing now anyway, time to move on. Stick big Joe up top tomorrow and go direct, he will hold it up all day long for the likes of Kiltie and jones.
  10. Leaked to the press to see what our fans reaction would be. It won’t happen, he is a nonce and fans wouldn’t be back.
  11. Doesn’t loook good for Brophy, could be a couple of months.
  12. It’s been some window from Mcpake, guy has had an absolute howler.
  13. Allan was never going to Dundee, he sat about waiting for McGrath to go as he was desperate to link up with Goodwin but we pulled the plug and changed our minds.
  14. Rudden should do a decent job for you in the championship, not ready for the top league yet. McPake has had some amount of knock backs this window seemingly.
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