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  1. How will your defence handle gallacher and shankland running at them this season?
  2. Aye no bother. French you say? Benzema?
  3. From what I hear Allan has signed a 3 year deal with sevco, transfer coming to 400k.
  4. John mcginn was a free agent, he wasn't contracted to St.mirren, what's your point?
  5. Getting linked with decent players but how often do they sign? Out of the 3 of them I can see us getting langfield and that's about it.
  6. Hibs fans really have covered themselves in glory on social media tonight, embarrassing.
  7. Hearing you guys are signing a player from falkirk as Allan's replacement.
  8. I'm hearing hibs are signing a midfielder from you guys tomorrow to replace Allan.
  9. Agnew is a baller lads, what a left peg.
  10. Agnew is a baller lads, what a left peg.
  11. As much use as a cardboard cut out, thank f**k we have a manger that's realised he's hopeless.
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