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  1. Kiltie boy is up and running predicting another goal for him against Aberdeen on Tuesday as well.
  2. See you lads missed out on Lafferty, it was yourselves and killie that were after him.
  3. Ross has his eye on another gig down south.
  4. You say that yet our last 3 games have been the boys v Septic, away at Ibrox then Utd at Tannadice and we have collected 4 points. I reckon we might well kick on a bit from here It’s no surprise to see the likes of Dundee struggle badly, it can’t be a good atmosphere about the place with the amount of offenders they have on the books. I have a feeling St Johnstone will come good.
  5. Definitely not injured plus we had 2 keepers on the bench lastnight I’m sure so he has to be on the way out mate.
  6. Let’s hope McGrath goes in the next day or 2, far better for everyone involved if he goes now. No Curtis Main last night either so hopefully he is away too and we can get some new signings in. Greg Kiltie was tremendous last night, 2 brilliant assists and a goal that should of stood as well.
  7. You’ve got zero chance of landing Ross, McPake is the man
  8. The Tony Watt song is an absolute minter as well, superb.
  9. That game should of been out of sight at half time, United are atrocious. Tony Watt looks like a fine investment too.
  10. Hi mate, I take it McGrath signed for you as he isn’t in the squad tonight? thank you.
  11. Yeah playing for Aberdeen brings a lot more pressure than playing against the likes of Portugal and Ronaldo Glass will be out the door by February, miles out his depth.
  12. Dundee United……………….away!!!!! You’re not even the biggest team in Dundee ffs
  13. Allan was desperate to join us in the summer after speaking with Goodwin so this will happen as soon as McGrath goes.
  14. You’ve hit the nail on the head I think mate, I think we are paying over the odds wages wise for certain players.
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