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  1. Do st Johnstone have an academy mate? Can’t say I’ve heard much about it.
  2. Good to hear it’s all kibbles fault too. Kibble is another massive positive at our club just now, they put way more into the club other than just finance.
  3. Because Goodwin doesn’t have pull you think he does.
  4. Just listened to it at work, class mate. I think Lasley is going to be a tremendous appointment for the club.
  5. He won’t be signing for Aberdeen, I can assure you of that.
  6. Mind you lads thought you were signing Declan Gallagher and that Jack Ross was a done deal. Superb stuff.
  7. Who exactly is the good player we are swapping? Gallagher will be a good signing.
  8. Robinson loves Kiltie, he will be a key player.
  9. Set to beat a number of English teams and at least 1 other team from here to his signature.
  10. I think most of Robinson’s signings at Motherwell were exactly this type of signing, some work some don’t. I would rather a signing like this than a couple of dumplings like Considine and Drey Wright.
  11. Bit of a coup landing him, a few English clubs were sniffing about him. He’s absolutely rapid.
  12. Where is Tumilty away to? Heard we were interested a while back but it’s went quiet on that front.
  13. Yeah I reckon we will make another 4-5 signings.
  14. Kilmarnock are favourites to land Carey, hope we are 1 of the other Scottish clubs in for him.
  15. Still only 33 and has been playing at a decent level, we only have Tanser down the left hand side and we struggled when he was out the side injured for a number of games, Carey would make sense as he can cover a number of positions.
  16. Top bantz thinking Jack Ross was going to take the Dundee gig. Superb.
  17. Would absolutely take him if fit, really good football player.
  18. We absolutely need to get Kiltie on a new deal, brilliant with the ball at his fit and is always looking to get on the front foot and drive, brilliant player.
  19. Goodwin is having a stormer, been found out already.
  20. Coming from the guy dishing out constant red dots. doon and stay doon, yo-yo outfit.
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