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  1. Would absolutely take him if fit, really good football player.
  2. We absolutely need to get Kiltie on a new deal, brilliant with the ball at his fit and is always looking to get on the front foot and drive, brilliant player.
  3. Goodwin is having a stormer, been found out already.
  4. Coming from the guy dishing out constant red dots. doon and stay doon, yo-yo outfit.
  5. Got to fancy Arbroath or Inverness to to beat the farmers.
  6. He balled siegrist’s mrs then fucked off to Amsterdam. That’s out the book of Kyle Lafferty stunts.
  7. If Gordon Scott was still calling the shots the trigger would of been pulled by now.
  8. The worst hibs team I’ve seen at st mirren park by a long stretch and they beat us, we never even lay a glove on them, it was embarrassing to watch. Absolutely abysmal and we are heading for the championship under Robinson.
  9. Need to trust the process, Robinson will come good. Just look at how Morecambe’s results have went downhill since he left
  10. Pathetic from the manager and players, serial bluffers. Tait and Fraser are pish, Fraser moves like a 70 year old with 2 hip replacements. Young Henderson is a myth too, a fairy that jumps out the way and makes no effort to get the ball even when he is odds on favourite to get it. St Johnstone getting big players back from injury too, we will finish 11th and these bluffers don’t have the fight in them for a play off.
  11. He’s been told to do that interview and what to say after Saturdays nonsense.
  12. We won’t pick up another win under Robinson this season, players performance levels have dropped about 25% since Goodwin left. Telling the players they weren’t wanted when we weren’t even safe was criminal and now he is relying on these players to keep us yet still throws them under the bus during interviews. This is going to end badly.
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