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  1. I spoke to somebody lastnight and I asked would gus have any say In team selection, the reply was “no chance”. He will be watching opposing teams and I believe he will have a lot to do in the scouting side of things.
  2. We’ll see if your still saying that come Saturday night.
  3. We love a Friday signing...
  4. Or playing infront of 500 fans every week?
  5. Rice is getting kept on.
  6. Hope you lumped on when I told you mate
  7. Club are hoping to announce it today but he won’t be presented to the press until next week.
  8. Deal as good as done I believe.
  9. Talks were complete last night mate and club are confident. Our chairman is out playing golf this morning which tells you he is very relaxed about the situation.
  10. you been on the swally tonight mate?