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  1. St Johnstone have to be up there as the most anti football team in the league, absolutely horrific.
  2. terrible game but 2 points dropped, by far the better team on the day. Rooney celebrating a 0-0 draw at the end is absolutely tragic.
  3. Kiltie looked decent lastnight, should of scored that free header at the end but headed it straight at the keeper, if he was playing with confidence that would of hit the back of the net but it will come, the team shape, organisation and team spirit looks as good as I’ve seen it for years to be honest.
  4. We should be winning this, they got promoted with championship jobbers and the team is still full of them. Fully expected County to beat them lastnight as County were decent against us and have some good players, was only a matter of time before they got that win. Hopefully a player or 2 back from injury too. 3-1
  5. Good comeback but we should of won that over the piece, by far the better team. What a signing Brophy is turning out to be.
  6. Charlie Adam would be top bantz, 1 of the 2 thickest c***s in Scottish football. Dundee’s squad just isn’t very good, couple of decent attackers but the rest is mainly championship jobbers.
  7. Tony needs replaced I agree but the new chairman is well out his depth in my opinion as well. Things were never this tinpot when Gordon Scott was the top man.
  8. Things aren’t looking good for Darvel Methadone Mick? Stick the chicken up you’re arse, Gretna part 2.
  9. I actually think it would of been best for all parties had McGrath left and that deal went through late lastnight, McGrath has clearly been keen to leave lately but has been saying all the right things in the press about being happy here etc, he was down in Middlesbrough set to sign then the owner pulled the plug at last minute. His agent has obviously then been straight on the blower to the likes of hibs Aberdeen etc. Scott Allan was very keen by the sounds of it and is a class player, I would of been happy with him plus cash for McGrath and then we would of had extra cash to play with in free agent market for bringing in a bit of pace.
  10. Something has happened, just not been announced yet I don’t think.
  11. Drey Wright is fucking rotten. The club is being run dreadfully at present.
  12. On serous money plus they tried to pull a fly 1 at the last minute, I’m sure folk will work it out.
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