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  1. Its Gilmour that was pushing the rumours even although it was bullshit. Your’e another who was believing it all too, I think you said “it was sending shivers through you “ or something along those lines. Also the halfwit that works in boots that has lapped up all the rumours, I’m embarrassed for him.
  2. Kiltie needs to stay in that team, he made a huge difference last night. Still think Grieve is more effective coming on as an impact sub rather than starting. Ayunga needs a spell on the bench, he came on and put in a half arsed effort, that shot he put out the ground was just laziness. Brophy in the short time he was on worked hard, pressed and closed people down, we need to see him get longer than 10 minutes here and there though.
  3. Did anyone see any confrontation between Robinson and some fans in the main stand?
  4. Dargo was a very clever player, his intelligence off the ball like bringing others into play made up for the lack of goals he scored for us, a brilliant football brain. Brophy isn’t scoring goals and he doesn’t have that football brain either.
  5. Home support on the rise..… a club that has improved massively on and off the park.
  6. Not far off it, the truth lies in the middle, kibble have definitely done a lot more good than bad and they are hardly going to buy a stake in the club for 400k and then want it to go tits up. We are a much more professional outfit now, crowds are up too etc. We will shift 1 or 2 on in January but it’s nowhere near as bad as some people want you to think, been blown way out of proportion. I expect Brophy and another to leave but that will be about it.
  7. All he can do is shit stir as far as I can see so won't be making any knee jerk reactions but I certainly can't see anything positive coming from this move. I wouldn’t be so sure mate, this is just the start of it. We’ve lost some really good people from smisa lately as they knew this was happening.
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