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  1. If only we had Ouzy see , he can do high ! Very high
  2. When Jamie mccunnie gets the job will he bring back Bryan Duell , this would solve the striker problem
  3. Will the chairman’s , real first job be too sack the manager But tbh do we have a chairman it’s very quiet Every manager needs time , but the question is how much time can we afford
  4. Cannot see a victory after getting beat off a team like Dundee that’s just embarrassing stuff
  5. I am sure you’ll get your 3 points easily without getting out of first gear
  6. 3 games and not a win ! Malcolm out
  7. Ross Graham was one of the best chairman the club has had . Unlike a few others , was always approachable As far as AD is concerned the less said the better , should be demoted too a steward , he would fit in perfect ( full of himself , power trip list is endless )
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