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  1. Very true because foxy and Jim are best mates Obviously you don’t use twitter and seen foxys Tweet when Jim was appointed
  2. Hilson is all signed but not putting airdrie off trying !
  3. Not exact but in previous seasons roughly the 250 area
  4. Andy Jackson from Brechin has been offered terms with the loons , but he has also offers from several clubs including Montrose also
  5. You did at the start of the season but declined a £270 full time wage
  6. Yes unless another club comes in with a job offer included or a big wage deal on its own from another club
  7. 10 & 15 caused the forfar defence problem after problem first half and east fife should of easily been 3 or 4 up Second half was a different story and we got the 3 points in the end
  8. He’s not that mad ! Be nearer the £500 than the £300
  9. The same star player that mentioned this earlier in the season , but still starts most weeks
  10. Probably the ginger steward has put him off
  11. Think the low point was the stenny number 2 , getting a game ? Is he normally as bad ? Surely not
  12. Better using the glue for your air fix kit than sniffing it
  13. Alloa a possibility in a play off final , that’ll bring back memory’s ! Think Jim has done well and Ross Graham is a breath of fresh air as chairman . Only problem is that fat fucking ginger steward , obviously bullied at the school
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