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  1. New number 1 who will be back up I take it the club have excepted the bid for Marc
  2. Wasn’t turning up for training at Airdrie why he hardly ever played
  3. Very bad , you will now have too stand with teletubby
  4. Thought Marc was away to be signing for the FUN as back up !
  5. Not the same Smith from Brechin
  6. Is Darvel a local pub ? Would be a decent addition too a pub team
  7. The same director who didn’t want a new board member because they were not from Forfar ! The same director that doesn’t want change Every Forfar supporter knows which director it is
  8. The language and shouts from the disabled area is something else , they picked on the young lads for less
  9. Commercial directors haven’t been seen at station park for a long long time unsure if they have left ! A certain director wanted rid
  10. And we hardly had a shot on target , more to do with you guys not taking your chances
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