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  1. Jim weir set for a return if price is pushed/sacked
  2. Yes but nothing officially announced as far as I can see The deals obviously been done but why the delay from both clubs
  3. Maybe need a press officer more than a new commercial director Unsure why arbroath and Forfar haven’t announced anything official yet
  4. And Forfar Athletic have announced exactly what ? More interested in dance dates on Facebook and website Poor show from club
  5. Is anything actually happened regarding Hilson or Dorris meaning anything confirmed or official from the clubs or players yet
  6. Only wage we would have would be hilsons as club stated in press recently we had no money , Jim spent it all
  7. In what division will this happen Maybe need too scout Wick , Fort William etc for 2 years time
  8. Need big fat ginger wullie from kirrie fighting behind the goals
  9. Maybe he will admit they had no kids too pick on and were board and stopped for a chat so they could annoy you and get a reaction ! It will be bullshit be prepared
  10. But it’s not a volunteer position ? They get paid
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