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  1. It was a big decision to award Darvel a free kick for the equaliser and from where I was standing behind the goal I don't know how the ref can give a handball. That's football I suppose
  2. Glad you thought the ref and his assistants had a good game???? We didn't!!!!!. All the best for the rest of the competition.
  3. Sounds like a wee team can't enjoy their day by enjoying the deserved last minute equaliser??
  4. How Peasy were still in front at Half Time was unbelievable, Glens battered us but big Andy was terrific in goals today. Once the third went in it was game over. Thought Peasy had a terrific team spirit and fought for every inch of territory. Deserved win in the end
  5. Hopefully the camera will have picked it up one way or the other. Our players reaction suggested it didn't. Cumbernauld players didn't even look for the goal. 1st half, the ball is in a mile and the same linesman gives nothing.
  6. The investigation can begin at the source now. Cheers
  7. Great photos, thanks for the response
  8. Thanks for this, no idea how it's ended up in Maryhill right enough
  9. Just had a request from the Maryhill Burgh Halls about the Erskine Hospital Charity Cup which they have in their possession. They are looking for information about it's origin etc. I know it was played for by various junior sides up until the 90's. I know their has been a forum on this a few years ago but any new information would be helpful.
  10. He played a few games then disappeared off the radar, don't really know what happened to him??
  11. What charities are the beneficiaries?
  12. No wonder SR keeps getting elected when that's the best Talbot can do. Whatever happened to sticking up for your player???
  13. Took a job coaching at Patrick Thistle ladies, a full time job
  14. Wouldn't be Kilbirnie fans by any chance
  15. Has your team got to wait nearly 2 months to play their last four fixtures? We're not Man U that have a bottomless pit of money, we have to pay the players up to the last game of the season at least and the only home fixture is a midweek against Hurlford who with the greatest respect donttravel in their numbers. Nobody says Kennie has done a bad job but there has to be a better option than what we've just been given
  16. When's Cambuslang v Petershill rescheduled to?
  17. Torry Gillick to Rangers from Petershill
  18. Well deserved win , congrats from Petershill
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