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  1. Mindless vandals attack junior club.

    Sad but true
  2. Mindless vandals attack junior club.

    DNA from the bottles and the cigarette butts would ID the little tossers.
  3. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

    Well, the reason for cancelling the league games for the 29th was traffic being busy at that time of year and lo and behold we now go to Lesmahagow for an 1830 kick off next week. I wonder if all the motorists will get a text telling them to keep away from the M74 so we have a chance of making the ko time.
  4. West Region KO times

    We still have floodlights so would like to know what the reasoning is, playing at midnight wouldnt have been an issue for us. Shambles already.
  5. West Region KO times

    We've got floodlights, why the postponement??
  6. West Premiership predictions

    Love the 6th place prediction. Happy to stay up this season.
  7. Perthshire vs gartcairn keppoch Park

    Well done to both teams, magnificent gesture
  8. West Region KO times

    Have already sent mine to the bus company and have now rang to change the 1st fixture...........wtf!!!!! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Cumbernauld United 2018-19

    A lottery win I think with the guys from Petershill
  10. Junior football hospitality in Glasgow

    More than welcome at Petershill if we have a home fixture.
  11. Another fixture moan

    Dont vote for the status quo on the Committee, badger your own committee to vote for new blood. Can't believe every person/team who moans about the fixtures actually voted against SR. Grow a pair and get him out. Every year it's the same old same old. He even forgot we had a game left last season
  12. Rossvale juniors fc

    Well done, a rare example of sportsmanship. Hope you win the league now
  13. The Benburb display was a poor one from Petershill, no argument. You've got the wrong guy if you think I said you were the worst team we've played, read the posts??
  14. We did tho, that's a fact and it's not disrespectful. The manger put out a team he believed would win the game and it didnt work out that way. It showed that the strength in depth wasn't great. The Ben's also rested some players as they were in the middle of a great run in the league and maybe had a different priority. When we have our strongest team out we are winning games and the league doesn't lie that we've won the league with games to spare
  15. Old Petershill pic