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  1. £500 start up fee, 50% returned after year 1, 25% after year 2 and the other 25% after year 3. It was brought up by the top table at the Thursday night meeting
  2. We were told at the Thursday night meeting that there would be no cherry picking, maybe the Arthurlie delegate just had a typo with a word missing
  3. And you know that all clubs are moving, how?
  4. Didn't think so, where are these guys getting their information from?? It seems like dedicated mis-information ploy
  5. My understanding from our meeting on Monday is that we were not voting on anything until we heard what Thursday's meeting had to say. So not sure where 60 voted for whatever was said??
  6. Heard that myself recently, but with a caveat of its not been written down yet????
  7. Any more news on our fixtures, last game advertised for 18 April but plenty of games still to be rescheduled and fixtures out to May on the SJFA West website? You had a Wednesday night for our game against Renfrew which ended up being postponed due to frost, but so far no evening fixtures arranged, surely that's a no brainer?
  8. Any news on the Championship fixtures?
  9. Having had 2 games in a row called off and our fixture at Dalry postponed for the West of Scotland Cup in March I wonder when these fixtures will be slotted into the calendar? Any news when this likely to happen?
  10. It was a big decision to award Darvel a free kick for the equaliser and from where I was standing behind the goal I don't know how the ref can give a handball. That's football I suppose
  11. Glad you thought the ref and his assistants had a good game???? We didn't!!!!!. All the best for the rest of the competition.
  12. Sounds like a wee team can't enjoy their day by enjoying the deserved last minute equaliser??
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