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  1. When I used to sit in the old stand, I would see a Union Flag most weeks and had it in my head it was Manchester SC. Fake news indeed. Anyway, the original point was we do have various supporters clubs from over the UK (and afar) who shouldn't necessarily be lumped in with the ne'er-do-wells with other agendas.
  2. In this era of fake news and censorship and in the interest of balance and transparency, its only fair to show the rest of the clip.
  3. https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/house-garden/kitchen-accessories/15-best-kitchen-knife-sets-cooking-indybest-9664649.html Could be a nice christmas present for someone?
  4. Aim Here defending the indefensible and bypassing the swear filter. Disgusting.
  5. The most harrowing thing to come out of this whole sorry episode is the Bohemian - Green Day shitposting double act. Even Baw Watcher gave up ages ago.
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