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  1. I'm a Cumbernauld based fan who left to go back to watch Celtic due to the constant wish of the club to leave the town. I stopped watching Celtic and got season tickets for Clyde for my son and I. I really enjoyed watching my local team despite the quite poor standard. The whole EK thing pissed me off. Cumbernauld is my town. We never had a club growing up so we followed the Old Firm. Once we did get a club they and their fans constantly derided the town. I supported Clyde but the club has never got behind the town. Why should someone from Cumbernauld support Clyde when as looks as if they can't wait to leave the town?
  2. This is fucking brilliant. Sevconians moaning about how they they will come good after today. Martin Canning was prob bookies fav for the 1st man to get the sack. Outwitted the magic hat big time. How long before the bigoted masses turn on him. Next Sevco manager ? Jimmy Calderwood?
  3. Might be willing to take a drop in wage for a 2 year deal. Can't see him getting much game time at Parkhead. He'd most probably play every week at Hibs . Family settled up here as well.
  4. Glasgow is a big city. Whilst not wanting to rain on the Hibs victory against Sevco. This is a ridiculous comment
  5. That's fuckin brilliant. Send it on to every Sevconian you know.
  6. Just watched it. Horrible c**t. God a deserved hook for it.
  7. My neighbour told me about this, I've not seen it. Anybody got a link for it?
  8. For the 2 pundits on BT to say they don't think that was a penalty is the most mystifying comment I've heard on TV
  9. Aberdeen have now lost 9 of their last 28 league games. Celtic have lost 8 of their last 115 league games.
  10. It's hardly obsessing. Just merely commentating on a shite away support
  11. You can make all the excuses you want. It was an embarrassing away attendence.
  12. It's still a shocking away support for the so called 2nd biggest team in the league
  13. Maybe they should've abandoned the bmx display just in case Clyde made the playoffs. It's been planned for months. Dry your eyes.
  14. Maybe you should enjoy it. You need it more. You beat Celtic on penaltys. Well done. We've just done 5 in a row.
  15. It's 5 in a row kids. Deal with it. No Leicester city fairytale this year.
  16. Still on a Celtic forum Stan? No pubs open? Women to chase? Oddball
  17. At the end of the day it's 5 in a row. God bless Albert Kidd. If this Celtic team is so bad then we just horsed the Edinburgh loyalists 3-1 at Tyniecastle. Fkn joke this mob consider themselves a big club. You should beg Hibs for a groundshare.
  18. If you think religion played no part in Scotland's history then you are even thicker than I thought
  19. It is yes. We arrived here as penniless immigrants and went on to become the most successful team in the country. Must upset Protestant supremacists like yourself. Sevco are now the penniless tramps.
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