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  1. What’s happened to the pitch ?looks like someone has been on it with a quad
  2. Aye could have played Shortlees Amateurs and got a draw or won by the odd goal.Would have learned a lot out of that.If Wright doesn’t know who’s capable of playing at this level by now he never will
  3. Tommy Wright hasn’t made any difference and if his run of form continues there is no chance he will be at Killie next season.Gary Holt will becoming to the rescue soon
  4. Tommy Wright has some amount of duds to work with.Fans are deluded if they think they should be top 6 with that squad.The likes of Oakley couldn’t get a game in the second tier of Bulgarian football and are probably the slowest team in the league going forward.Big job own his hands keeping Killie in the league
  5. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/uk-furlough-scheme-job-protection The club pays the player 80% of his average wage including bonuses .It is then claimed back from the the government .The player will be taxed at the appropriate rate on the payment not the club.
  6. The government is effectively paying the players wages and not the club if he is furloughed and if the club take him off furlough they will then have to pay them.Don't think any club that has furloughed there players will be willing to pay a players wage or part of it to play for someone else when they have no match day income You never know though..Even if some team is willing to pay the players full wage (or more ) they would only be having him for a certain period
  7. They will still be contracted to there club and will be classed as working for them even though they are playing elsewhere unless the club agrees to let them go.
  8. Yes they are .If you have two jobs you can still be furloughed from one .They are only playing football as hobby/ pastime if they are not being payed
  9. Agree with the 1st part gasworks .Snide remarks coming from former cheerleaders and the laughable remarks involving Celtic and Rangers.They have sputt the dummy out and are showing why they are no longer involved.As for the rest the manager is only stating his case and I don’t suppose Morhino is liked by very few in the EPL but he is successful.As for the owner he has the club in the best position they have ever been in on and off the field.
  10. These player will be receiving furlough payments and if the club allows them to go on loan furlough will stop.The club will have to start paying them as per contract unless they agree to terminate it.Any club taking them on loan will have to pay there wages in full
  11. Financial being the main one.They got there Scottish cup payments without needing to enter.I am sure they would have entered and played if it was part of getting the payment.Funny how they are now going to play in the Scottish Junior cup I also surmise that any team taking any of there players on loan who are furloughed will have to pay their full wage.
  12. 3-0 Darvel today.Great performance today of what I seen in there stream ,only one team in it
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