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  1. That was my first Clyde game in almost a year today. We certainly look better than I last saw us and there were a few really encouraging performances - I was particularly impressed with Linton as a CM, and Scott McLaughlin in there as well. David Gormley's first touch hasn't improved since I last saw him play[emoji38] I think it's fairly obvious that BF has set this team up around Dylan Easton playing in behind the strikers. However, now that he's injured for the season we're going to have to adjust the game plan as playing guys like Sean Higgins in that position is going to bear absolutely no fruit. He was useless. If the injury if Lowden has necessitated the inclusion of Phil Johnston ANYWHERE NEAR the first team, then he's an even bigger loss to Clyde. Johnston was rotten at Stirling, and at Dumbarton, and Airdrie, and...yep...he was awful today and is definitely the weak link in that team. Rushing into tackles, spraying wayward passes all over the shop and generally running around being a brainless donkey The referee (G Ross)? was a catastrophe from start to finish. I can't remember being so justifiably infuriated by such an inept performance[emoji38]That's not an excuse by the way - Forfar didn't deserve to lose or anything like that - but even the Forfar lads have to admit that the corner decision for their goal was a head-scratcher to say the least. I thought that some Clyde players lost the rag a bit with him after the shocking decision to book Gormley, so I'm glad it was close enough to half time for them to calm down a bit. There's no doubt that he had an absolutely stinking game though I can definitely see why Forfar are cruising the league. Their defence looks reasonably sound, but their main asset are those front players. Lister, Swankie, Cox and (especally) Peters all had fine games. They'll never have trouble scoring anyway!
  2. First Clyde player to have scored four since Roddy Hunter...
  3. Link works fine for me. Really interesting interview that, impressive stuff FF. Trouten comes across really well, and I never held his terrible performances against him really - that season was a nightmarish hell for every player and I knew he was better than his time at Clyde would suggest John Brown making the players do "facelifts" in pig shit...FFS
  4. Me too, I live a 5 minute walk from Gateshead Stadium Gateshead remind me of Clyde a lot actually, from the soulless (council owned) pit of despair that they play in, the similar fan base (relatively speaking) and even the team colours to an extent.One day I hope to live somewhere with maybe a more inspirational football team to watch. One day...
  5. In fairness, if I wanted an accurate lower league match report the BBC is probably the last place I'd look Pretty disappointing result, but we're still only a point off the top at this stage so it's not the end of the world. From the sounds of it our only pressing issue is the lack of a decent striker. But we haven't had one of those for about a decade now, so I won't lose any sleep over it
  6. Guys don't you fucking hate it when you've found the perfect young lady, neck practically swelling with lifeblood, and you're just about to clamp down and feast on her exposed flesh only for the fucking sun to appear and you have to descend back into the shadows? Absolute shitemare. Ah f**k, wrong topic sorry. What happened to the Clampire thread?
  7. We were shite apparently. Not that I'm particularly worried mind, BF has already said that this match was for tinkering with various players and formations. Which is why I never put my mortgage on a win, like several others seem to have done
  8. On what planet are Queens favourites? They've just signed Craig McLeish FFS 11/4 sounds very generous for the Bully Wee, I might stick my mortgage on it now before the bookies see sense and shorten them further
  9. Fans of the HL are deluded beyond belief about the perceived strength of the teams up there. With Brora obvioisly being the fucking worst for it. How many times have we been told over the last few years that they'd give Championship teams a run for their money? Last year Brora, this unstoppable force of nature, were elevated to a god-like status by the diddies on the HL board and they were absolutely scudded by Montrose ffs. MONTROSE
  10. Naw, as in the ancient warriors of the Mongolian steppe
  11. He never really got much of a look-in from January onwards due to the outstanding form of Alan Martin, but he's a good keeper. Despite what Gunter says, I reckon he's earned us far more points than he's lost us. The season that Rangers were in the league he was named in the Team of the Season and IIRC he was our PotY as well, he's a very capable keeper. The only thing I'd be wary of is his erratic command of his area during set pieces. He never looks particularly confident when coming out to collect crosses, etc.
  12. I take it we'll be playing a fairly deep line next season with those three at the back
  13. I'm not in the country anymore, which is why I look forward to coming here and hearing about how we got on. I'm just fed up with every. single. thread turning into the same fucking tired old debate ad nauseum, every single week. Keep it to one of the many tedious threads devoted to the subject!
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