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  1. A Scotland away qualifier a few days after her death was postponed.
  2. Also Alan Rough and Steve Archibald both appeared once for Ayr.
  3. Jens Martin Knudsen, Kristjan Finnbogason and Thomas Gill.
  4. I’d guess that Dundee coming down and the unwashed going up, both miss out.
  5. Link is on the Hamilton match preview on the Ayr United website.
  6. I really enjoyed the interviews. It’s great to see that there seems to be real long term planning. Smith has obviously been working on the bigger picture, unfortunately he didn’t have a manager who could steady the ship until plans started to bear fruit. We saw how quickly things fell apart after McCall left. Hopefully we are seeing something being built that is not 100% relying on one man and the systems and infrastructure being put in place can carry us through.
  7. So I guess that’ll be two games at Killie with no Ayr fans, while there’s a chance that both Somerset games will be unaffected.
  8. Regarding the rail halt, my recollections from the Heathfield Stadium meeting was that South Ayrshire Council were asking for the moon. Bill Barr to pay for the installation of a railway station and for the upgrading of Whitletts Roundabout. He quite rightly declined.
  9. I’ll be in Pitlochry. Hopefully at least one of the pubs will show it.
  10. Best - Shankland. Worst - I was going to go with Benlarej, but he only played about 10 minutes. Neil McNab came with a good reputation but his legs had gone, and he never strayed from the centre circle. Rank.
  11. Was it not with the advent of the SPL? Having two separate bodies creating their own fixture lists? Obviously the SPL cared not a toss about anyone outside their own kingdom.
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