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  1. Hardly talking to her pal. A kid says ‘Kyogo scored’ and she pulls out a racist gesture. Really isn’t more to it than that.
  2. It was reposted on Twitter from TikTok. I’m genuinely struggling to find it now but I know what I saw and I’m sure others did too. The whole country is in the dark ages.
  3. A video surfacing of a fan in the RDS doing a ‘slanted eyes’ gesture to Kyogo. Pretty poor.
  4. Yeah pretty much. We can’t sign anyone now so any changes need to be tactical. 4231 with Ferguson closer to Ramirez might help. Won’t happen though.
  5. Shite at the back and woeful up top. Not great really. Samuels and Hayes as our attacking threat is bottom 6 stuff.
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