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  1. Mine got us (me) to do a financial planner, then the next day she’s off buying sourdough brunches.
  2. It’s not the attending the game, it’s the celebrating. It’s just stupid - there’s a history between Aberdeen and Rangers and he should know that. It’s not hard.
  3. I’d agree, thought that while listening to the Derek McInnes Open Goal episode. Off the top of my head: Del, Gazza, Cooky, Fergie. Stupid. Or the one for Jonny Hayes, Wee Isa.
  4. In my previous job, I was probably the victim of workplace bullying (or at least, workplace intimidation). You don’t realise it until you’re out. Screamed at and threatened by a manager to undertake consecutive day shift into night shifts. This behaviour was backed up by said manager’s manager, so what chance do you have. I refused and was made to feel very small. It was a macho environment and I imagine this behaviour is very common. Synonymous with the types who bemoan ‘snowflakes’ and use the phrase ‘in my day’. Another phrase of his which springs to mind is ‘seduction, not rape’.
  5. Is the pressure #mounting on Goodwin yet? Hard to polish a turd, granted, but the record since he came in is frankly horrific.
  6. I actually thought at first glance Lee Johnson would be a decent appointment. By all accounts he was harshly hounded out of Sunderland because they got pumped 5-0 but they were still in the upper reaches of the league at the time (maybe 3rd).
  7. Didn’t see the game. Twitter is in meltdown that we’re shite and going down next year. Panic stations it is!
  8. b*****ds in Australia have the rights on Stan, not Netflix. Nightmare.
  9. Alex_14


    Final part is out now. Exciting.
  10. The Considine situation is made worse by the Devlin situation that came before it. If Devlin hadn’t been allowed to stick around for 2 years then it wouldn’t sting so much. Realistically, letting Consi go (in isolation) is the right choice, imo. 35, bad injury etc…. Signing Dunne however….
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