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  1. Yeah, to be honest I’ve no idea where this hope of ‘normal’ by April is coming from. No chance.
  2. Not a topic many in here will be passionate about but the government’s treatment of visa holders is a shambles. My partner is Australian and her visa expires in a month. For those whose visas expire they can apply for ‘exceptional assurance’ which extends it for 3 weeks or so. They have to keep applying for this. Gives absolutely zero certainty or security. Has to give up her lease. Work situation highly unclear. She’s lucky she can move in with me and I can support her but f**k knows what others in her situation are doing. New Zealand just granted their visa holders an extra 6 months. That’s what should be happening in such uncertain times.
  3. Yep. Wasn’t long ago the Conte system with wingbacks was all the rage. He turned Marcos Alonso into the best attacking player in the league for a while.
  4. The DMR is the most obscene gun in a while.
  5. Alex_14

    FIFA 21

    Finished 20-10 to get gold 1. Best ever finish for me. Probably not worth it though as I’ll get the usual shite rewards! Had some decent pack luck this year so have built a nice team. Not spent a penny!
  6. Alex_14

    FIFA 21

    What do you do exactly?
  7. Alex_14

    FIFA 21

    I won 4 of my placement games so found myself in D3. Got pumped endlessly until relegation into D4 where I’m just about winning one losing two at the moment. Think I’m realistically a D5 player... built a decent team through the SBCs and a bit of luck (no big hitters but sold a few 30k players etc).
  8. Well, the title fights were excellent entertainment!
  9. TL:DR - she says she has dealt with colds worse than coronavirus.
  10. fever, chills, aches, cough and now I’ve started vomiting this morning. Quite worrying.
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