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  1. I'm no Rambo kid but I can assure you I would have. I may be old and past it but my balls are still very young.
  2. The left and in particular Antifa have highjacked a legitimate protest to make it nearly meanaless.
  3. And not the c***s that scared the Horse into bolting? Usual Facist left that support this.
  4. Actor Anthony James who played the Bar owner in the film Unforgiven dead at 77.
  5. Despite living in Scotland for a long time I still keep a Northern Irish accent. Those bloody machines you talk to don't understand it. Hermes, you are b*****ds.
  6. Brian Howe from the pop group Bad Company dead aged 66.
  7. Yes that's about all that Google shows.
  8. Yes likely. She painted her fence black and thinks a black oil tank would match better. Can't see anything on Google as a guide.
  9. A friend of mine is thinking of painting her oil tank black, it's green as seems all are. Any reason why they are green and can she paint it black?
  10. People of the Isle of Man are British citizens but not part of Great Britain or the UK.
  11. Former Liverpool and Ireland player Michael Robinson dead aged 61.
  12. Got a hair trimmer a few weeks ago. I usually get my hair cut with a four so I tried the six guard first. Cut very well, then I had another look in the mirror and seen a couple of hairs sticking out a bit. So I ran the trimmer over that bit forgetting I had taken the guard off. It looked like someone had ran a lawnmower over one strip of the grass! Without the guard it was cut at 1.9 mm. Luckily the short bit was more on the side of my hair so I used the three guard, it disgused most of it. Cracker Strimmer!
  13. As I've posted on our Facebook page we need to have a Squad ready from day one. We can't go ten matches before winning a game. Won't get away with it each Season.
  14. Bring Kelty and Bora into the 2nd division and make it a permanent 12 teams. Introduce one relegation place and one play off for the 11th placed Club. Winner of the Highland / Lowland gets promoted and the loser has a play off with the 11th placed team in the 2nd division. This is the chance to start an automatic relegation place. Though it probably still means Turkeys voting for Christmas.
  15. Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald tests positive for Covid 19. Or in her case a more dangerous strain called Covid 1916. One side effect is that it makes you shout Chucky ar la every Easter time.
  16. Finished quite comfortably. 13th out of 16. What was all the panic!
  17. Not to be confused with any Club with a similar name ....
  18. Bloody Tory racists front bench. Never seen so many White Faces etc. Oh! Wait a minute.
  19. Will think about it. But Goalkeeper Johnny Jamison Alan Inglis, hardest worker I've ever seen. Dan Carmichael Tony Nicholson John Jardine ( physo ) Gavin Reilly, though he was on loan! Maybe more later. Manager? To be decided.
  20. I was in Jail once and I asked for a big TV. Sent my in a 6-4 transvestite who ride me all night. Ok. Bad joke.
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