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  1. Don't do it!!. Though hard to have a drink without one ....
  2. Of course that's possible but I can't see Boris going for that. He likely wants it all done and dusted asap
  3. To retire to Gaza perhaps? Though Iran may pay more. West Belfast a bit skint.
  4. So when will JC resign? Don't think tomorrow but in a few weeks. Take his Marxist friends with him.
  5. In Northern Ireland now, a local shop managed to get 120 Bottles. Got 5, all I could get as all but 20 had be pre ordered .
  6. You must ne older than the Cave Hill. ( you will remember that saying ). I think 27 p a pint about 1975.
  7. How many were booked or sent off if Gretna were so dirty?
  8. Actor Robert Walker Junior dead aged 79. People of a certain age, as in me would remember his Dad.
  9. Who said Israel? The USA is a more likely option. What other Religious group in the UK has threatened to leave en mass? None.
  10. Not if you are a Jew. What is it? 47% of British Jews said they are thinking of leaving the UK if Labour get into power. Certainly not trivial for them. Or Trifling.
  11. About the Labour Party and their supporters. I encourage all to look at the account on Twitter of a group called Gnasher Jew. Thousands of anti Yewish posts shown there by Labour supporters, including Councillors and prospective Councillor and MP's. As I keep saying, with Labour it's always and only about the Jews.
  12. The Israeli government are acting like Nazis. You're missing a whole level of irony. Comparing the Jews to Nazis is astounding anti Semitic hatred.
  13. Can't afford to change it mate.
  14. Those missing Teams possibly night games against Hawick and Stirling University. I was at both and those figures look correct.
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