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  1. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Each to their own. If that's what you want to do.
  2. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Wtf are you dribbling on about you daft c**t? Guess. Why did he help to lay a Wreath to Terrorists that killed Jewish people and not a Wreath to Jewish people killed by Terrorists? You know why.
  3. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    So it seems Jeremy Corbyn was somehow hanging around a Cemetery where a Wreath was laid to honour some dead Terrorists. Happens I suppose. Has he ever hung around a Cemetery where the murdered people from this Terrorist incident are? Unlikely and we can guess why.
  4. Car crashed into Parliament barriers.

    The guy has been named on Twitter so it must be true. A Sudanese imagrant and a follower of That Alan Snackbar religion. Glad there were those Diversity Bollards in place.
  5. Selkirk FC thread

    Ahem! I assume you mean the old defunct Gretna. Not Gretna FC 2008.
  6. 11th August Predictions - thoughts

    Good prediction for Gretna at 1-1. And S.U. missed a penalty. Will take that, they usually beat us. And Cicero, Edinburgh Uni did me out of a bet too!
  7. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Yes they removed that call. Decent of them. Though they still call for the Liberation of Palestine from the River to the Sea. Which clearly means the land of Israel.
  8. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    And what exactly are Hamas? Peaceful loving Hippies? They vow to kill all Jewish people in Israel. They will not stop untill all Jews there are dead and that includes Children. Hamas spends about 90 % of their funds on the war against Israel.
  9. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Now renamed as the Chuckle Brother.
  10. The Gretna 2008 Thread

    Two wins by us against two struggling teams. I'll take it. We seem to be getting most of our 1st team squad back. Hopefully that opening game was only a blip.
  11. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Well my thoughts on TR. I expect him to be be found guilty. There were reporting restrictions, He broke them. He won't do anymore Jail time I think. My point is he should be treated the same way as say a Guy who is accused of defrauding people. A guy who sits on a bench drinking and abuses people. No one should be rail roaled in Court as he was. The Justice system is wrong if it comes to the part you can't afford a decent Lawyer . And i still say if it was me I would still be in Jail.
  12. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Yes I do. His original sentence has been quashed. At least he will hopefully get a fair Trial The same as anyone should expect to have.
  13. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    No matter what we think of TR the thing is a Judge quashed the sentance owing it to be wrong. Now if it had been me I would still be doing that 13 months jail. The original Judge should be stood down. Would you want to be up in front of him?
  14. Latest sccores 1st August

    Good old EOSL at its best! Heed used to call us ( Gretna ) Cumbrian Psychopaths! He was right, though Easthouse were madder. Only game I know they had to phone the Police for once.
  15. The Gretna 2008 Thread

    Yes just didn't know what to expect. After the hammering a team gets you always expect a strong response next match. Now Whitehill!