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  1. No promotion from the HL until they have a relegation in place. I know some say, but but, they haven't got a place to get relegated to. Sod them, their problem, get it sorted. Away back to self isolate. ....
  2. Painted my Bedroom, washed my curtains and drop blinds. Cleaned my window frames. Didn't realise that they are white and not the yellow they have been for years.
  3. Betty Williams, Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner dead aged 76
  4. I was in Tesco on Monday and Tuesday and there was a fair amount of toilet paper. I let it go on Monday but on Tuesday I bought a packet of six, even though I knew I had about 12. You get sort of forced too incase in a few weeks you can't get any.
  5. All well and good keeping kids off School but does it not defeat the purpose to let them run about? And there will be a lot of teenagers just will not stay at home.
  6. My local Sainsbury is open 8 to 9 am for over 60's and people with vulnerable health conditions. That's me twice but I'm still not going. Did stock up a bit but not madly. 16 toilet rolls ....
  7. I'm in the high risk group so I'm going to be careful though there's no way I'm staying in for months. Hit the shops every few weeks to stock up and when I'm bored go out for a drive. I talked the threat down to my 19 year old Son but this looks like a potential shit storm approaching. I need to be sensible with my heart and breathing problems. If I get the virus there's a fair chance I'm fecked. ( stop cheering folks you demean yourselfs )
  8. Definitely a Cap in School. No excuse. Twenty lines saying I am a c**t.
  9. That's three full stops there! Well you're from NI as well so maybe you were beaking and missed it.
  10. So the " Me too " movement doesn't count when it involves an eight year old Child.
  11. The "hard left on here". Fucking hell, do you need a fish for your other shoulder? And that's a Capital F for Fish and an S for Shoulder ....
  12. It's an age thing. At School on the 60's we were taught to write Nouns and Pronouns with a Capital. See I'm still doing it!!
  13. Now as I have withdrawn my comment to this post, and I've said it was out of order. I'm not afraid to admit when I am wrong and I was wrong earlier. Does anyone on here think this is a fair post? I really think this poster should go to the nearest Mirror and take a good look at himself. Even the hard left on here surely will not defend this post.
  14. I withdraw my comment about possibly a paedo. It was out of order.
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